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  1. Sorry if its been asked already, but my digital copy has not updated from version 1.04. Assuming I don't download the update, am I fine to play this as normal?
  2. Lmfao wut To answer OP, technically it should all be attainable. The only things I can think of that might be affected are the Clan-related trophies, as Bungie are today rolling out a system-wide update which will change how clans function. The player-base, particularly the hardcore, will definitely take a hit when D2 launches, so you might have to search a little longer for quality players to team up with. But no, servers will not be going down anytime soon.
  3. Play with a group, and boot scrubs. Simple.
  4. Best team comp is 3 demos, 2 support, 1 med
  5. My settings have always been to allow everyone to see my trophies; I unchecked the option to hide a particular list on my PS3, and again on my PS4 (both from the PS4 and PS3 lists), and I earned a bunch of new trophies in a game that has previously never been on my list in any capacity - still can't get the game to reappear. What am I missing? Additional info: successfully removed 0% games off my list, and all games are otherwise being accurately tracked.
  6. Take it from someone that has just recently achieved 100% MP DLC completion. Do not do it. It's not worth it. Even with a totally organised boost with more than competent boosters, it took months, and hundreds of hours. If it bugs you, just hide the DLC trophies and enjoy the plat.
  7. Currently on air? Community, The Newsroom, Justified, and House of Cards have the best writing.
  8. Given that you think Naughty Dog is a publisher, I wouldn't trust a single thing you said.
  9. Eurogamer, Polygon, Giantbomb, Destructoid, IGN for me. After my own work, of course I still check Gamespot reviews from time to time, but more often than not I find them to be petty and pedantic. I also got sick of Kevin VanOrd's voice, since for about 4 months he voiced every. single. review. Gamespot have great original content, though, like Danny O'Dwyer's 'The Point' and Johnny Chiodini's 'Feedbackula'.
  10. Any fighting game, most notably [ultimate] Marvel vs. Capcom 3 or Mortal Kombat Buzz! Quiz games Trivial Pursuit Guitar Hero/Rockband Or, return to the classics: Worms Crash Bash
  11. Curb is good, Curb is great; I think of him when I masturbate. I love Curb, he's the man for me, He's the object of my mastabatory fantasy
  12. ROFLMAO at complaining about spammers in a F2P game...
  13. Do not open until you've seen Doctor Who :Phttp://i.imgur.com/ko9RWbP.png

  14. Negative voting is a recipe for disaster, but I like the idea of a user boosting rating, similar to an eBay rating.