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  1. Honestly, play more online. Coop games. It's how I formed all my PSN friendships.
  2. I do hope to see you there soon too. Earn with confidences!
  3. You'll be fine, These things happen alot more than you think and Trophy hunters understand it well enough. It's easy to see who is actually cheating and who got glitches. BTW, nice trophy list.
  4. Well... you're not wrong... lol Perfect. I got this copy from a Taiwan ebay but wasn't sure which region it's actually from. Thank you!
  5. I know this is odd question to ask but i wanted to make 100% sure before getting any other versions..
  6. So if I keep all the hero souls I get and not spend them on anything, I'll get a 10% base damage bonus for each one? If true, I wish I didn't send that 13 hero souls I had...
  7. I resently discovered your videos. They are very good. Showed some games that slipped my radar. I look forward to move.


    BTW, You managed to get two-thirds of the trophies I got in half the time. That's very impressive.

    1. Stay-Pationt


      Thanks bro. I would be doing much better but since starting the channel (and still keeping my job going) I've bearly been able to play on my account at all :( lol.

    2. Goldjit


      I'm on that boat too, brother. Let's hope the channel is successful enough to be your job. :)

  8. Hi, I don't usually post but I believe I qualify for this. I have Plat's all the Lego games of all regions and versions (currently playing Lego Harry Potter Collection). Here's my profile with the earn dates for proof. Soooo all good? d(;d)