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  1. Fifa 20, uncharted 5, gta 6
  2. Badland - big night for us 0.07
  3. Me too but 5 discs is also good 4 me
  4. 1734 this year And like more people i dont think i can beat it this year. Simply Gus i dont have the time for it anymore My son is 2 years Old and in 5 months im father of 3
  5. Hi Everyone Gta 3. Vice city and san andreas can be downlaoded on the ps4 (with trophy support) And i got the disc version of gta sa on ps3 (Also with trophy support) Will they release these games too?? Gta vcs (psn download ps4 with trophy support) Gta lcs (psn download ps4 with trophy support) Gta vcs on disc (ps3 with trophy support) Gta lcs on disc (ps3 with trophy support) Gta vc on disc (ps3 with trophy support) Gta 3 on disc (ps3 with trophy support) Lol its just what i want and hope for
  6. Hi Batesrulez earned this trophy last month Cheater right?
  7. i will never sell my account to any1. but if someone wants to try me out hahahaah try me no but really i got like 2200 trophys and thats not much (iknow) but this is everything for me money or my psn acoount even if someone pays 10.000 euro i will not sell it