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  1. I agree whith this. Getting an extra point for scoring 10 points against an inactive person and don't get an extra point wining 202-201 seems ridiculous for now. Maybe we can give an extra point per 100 points in a fixture instead.
  2. I've got 1400 wins and dont have the trophy. If it glitches for you, you have bad luck I think.
  3. So I finally managed to get out of the gold league Hope I do better next season.
  4. If you play the right games you can get those 15 platiums in 2 weeks
  5. The day EA fixes something the world will end so no surprice they cant help
  6. It's easier to win a bronze or a silver league than get relagated from the gold league
  7. Does anyone else have a problem unlocking this trophy. Played 100+ matches and the trophy still doesnt popped for me.
  8. It's fine it takes longer, gives me more time to prepare some plat rain days for season 21
  9. I'm not earning plats this season, but maybe I can score 100+ bronze trophies in a fixture.
  10. I was preparing for next season until I realised I could win this season.
  11. Just back from a daytrip. Now I can start to prepare for a Gold League win in season 21. Good luck to the remaing partisipants in the CWC.
  12. I dont think I can beat all of you but one of two will be possible. Depents on the time I have. For now I am only away from home tomorrow and friday.
  13. I was in Bronze also most of the time being in the league.
  14. Finally the battle for belgium . To bad I havent mutch time to play this weekend.