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  1. Just a quick reminder that Just Dance 2023 Edition Trial has changed and replaced two songs. "Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max" and "Dynamite (Extreme Version) by BTS" to "If You Wanna Party by The Just Dancers" and "Walking on Sunshine by Top Culture" (Original song by Katrina and the Waves when Just Dance had the covered version of the song) And about the long time load after completed a song, be sure to quit the game and relaunch.
  2. Another Peppa Pig game came with the platinum. Enjoyable with young children? Thoughts?
  3. I am having trouble having Tramp alive because I was starting Chapter 3 and them Tramp has died without medicine and makes the trophy even more missable. Tips?
  4. The list is now arrived!
  5. The list was identical to the Steam version of this game. And with the exception that the PS4 & PS5 versions would have an extra trophy, which was the platinum trophy. By that, I cannot wait to play it on the PS4 so it would be the day one for me since I pre-ordered the game. The platinum was required for the following - Complete the game - Get all of the Endings (Especially the Cynical ending; Demetrios Easter egg) - All of the Ads (There are total of 111 ads) - Uncover All of the Nodes in Summary - Hit every character (except Rats, Tribots, and when fighting) - Finish the game without hitting anyone. (By far the hardest part of the platinum) - Keep Tramp the Muskrat alive for the entire game. (Highly missable) For the platinum/100% difficulty, It would be 4/10 and for the estimated time to platinum, it would take 25-30 hours. So that would be my guess. Thoughts?
  6. What did you guys think?
  7. What did you guys think?
  8. I am having trouble getting Megastar on 37 base game songs in the following: ▪︎Rock Your Body (The Gold Move didn't register as "YEAH!" rating. I kept getting "GOOD" and "OK" ratings on this song.) ▪︎Mood (Same thing as Rock Your Body) ▪︎Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels (Impossible to get a Megastar on this using a Move controller) ▪︎Boss Witch ▪︎Run the World (Girls) ▪︎Good 4 U I did Mr. Blue Sky done as my first Megastar and It took me 2-3 tries. I did Chacarron and Jerusalema on my first try. Any tips for the trophy?
  10. I already made a post about the trophy list for Crisis Core FF7 Reunion.
  11. The trophy lists for Crisis Core FF7 Reunion (both PS4 & PS5 versions) are arrived!
  12. game offers 51 Trophies on PlayStation consoles.,on Xbox%2C with a total of 1000 Gamerscore. What did y'all think?
  13. I just missed one pup treat on the walrus mission and ended up had 199 Pup Treat. There is no restart option in the pause menu. If you miss a pup treat or a golden Paw Print, simply exit the to the level/mission select and try again.
  14. It was a shame that the game didn't have a platinum. Looks to be the easiest of the Just Dance series. And some of it's trophies are very grindy. Thoughts?
  15. Looks like the list was a big grind fest tbh... Thoughts on the list?