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  1. Okay, turns out I was able to get a speedrun done before it hit Day 3, but it required me to have the Multi-tool to get anywhere. I basically had to restart until I had the hatchet/crowbar to make these, which allowed me to rush every area as quickly as possible. Even doing this, I escaped at 6:27AM, which means I was only 33 seconds away from the game crashing. This would've been so much easier if it wasn't crashing so early in the game consistently, but at least I was able to do it eventually. I had spent a good 10+ hours trying to get this to work before I posted, I guess complaining really does work
  2. Even speedrunning isn't possible for me. The game will always crash for me the moment day 3 starts. Doesn't matter what I do, it always crashes at that exact point. I've tried restarting the level 15-20 times, I've deleted all my saves and started from scratch 3 times, and yet it still always crashes at day 3. I've tried speedrunning it too, but I simply cannot complete all the objectives in only 2 days. Closest I got was at the entrance to Glenn's cell, but didn't have enough supplies to break in. The last few objectives after that would likely take me a few in-game hours, so the only way I see myself actually doing this is if I got extremely lucky with the drops to be able to cut through everything needed for the objectives without having to hunt down extra items, and be very efficient with everything.
  3. Shaper's memory fragments are tied to the Atlas, and are gotten by completing Elder-influenced maps on the Atlas. They're not tied to Cavas' memory fragments from Synthesis league, so they are still obtainable. No trophy was tied to any Synthesis-specific mechanic.
  4. @BlindMango Are there any known issues with not being able to sign into the PSNP account on the main page after changing names? I changed mine and the account duplicated over just fine, and can log onto the forums, but just get an error (error code 400: error) when attempting to log in on the main page. EDIT: Nevermind fixed it. Was just a cache issue.
  5. I had the same issue occur and tried deleting/re-installing everything, but no luck. No matter what, Abby just wasn't where she was supposed to be, despite the blue light appearing indicating a quest giver. I planned to do it all again on NG+ but I was so put off by the glitch that I still haven't done it yet.
  6. I made a checklist for this in Act 2 once I realised it was a trophy. Main question I have is whether you need to let the entire lore play out for it to count, or the simple act of interacting with it counts?
  7. Bad news: the 100% Galaxy Exploration trophies are all glitched and don't unlock currently. Good news: devs have already responded to me, isolated the issue, and said they'll have a patch out by the weekend fixing the trophies, and they'll be retroactive. If what they said holds true, then this'll be my best customer experience with a dev before, in regards to trophy issues. I wish all devs could respond and resolve trophy issues this quickly. This platinum won't be a quick one however, as many trophies (hiring spuds/acquiring items) are dependent on you choosing the right options during random events, with some events giving you an item for one choice and a spud for the other. On top of that, some of the galaxies are random in that after you finish a galaxy and progress to the next one, there's 1-3 galaxies it can be, and which one you get is random. And to top it all off, there's no manual saving, and only one save slot, so if you want to avoid doing 10+ playthroughs, you'll need to back up your save after each galaxy to come back to later. This guide on Steam more or less covers everything.
  8. Looking forward to this, and all subsequent Holy Potatoes games. Adored Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!.
  9. Diego IX is get a down/kill with bowie knife, Shaw IX is use 5 perks and finish Top 8/30/50 quad/duo/solo (however the placement requirement is glitched currently and doesn't tick - you need to drop the Ritual Bowl and pick it back up once you meet the placement requirement for it to tick). Shaw is a zombie drop, and Diego is from supply crates/weapon crates (spawns with bowie knife). Dunno about Bruno IX, no reports of anyone getting his item so it's likely glitched and doesn't spawn.
  10. That being said, if it continues with the same trophy values, it'll have a higher a point value overall (2385 as opposed to 2190).
  11. The Proving Grounds DLC is available now. Pretty similar to the challenge rooms from the first game, took about 2.5-3 hours to do them all plus the miscellaneous stuff. A few annoying challenges, but mostly manageable.
  12. Character item spawn rates were increased with the introduction of Chaos characters, listed in patch notes on Reddit. Within 3 games of playing I got Juneau's tags from a crate when I never had them spawn in a crate in 5 days. Still no specialists though, even with 10 kills.
  13. Don't forget that Personal Decorator in Black Ops 3 was unobtainable for 2 weeks before it was patched. I don't doubt that it will get fixed, just wouldn't be surprised if it was a couple more weeks before it was fixed.
  14. Looks as though the MP 101 trophy for completing all Specialist tutorials is glitched. You do the tutorial for each character before you can play the Skirmishes and earn the stars. Multiple people have the win 1 skirmish with each Specialist/earn 1 star with each Specialist trophies, but not the MP 101 trophy, including a friend just finished them and didn't get it.
  15. Can confirm Buzzkill is obtainable too, alongside the platinum.