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  1. Servers are still up as of December 25th, 2022.
  2. I don't know if this is a fluke or if this "dev" wants to start charging more for his products but either way I wouldn't blindly purchase this for an easy plat. $10 or £8 is a lot for a one minute platinum.
  3. Servers are still up, fingers crossed it stays that way.
  4. So, since I'm insane I'm going for the Epic Mickey 2 platinum on Vita. It seems to be going smoothly so far. As you know, the platinum requires ad-hoc play, so I used a spare Vita and a spare PSN account (and a second copy of the game) for the two co-op trophies. When I got "Clear" playing as Mickey, the trophy popped on my alt account playing as Oswald at the same time. "Oswald's New Groove" also popped for both accounts at once when I finished the level. I got my second Vita out again to make Blot Alley Superstar easier (because Oswald can, will, and has screwed me over if left to his own devices). Trophy popped on both accounts. In addition, I had unlocked "Recycler" for befriending 50 enemies on my main account through natural progression. Bizarrely, when I sprayed one enemy with paint playing as Mickey, the trophy popped on the alt account playing as Oswald. No idea if both paint related trophies would've popped at the same time for Oswald if I'd earned them both as Mickey but it wouldn't surprise me. So, now my alt has "Clear", "Oswald's New Groove", "Recycler", and "Blot Alley Superstar", in that order. It's not the end of the world for me if my alt gets flagged but I figured someone playing as Oswald might want to avoid out of order timestamps if possible. So, for your second Vita I highly suggest using a throwaway/alt account you don't want to use for trophy hunting if you care about not having out of order timestamps. Better yet, maybe stick to the PS3 version, multiplayer is more straightforward on that platform anyways.
  5. Last time I checked, which was about four hours ago, both PS3 and Vita are still up. I have been having connection issues on both platforms, and fixing the issue required booting up safe mode and rebuilding the console databases. It's super annoying but it does fix the issue.
  6. I was just able to log on. It might have been something on your end...
  7. If for some reason you are considering doing the Hong Kong stack of this game, DO NOT get a Region 3 English Vita copy like I did. You will end up with the European trophy list for the game. You will need to find a copy of the game that has Chinese subtitles.
  8. Basically what the title says. Go get that diamond cup!
  9. I'd like to add, after entering this code, in any non boss level you can press L2 (PS4/PS5) or touch the screen (Vita) to warp directly to the end of the level.