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  1. Finally I got my first Platium trophy since signing up for this challenge with Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Now I'm going for the Red Dead Redemption 2 Plat
  2. there are other trophies called upcoming trophy so its weird that these are named before they can be achieved.
  3. I would like to join. My compeltion is 35.90% and I would like it to go up to 42%
  4. Qualifiying for the weekend League might be not that hard at all as you het qualifiying points of you lose a game in Rivals to.
  5. I tested it And it doesn't work unfortunatly. I also play a lot of FUT but i decided to take a rest from FIFA until FIFA 19 Comes out so i deleted my team to try if it worked for the trophy.
  6. For those who have the glitch i can confirm that Deleting your team And then play 20 games works
  7. I was Just melting. It is Just go hot for me. Hopefully IT couls down soon.
  8. No not the 11th is the flemish national holiday. I guess the 16th when the football world cup is over.
  9. I haven't i'll play 20 games in the boring word cup mode. If that doesn't work it's no plat for me
  10. @Jesaya815 congratulations on Wining the gold league. I hope I can give you a better fight next time we meet. And good luck in the CWC
  11. Good luck for you to. May the best win.
  12. And good luck to you also.
  13. there only 78 bronze trophies, I once got 100 bronze in a day. But indeed looking forward to a rematch.
  14. It was a good and fun match. But I must say I am a little bit lucky that I found some games in my backlog that gave me easy and quick silver trophies.