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  1. If you just compete in the daily event every day you get 300 point in 30 days.
  2. Seems i have won the platinum league. So now i have won the 4 OG leagues ( sorry manganese league) it's time for me to annouce i Will leave the league after this season. It was a Fun time but in the near Future i plan to play some game as a service games so i wont be competitive. I Will he following the league and Will come back in 2021 to win the manganese league
  3. It's Good to face @shadowhood1111 now because I don't have much time this weekend.
  4. I blame covid for my scores as I cant leave my house. But your second 0 score made me doubt If I should have popped a platium or not. Now I see your finals score I was right not to.
  5. I had 2 VS @Psy-Tychist already so it is ok.
  6. I Was thinking I was scoring a lot of points then I see This.
  7. Well I wasn't trusting @Psy-Tychist's scores of zero so i kept popping trophies but I overdid it a bit. @shadowhood1111 dont be afraid I wont score close to 400 points again i think. I'll be happy with around 120.
  8. Personally I am not a fan of proposal A. For proposal B I am for a Wild card for the previous season CWC winner so he/she can defend their CWC Title incase of no League win.
  9. Good luck to all. I hope to score more Points than in my 2 previous participations.
  10. It was a great season for me in the gold league but I think I must earn platium trophies in next seasons Platium League or I will be relagated back to gold. For the CWC my prediction is I will be eliminated on sunday.
  11. Doesnt the GMT time always stays the same?
  12. @Milktastrophe Thank you for your Amazing Excel Document. If you want to count your trophies to insert your trophies automatic your can input all your completed games and count your trophies that way. Also you must update your formula for completion boost in row 2.
  13. @Milktastrophe the blonde girl in the first encharted is Elena. Nice excel btw