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  1. You can filter by platinum only and you will have the easiest plat you still don`t have.
  2. Seems that the 1.01 might be the issue, since apparently he was on 1.00 when the transfer occurred
  3. You can speed nuke to 15 min if you destroy the statue (3 hits) in one round and make 1 point in your other offense. You will be 6 points and game will apply Mercy Rule and skip the last round since max score would be 6-1. Time to destroy is very close, I could only do it using 2 Talon
  4. I started on the Digital version and changed to Disk one once I found out the glitch only worked on the Disk version. The stats are still there, but since the game saves after every match, its possible that mp progress is saved both in the server and local, I'll let you know what happens when I'm finished. Also, if you wait for 2 weeks to get the game, the servers will be closed. Date just changed to 15.
  5. You can do the lap without the glitch in 1:01 from what I read. Personally my best was 1:03. I managed the glitch once and did 0:59 and got the trophy. The 3 top ranks were 0:46, 0:50 and 0:57.
  6. Mine`s working fine. Had an issue today connecting with one system on wifi, changed to cable and it was fine again
  7. Need DLs. Fenris-Lima
  8. you can buy them using the in-game store from the UK version
  9. Mine seems to be worse. Out of the 50 spots I have, 28 are pending publish, and 17 that did get published, don`t appear to be unpublished. So I only have 5 slots if I need to do the republish method
  10. Please message me after you download mine and I'll return the favor. Fenris-Lima
  11. If anyone is willing to download my creations with you accounts, I'll return the favor with the killzone ones. Just send me a message. Fenris-Lima. Also if anyone knows how to get past the "Pending Publish" bug, let me know. It locked 28 spots so far...
  12. Level 8 Marauder trophy didn`t pop for me, since I can`t level any further, guess I'll need to start a new character and redo. The trophy for admitting that I didn`t kill the necromancer also didn`t pop, I'll try reset the quest and do it again. Reset the Necromancer Pet mission (the one I thing gives the trophy) and still no trophy I guess the sell trophy should have popped, I sold most of the items so far and I'm on the last mission, anyone knows something that can be done about this one?
  13. Please add me to the guild PSN Fenris-Lima Char Fenris Lima
  14. If anyone sees this, I need Sitting Loki for my plat. PSN ID: Fenris-Lima