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  1. Self explanatory, just give the person above you a new name....
  2. This came as inspiration from the "Your favorite video game openings" thread. What are your favorite anime openings? My favorite would be the opening of Samurai Champloo:
  3. Sorry if there is already a thread like this, but what characters do you hate in games, anime, movies, etc.? Also please leave an explanation about why you hate them.
  6. 2/10, that's an ugly looking dog...
  7. 7/10
  8. 3/10
  9. Fraiser
  10. Gave up along the way For only having 20 posts
  11. 2/10 I hate Deadpool
  12. 7/10
  13. 7/10
  14. 6/10
  15. Raises the dragon until it's sad departure many years later Drops a trumpet
  16. Wonders how you're dropping a god... Drops a puzzle with one piece missing
  17. Is a fan of The Last of Us unlike me...
  18. #17 Grand Theft Auto 5 Los Santos Legend
  19. 3/10