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  1. I remember it being a dialog decision. When you load your file, you will be just before the last quest and there will be a choice to start the last mission or check preparations. The optional quest is check preparations on A, B and C or visit A, B, C or something similar, and while there, you can talk to your allies.
  2. For what I remember, if you finish the game, you have to do the side quests, start the last quest AND TALK to the required NPC allies in the 3 batlle post. Only after talking to them the trophy pops
  3. What is missing here is that you need to save you game between steps one and two. I was having problems Because my save was before The initiation dlc release, then I Just earned one medal today in v1.06 to force a save and it worked after I delete The patch. Also you only need to delete The 71mb file if you have The disc version. If you have The digital one, The patch Will be attached to The big file, so you Will only have one big file available to delete
  4. So, I did the puzzle Tatters and Shards before doing all puzzles, but yhe trophy that it unlocked was What Now?, any one had the same problem? Just hoping that when I do all puzzles Tatters and Shards unlocks... Update: Tatters and Shards unlocked when I finished the other puzzles, guess the coding is switched?
  5. Looking for a crew to earn this trophy
  6. When he spawned the dragon, I died b4 killing it. When I got back, the dragon was no longer there and never came back.
  7. Worked for me. Had done previously 3 diferent runes with a group, then went solo on knight with 2 of the same rune + 1 other , then on Neothelid with 3 dif. Popped right after I killed it
  8. Do you know if the bosses HP regen if you wipe? It will be hard to solo it for me if they do ☹️
  9. You can filter by platinum only and you will have the easiest plat you still don`t have.
  10. Seems that the 1.01 might be the issue, since apparently he was on 1.00 when the transfer occurred
  11. You can speed nuke to 15 min if you destroy the statue (3 hits) in one round and make 1 point in your other offense. You will be 6 points and game will apply Mercy Rule and skip the last round since max score would be 6-1. Time to destroy is very close, I could only do it using 2 Talon
  12. I started on the Digital version and changed to Disk one once I found out the glitch only worked on the Disk version. The stats are still there, but since the game saves after every match, its possible that mp progress is saved both in the server and local, I'll let you know what happens when I'm finished. Also, if you wait for 2 weeks to get the game, the servers will be closed. Date just changed to 15.
  13. You can do the lap without the glitch in 1:01 from what I read. Personally my best was 1:03. I managed the glitch once and did 0:59 and got the trophy. The 3 top ranks were 0:46, 0:50 and 0:57.
  14. Mine`s working fine. Had an issue today connecting with one system on wifi, changed to cable and it was fine again
  15. Need DLs. Fenris-Lima