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  1. I haven't played the game yet so not sure if this is possible, but are you able to set it up so that you constantly accelerate off a track, respawn on the track and repeat? I remember doing something similar on WipEout Omega. Might be an afk/turbo alternative if it's possible.
  2. Thanks for this, will make sure to regularly save and close the application when I play it.
  3. @Sly Ripper The issue with profiles with changed names reverting to their old names appears to occur when sometimes tries to update the old PSN ID. I had it occur 5-6 times today, and every time as a result I would be signed out and have to wait an hour to update under the new ID. I tested it myself by updating my old PSN ID and it immediately reverted it. Given this basically allows anyone who knows a user's previous PSN ID to grief them by constantly reverting their profiles on here, a solution to stop this from occurring would be appreciated.
  4. No, not cheating, at all. It's called Map Presets. You can edit them to change what creatures/traps are spawned in each Area when it starts. By removing all other traps/creatures, you can have 2 lickers spawned immediately purely with the Map Preset. Depending on the Map/Area, you get either 10, 15 or 20 points for each Area in a Map Preset, and Licker costs 7. So in Areas that give 15 or 20 points, you can have 2 Lickers spawned immediately, then use your starting energy to spawn extra stuff on top. It took me a while to realise you could even edit these Map Presets, but once I did I dumped 1-2 Lickers into every area (depending on whether it was 10, 15 or 20 points) while leveling Annette just to make things a bit more difficult for them. Even worse you can dump like 4 Detonators instead and immediately player-control them and charge them all into the survivors at their spawn. Maybe before you start accusing people of "100% cheating", you should learn all the mechanics the game has to offer.
  5. I didn't write any of the guide/wiki as I'm not part of PowerPyx's team, just provided a bunch of info
  6. For Tonberry, your AI will almost always dodge stuff like Chef's Knife, so if you really want you could just control the 3rd ranged character (whether it be Aerith/Barret), and just use the others for their ATB. I just used Cloud and however and would only strike the Tonberry a few times before dodging back, as it would typically use Chef's Knife after wailing on it a few times. You definitely want to keep your range character at a fair distance though, as if Tonberry casts his Stop ability on all characters, it's guaranteed death if they're all close and someone doesn't have immunity to it. As for materia, all materia (except support materia and a few independent materia) will appear upon replays, so you can get as many as you need. They can also be bought from materia store. Anything that cannot be bought from the materia store however is in limited quantity, as they do not reappear in chapter select nor does Chadley's store ever get restocked. Also a general response in regards to the Superboss: whilst @Darth_Krid and I did the Superboss VR fight once we reached Chapter 17 on Hard, thus only benefiting from the Gotterdammerung reward for the last 2 chapters, it may be wise to give it a go earlier. You'll still want a good setup (so levelled materia and enough manuscripts to get the most important weapon skills), but having access to a free limit break at the start of every battle would definitely help out a bit with earlier fights. But whether or not you choose to do that is entirely up to you, it's very manageable without having access to Gotterdammerung.
  7. Happy to help, also I edited my post with a bit more info about them Steadfast Block and First Strike are amazing yeah, definitely amongst the best of the independent materias.
  8. The blue materia are the support materia that can be linked. Usually the description of them will say what they can be used for. Elemental with Wind/Fire/Ice/Lightning, Warding with Poison/Time/Subversion/Binding, Magnify with any Magic materia (I recommend Healing), etc etc. Do note though that with Elemental, it has different effects depending on whether it's linked in your weapon or your armour. Weapon gives your attacks elemental damage (8-23%), armour gives you resistance (50%, 100% and then absorption). Magnify and Elemental are the main ones to use, and occasionally Warding, but things like HP Absorption and MP Absorption aren't really worth the slot in my opinion.
  9. That's what really confused me, as the information about Hard in the manual said that checkpoints are disabled, yet you're still able to Restart Battle immediately before it, so it doesn't seem to make a difference, haha. Unless checkpoints are just points that restore HP/MP for you
  10. Err not sure to be honest, as I didn't game over. But I know if you select "Restart Battle" in the pause menu you keep EXP, and I would assume AP. And I think dying puts you at the beginning of the current battle you're on, not back to the beginning overall.
  11. Yeah, sadly. Only 2 manuscripts I haven't done yet as after finishing Hard and needing just the dresses, I couldn't be bothered dealing with the boss again on Hard, haha. I think I'll do it again at some point (along with the last Chapter 14 resolution) to have full Play Log completion, but outside of sheer completionism you shouldn't really need them, as there's always a few subpar upgrades on the weapons you don't really need.
  12. The trophies aren't synced to the server yet. Your trophies will be fine, as soon as they are live you'll be able to sync them and they will show their correct timestamps.
  13. At least you get to listen to that amazing music in the tunnels every time you do Chapter 9
  14. Answers below, hopefully they help clarify things