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  1. Thanks Cheers. It took me about 2-2.5 hours of total attempts, with 2 of those being before I had 48 bees just to test it out. A full run is probably 25ish minutes. On my successful attempt I had 0 bees left and had lost Laylee as well, plus the end section has a 120 second timer and I escaped just as the timer hit 0 seconds. Was a bit close for comfort, haha. It seems daunting at first but it is pretty manageable once you know the obstacles and how to do the boss fights. I reckon I could do it again with 10-20 bees left.
  2. The secret tonic is located in the area with levels 12 and 13. On the highest area with the fence, jump onto the fence and buddy-slam the rightmost post. Below screenshot shows where. I can confirm it unlocks the trophy without having to get Golden Try.
  3. Well that's good news. Guess it'll just be a matter of searching everywhere on the Overworld for it. Would've made for an incredibly rare plat if it was indeed required though. As for the clue, could possibly mean that it's far away from where the furnace is, so somewhere down in the very south given the furnace is pretty much at the northern-most point. I suspect it may also not be as simple as buddy-slamming a specific spot like the other ones, and instead be more involved.
  4. Apparently you get a tonic called Golden Try for beating the Impossible Lair without losing any bees (along with a secret ending). It's mentioned in this article, along with a video of a speedrunner who did it. It doesn't actually show in the video him getting it and showing it on the tonic menu or anything, but it does show on the results screen that he has 1/62 tonics. Can't confirm if this one is needed for the trophy as I'm still missing a few tonics (at 63/66, including the 4 pre-order bonuses), but if it is then the difficulty for this just skyrocketed. https://www.destructoid.com/someone-already-beat-yooka-laylee-and-the-impossible-lair-without-taking-damage-568965.phtml
  5. You can keep buying maps and run them all the way to level 100, which is honestly faster than running through NG+ anyway. They sell maps from level 50 up to 105 so if you're glitched into NG++ or higher, then that is likely your best bet. Just make sure that if you're going to do maps that you get a waypoint outside of the Mapworks before you go there, otherwise you'll never be able to leave it. So just don't teleport there via a waypoint scroll.
  6. I don't believe so, I only went into NG+ and grinded to level 100 on maps once I finished NG+.
  7. You could try running level 105 maps, doing Tarroch's Tomb in NG+ or doing the Avoid the Lava phase beast challenge in NG+++ or higher, however the way I got it seems to be the fastest way if you've reached level 100 and still don't have one. The gamblers can sell the ilevel 105 legendary items, so once I hit level 100 I backed up my save, bought any weapons from Santo the Discreet in the Mapworks that were priced at over 10K (anything under 10K won't be high enough ilevel to be a legendary), and then travelled to two other hub areas before returning to Mapworks to reset his inventory. Took me about 20 minutes to get a legendary this way. This won't work if you're at a lower level however, as the gear that is sold by gamblers is relative to your character level and the hub area. Alternatively it looks like you can get the trophy from having someone trade you a legendary item, so that is also an option.
  8. Impressive work. Will this work on Opera?
  9. I started NG+ on my level 54 character today, which puts you into NG+ where enemies start at level 51. Everything was going fine until around halfway through Act 1 one of the next areas I had to go to was suddenly Level 100+. My quests had reset to the first one, I was unable to go back to town as my waypoints had reset, and all enemies were over level 100. Most attacks would instakill me and it made it completely unplayable. This also doesn't help with leveling to 100 as the XP was still going up at regular rate. Tried rebooting the game but my character now says it is on NG+++. I have not played online at all, only singleplayer, and it seemingly had no cause. Fortunately I have a savefile from before I started NG+, but let it serve as a warning if you're going into NG+.
  10. The DEAD THINGS! trophy is seemingly unobtainable at the moment. The quest required for DEAD THINGS! cannot be initiated, so you cannot kill the boss. Shouldn't be surprised given Remnant had similar issues a few weeks back.
  11. Nice to see it was fixed pretty quickly for US store, just wish they'd get it sorted for the rest of us. Was really looking forward to playing this today. EDIT: Okay, it appears to be downloadable now, but only when I went through the PS store on the PS4. Going via my library on PS4, the PS app or PC either didn't work or didn't have the option to download.
  12. Not working for me still, in Australia. been 23 hours now and still unavailable. Did you preorder it, or did you buy it after it launched or your store? As far as I'm aware, the issue only affects people who preordered it. Buying it after it released allows you download it just fine. This exact thing happened with Remnant: From the Ashes too, which is from the same publishers.
  13. FYI to anyone planning to buy this on launch, it released in Australia 11 hours ago and it's actually not available to download, there's no option. Can be sent to download list from PC/app, but doesn't appear on console. Seen reports of it happening with others too so it's not isolated. Awaiting response from Sony Support but depending on when it's fixed it may not be available to download immediately upon releasing in other countries.
  14. Level 16: Suburbs. When you pick up the blue key dozens of imps will start spawning in. Just round them up and blast them. Can be done on the lowest difficulty.