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  1. All of the ZJ the Ball and Zippy the Circle challenge levels are getting put back on the PSN store tomorrow, March 26th. No word on whether the "original" levels will return. Source
  2. This game is getting relisted tomorrow, March 26th. Source (also they mistakenly put 2022 instead of 2023, oops)
  3. So it appears the "future announcements" that prompted a mass delisting of a very high number of Breakthrough titles have started to materialize. All of the content from the now-delisted "Bowling Story X (Y Version)" games is getting moved into this game. I'm going to assume this will be a free update, as the developer has mentioned absolutely nothing about paid DLC or increasing the cost of admission (currently $1 as of March 18th). As for DLC trophies, it could go either way; I guess it depends on how badly the dev wants people to revisit his stories that are most likely on par with something a 9 year old would write for an assignment in Sunday school. I'd advise against picking this title up though, as the platinum currently requires you to play against 11 unique players in one session (or only 5 if you're playing the EU version). Source: the developer's channel
  4. The game was delisted in the US, so likely it's the dev being too lazy to take the game off the EU store.
  5. When I went for this platinum between late October and late January, the servers were so sparsely populated that I would use the top 10 scores as a metric for what I should go for on any given challenge. Luckily I've played this game quite a bit on a previous account so I knew what to expect. But I'd say this version of the game is at minimum a 7/10 difficulty, probably an 8/10 if you're not familiar with the game. My advice for anyone going for this is: don't. But if you insist, practice Murfy distance challenges. Sometimes, there will be a glitched challenge where the "end point" is 4095.43 meters. These appear rarely, but more often than the easy glitched challenges. Also, @Conker as someone who has played both the challenges you mentioned, neither of them were actually glitched challenges. I can see why you would think they were, as there appears to be no obvious way to avoid dying, however it is possible (albeit pretty annoying) to get past the obstacles you got stuck on without hacking. The video @x2-FoR-_u-MikoX linked above shows how it is done, and this video was created by @Arkiokin, one of the all-time best Rayman Vita players. I understand that hackers are extremely annoying, especially in a game like Rayman Legends, and I can tell you that pretty much everyone who has played this game (myself included) frowns heavily upon people setting hacked scores. That said, saying that anyone who passes a certain point is setting a hacked score when they are not doesn't help anyone. Anyways, I hope the rest of your Rayman challenge grind goes well.
  6. Clicking "Add to Cart" gives me an error message.
  7. Yeah... I don't trust this. This may be somewhat off-topic, but if you were to platinum / complete this game legitimately, are there any trophies tied to Track Central?
  8. This was a Wii U eShop title. I bought it a very long time ago because Minecraft didn't have a Wii U version. The game was... very lackluster. One of the first games, if not the first game, I ever deleted and didn't reinstall. Of course, Minecraft eventually got a Wii U version and then this game lost any relevance. I'm 99% sure this game was ported to PS4 due to the imminent death of the Wii U eShop, though this game did release on Steam in 2018 and Switch in 2020. As for trophies, this looks like it's gonna be a serious grind. Multiple trophies on the list look like they will take a significant amount of time.
  9. All the announced Zippy the Circle delistings have now taken effect.
  10. Zippy the Circle seems to still be on the store for now. I was just able to purchase Levels 8-10 on my (US) account, haven't tried the others. But anyways, the Great Breakthrough Purge of 2023 continues, this time the victims are all the "Project Summer Ice: Bowling (--- Version) (Story X)" titles are getting delisted at the end of the day on March 11th. That's 34 stacks in total that are getting wiped from the store. Source: the dev's YouTube channel
  11. From the looks of it, the servers started crapping out very soon after I got the last online cup I need for PS4 (earned on Monday, February 27th). I've had a couple of challenges glitch out and not award me the cup I should have earned, but not frequently and never both challenges in one day. I haven't logged on to the game since I finished the online so I can't confirm if the servers are having major issues, but if they are, holy crap I am seriously lucky that I finished the online challenges when I did. Also, this reminds me of something that happened about two weeks ago. I may have been incredibly unlucky, but upon finishing the weekly extreme challenge, my game crashed and it corrupted my save file. Fortunately I had a backup from the previous day and my scores were saved, so I only lost the Lums I earned that day. This occurred while playing the Chinese version (did half the grind on the US version and the other half on the Chinese version to save time with the million Lums trophies, online progress is shared between the two versions). So, uh, you may want to back up your save file from time to time. My save files for both versions are backed up to the PS+ cloud so my online cups are safe in case the Rayman servers self destruct, but I should probably hurry up and platinum both versions soon (Truly Awesome in the Chinese version is a DLC trophy but you get the idea). For your sake, I hope Ubisoft fixes the servers soon. Well that's a shame. I recently set up a brand new Switch OLED, guess I won't be installing Rayman Legends on there unless this gets fixed. Weirdly enough, as far as I'm aware the PS3 and Vita versions still work as intended despite the former having a planned shutdown date of six months ago.
  12. I'm 99.999999999% sure the ban only affects MilkChoco.
  13. I turned on my PS3 because I saw this thread, and sure enough... firmware version 4.90 has dropped. I have absolutely no idea what it does, since I can't find any information on what this patch does (or even that it exists) at present. Oddly enough, I checked my Vita and there is no firmware update for that system... yet.
  14. Once again, HUGE props to @Smzthyy and @SubJosh82 for not only arranging this session, but ensuring that most of us were able to get our trophies even after two hours of technical difficulties. I will be going for the platinum trophy this week. I have @Ressteazy added on my friends list, so as I get my gold scores I will be comparing my scores to his, and making notes of which levels you could reasonably get Honor Upheld on. I've had the platinum on my original PSN so getting it again should not take terribly long. I am willing to arrange a session if I can find a good level for Honor Upheld. I will say right off the bat that I would strongly recommend against starting this game if you haven't already, as this session will be MUCH harder than the last one.
  15. All of the mainline ZJ the Ball games are gone from the PSN store. The dev has announced another mass delisting yesterday, this time for Zippy the Circle. Any Zippy the Circle game that has "Level" in the title (I have no idea which levels are sold in which way and I don't care enough to check) is scheduled for delisting March 3rd, 11:59 PM PST. Source: the dev's YouTube channel Edit: I falsely assumed the ZJ the Ball games were still up since the store pages are still loading, however they are not possible to purchase and they do not show up in search results.
  16. I've gotten the Little Deviants platinum on my old account, so I have added @Ressteazy (who was very quick in adding me back, thankfully 😅) so I will play through as much of the game as possible in the next 24 hours and let you know if it is possible to (reasonably) beat any of their scores. I think, and PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong, that you can access the challenge from the leaderboard by pressing the sword next to the username, then beat the challenge to get "Honor Upheld", then challenge the user to get "Throwdown" without the SP having to access the game. That said, DO NOT try this with SubJosh, just in case. Don't send him anything until the session starts. EDIT: What I just crossed out does not work. Tried this with Ressteazy on Botz Invasion, and he is still on the leaderboard (I repeat, Ressteazy was NOT wiped from the leaderboard) but Honor Upheld did not pop. It looks like you have to be challenged before you can earn Honor Upheld. I can say so far that his current score of 39,120 in Botz Invasion is beatable, however that score would need to be beaten, then the SP would need to beat that score, and then THAT score would need to be beaten to get Honor Upheld.
  17. I doubt it, since they already did that. It's called ZJ the Ball Special, which is basically a $10 all-in-one package containing all five levels. The trophy list is a joke though, there are 35 trophies not counting the platinum, and all the trophies are "collect x coins" with x being numbers between 1 and 35.
  18. Oh no! Anyways... (also no need to watch the whole video, it's just a static image with no sound the whole way through)
  19. Servers are still up as of December 25th, 2022.
  20. I don't know if this is a fluke or if this "dev" wants to start charging more for his products but either way I wouldn't blindly purchase this for an easy plat. $10 or £8 is a lot for a one minute platinum.
  21. Servers are still up, fingers crossed it stays that way.
  22. So, since I'm insane I'm going for the Epic Mickey 2 platinum on Vita. It seems to be going smoothly so far. As you know, the platinum requires ad-hoc play, so I used a spare Vita and a spare PSN account (and a second copy of the game) for the two co-op trophies. When I got "Clear" playing as Mickey, the trophy popped on my alt account playing as Oswald at the same time. "Oswald's New Groove" also popped for both accounts at once when I finished the level. I got my second Vita out again to make Blot Alley Superstar easier (because Oswald can, will, and has screwed me over if left to his own devices). Trophy popped on both accounts. In addition, I had unlocked "Recycler" for befriending 50 enemies on my main account through natural progression. Bizarrely, when I sprayed one enemy with paint playing as Mickey, the trophy popped on the alt account playing as Oswald. No idea if both paint related trophies would've popped at the same time for Oswald if I'd earned them both as Mickey but it wouldn't surprise me. So, now my alt has "Clear", "Oswald's New Groove", "Recycler", and "Blot Alley Superstar", in that order. It's not the end of the world for me if my alt gets flagged but I figured someone playing as Oswald might want to avoid out of order timestamps if possible. So, for your second Vita I highly suggest using a throwaway/alt account you don't want to use for trophy hunting if you care about not having out of order timestamps. Better yet, maybe stick to the PS3 version, multiplayer is more straightforward on that platform anyways.
  23. Last time I checked, which was about four hours ago, both PS3 and Vita are still up. I have been having connection issues on both platforms, and fixing the issue required booting up safe mode and rebuilding the console databases. It's super annoying but it does fix the issue.
  24. I was just able to log on. It might have been something on your end...
  25. If for some reason you are considering doing the Hong Kong stack of this game, DO NOT get a Region 3 English Vita copy like I did. You will end up with the European trophy list for the game. You will need to find a copy of the game that has Chinese subtitles.