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  1. Actually a lot of passes expired on 31 Dec 2020. When they announced the store closure I went thru my games redeeming codes and I got problems with Medal of Honor, NFS Shift 2, NFS Hot Pursuit, Warhammer 40K Space Marines and other I don`t remember. Some of them don`t even have an expire date in the voucher, but when I asked Sony, they said all of them expired on 31 Dec 2020. While I was researching a way to get back the codes I saw that many games were patched to not require the onlne pass or to work even if the game requires one. If I remember correctly, my friend`s PS3 that I got solo boost this didn`t have the pass for Shift 2 and still worked. It might be the case that the versions bought after the online pass abolishment are patched to not require one and that might be your case. Other game I know this for sure are Ratchet and Clank All for One, my code expired, and the PS+ does not have a pass on my DL list but it worked normally, and Medal of Honour, the game requested me to enter a code, but I was able to get in a match anyway.
  2. All accounts on the same console can access the online pass and dlc from a single one
  3. Both of them?
  4. Using 2 consoles, try picturing this as an Mortal Kombat ladder that starts with 1 opponent and as an account wins, the next one have to deal with +1 opponent. One PS3 is the player and the other the CPU. As a player wins and get to the top of the ladder, it becomes a CPU (save management) and the next player start. It goes on until you main is the player and the CPU has 7 fighters
  5. idk. The difficulty I had in the Souls games I played was that I would usually die at some point and would not be able to get back my xp because I would die again before reaching it or that I would get weakened to the boss because of normal enemies. The fact that you can use the ninja and omnyo to just get past everything and reach the boss without getting a single hit made the game much easier. I had more trouble in the NG where I still didn`t have access to that, but that was usually solved by summoning someone to help on the boss
  6. What meant is that the main game guide was written before the DLC was released so the 80hrs considers that you do 100% on NG for Samurai of Legends. After the DLC, people with the plat had to do it again on NG++ for Destroyer of Demons, so another 30 hours. Now you can pretty much skip most of the level, farming gear from revenants and grinding xp when necessary until you have access to orange gear, then get back and have a breeze on NG++. I went all the way to Way of Nioh doing the bare minimun first to get gear and farm the missions that can be cheesed for easy XP, then got back to Way of the Demon for my 100% true run.
  7. Wrong. Many hours of the main game guide are included in the 30 from the first DLC
  8. probably because before the DLC one trophy required 100% playthrough on NG, and after the first DLC the same trophy could be combined with the NG++ one. As for the combat system, there are skill attack of two button that you can combine in sequence to do a combo of sorts, but spamming a single attack or playing like a hack slash is perfectly fine. The only real skill you need is being able to dodge incoming attack
  9. Game is linear, you do one mission, you unlock the next and it`s side missions. For 100% you need 1 full story (main missions only) playthrough on NG, several missions on NG + (after a set number you unlock the next region and so on until you unlock and beat the final mission) and 1 full playthrough in NG ++ (DLC only need to be done here). Took me 110hrs or so, but thats counting some leveling up that you can skip if you are very good at the game
  10. The trophy for Ford GT is not online and you can access the wall even without the online pass (I got the trophy for posting before I activated my trial online period). I think I remember seeing this message when I was going for the online trophies, but as soon as I deleted every photo, it disapeared
  11. Worked for me this way. First I tried from the store and it download the NA DLC (could see by the Icon that has a text on the bottom). Then entered in EXTRAS and downloadable content in game and it showed me the correct DLCs
  12. EA was responsible for giving the code, but I just tried last week and they told they are only allowed to add content to PC games now (I send the support the post from EA forum where some admin was giving the instruction on how to get the code). Same thing happend with my Online pass from NFS Hot Pursuit. There are no expiration date on the voucher but the code expired in Dec 2021, Online pass is delisted but thankfully there is a 48hrs online trial in game EA Forum on Return to Ostgar
  13. Naughty Bear has a "Double Trouble" and a "Gold" Edition with all DLC on the disc
  14. Have not seem this anywhere, so here it goes: People required: 2 - 8 + dummy accounts What to do: Losing person will quit (or sig-out from PSN - Thanks to Darkette for discovering this) to XMB when lobby counter hits 00:00. This way the server will not count the loss and the race will start for the other player, giving a win for it. If you are early, game will say you left the lobby, if you are late you will get a loss and be sent back to qualifying The boosting will consist of having one people go up a round and hold the position by quitting everytime another player is going up: P1 races P2 => P1 goes to round 2 P3 races P2 => P2 goes to round 2 P1 races P2 => P1 quits and hold position while P2 goes to round 3 P3 races P4 => P3 goes to round 2 P1 races P3 => P1 quits and hold position while P3 goes to round 3 P2 races P3 => P2 quits and hold position while P3 goes to Quarter Finals ... Championship race and trophy * Person going for the trophy first should go to round 2 and wait there (along with P1), change to dummy account and keep losing on qualifyng. After every round is being held by other players it can go and win them to get the trophy. ** Next person will make dummy advance to to the round before it`s main account is, so that the other player can win and advance and the person can continue the climbing and not leave any holes. After it gets the trophy, the dummy will be the one helding a position for the other players It should take ? 28 ? races in the group for the first person to get the trophy and another 7 for each other person in a full group For less people you would need to fill the positions with dummies that are not from the person going for the trophy E.g. for 2 people it would be needed two ladders where a single player holds all positions for the other to be able to get the trophy A1 races B1 => A1 goes to round 2 A2 races B1 => B1 goes to round 2 A2 races B2 => A2 goes to round 2 A3 races B2 => B2 goes to round 2 A1 races B2 => A2 quits and hold position while B2 goes to round 3 A2 races B1 => B1 quits and hold position while A2 goes to round 3 ... P1 races B1 to B7 for trophy P2 races A1 to A7 for trophy