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  1. I was Just melting. It is Just go hot for me. Hopefully IT couls down soon.
  2. No not the 11th is the flemish national holiday. I guess the 16th when the football world cup is over.
  3. I haven't i'll play 20 games in the boring word cup mode. If that doesn't work it's no plat for me
  4. @Jesaya815 congratulations on Wining the gold league. I hope I can give you a better fight next time we meet. And good luck in the CWC
  5. Good luck for you to. May the best win.
  6. there only 78 bronze trophies, I once got 100 bronze in a day. But indeed looking forward to a rematch.
  7. It was a good and fun match. But I must say I am a little bit lucky that I found some games in my backlog that gave me easy and quick silver trophies.
  8. What is the deal with the random profile updates? Now someone is updateting my profile.
  9. You can care about him in 2020 then.
  10. Last time I checked we kicked out his ancester in 1830. But have fun celabrating Willem Alexander's birthday.
  11. No I haven't. A solution I Found is to delete your Ultimate team and start over again. I won't do it until I get Fifa 19 so I don't know if it really works.
  12. Looks like it's Belgium VS Holland this fixture
  13. Lol, I'm on top of the gold league. Now that's something that won't last long.
  14. If we want to get out of the Gold league we need to win it I thingk