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  1. Thank you Aww thanks, it's been a journey nearly 9 years in the making. Current plan is to make Final Fantasy IX my 175th and Star Ocean 3 my 200th because they're two of my favourite JRPGs and deserve pride of place with a milestone. Did I just get served because I think I just got served.
  2. Thank you, I will definitely add you! ...As soon as I work out how... Okay think that got it.
  3. Thank you for the warm welcome! Odour and demeanour are the only ones we'd spell differently from that list @Beyondthegrave07 And yeah, humour and armour is how we'd spell those! That'll be £100 for your first English lesson, we can also arrange weekly sessions if necessary @Helmet_time Mystery Skulls are a band and they do pretty damn good songs like this one: Mystery Skulls - Money. Other good songs include Magic, Ghost, Its Mine and Forever. Give 'em a listen @Martain2 Yay, friendship
  4. Hi, I'm Agriagropolis. ...Call me Aggy, it's easier! Having just bought premium membership and being partway towards my 165th platinum, I realised I'd never really posted much on these forums. Yes, I joined a loooong time ago but I became a bit of a lurker. Sorry! I'm here to talk (and actually talk, gotta try and get out of those lurker habits) about videogames, DND, my love for Mystery Skulls, as well as make new friends (and hopefully no new enemies) and generally have a pretty fun time. I'm based in the UK, so apologies in advance if I start spelling words like 'colour' correctly. Anything else you wanna know, ask away. Pleased to be here.
  5. Well, holy shit. I beat the Old Man at cards without being able to see the screen. Platinum get! I am going to tweet the dev though, hopefully they'll be able to provide a patch to make this a lot less obnoxious. It's totally doable, but it requires a lot of luck and patience.
  6. I'm also getting the blue screen glitch for card games in the Future Era. I've somehow managed to best all but one opponent completely blindly and only relying on sound cues, but I cannot for the life of me beat the old man in Windy Valley. So close to getting the plat for this game, so this is mega frustrating - all I have left is 50 card game wins and get all cards. Really hope they patch this. EDIT: @CaptainJeff87 - Those trophies are for the second game. I can also confirm nothing is missable: you always have the option of revisiting past areas.