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  1. Just turned my PS4 on after a week and it started on the Privacy setup. When I went to hidden PS4 games, it said "Service Unavailable. Maintenance Ongoing"
  2. I do. 18.401 trophies are now hidden... Synced a PS3 game played on PS3
  3. I don't remember needing boosting for this game. I do remember there was a tactic for the hardest difficulty that took me 3-4 tries to finish 1 world by myself and leaving the game idle for the grind kills
  4. Took me 140h back in 2017
  5. No... My guess is that some combination of X and/or Start as I usually keep pressing those to skip the intro. I was hoping someone else have came across this or had more resources to dig into it It is in-game so according to the rules it is allowed. There are games like Conan and Ark that you can get all trophies using console commands and even the guide are written towards that
  6. One of the games is Trine 4 and that is a PS4 only game. I tried it on both the PS4 and PS5 and it did not gave me the points
  7. I opened the game today and when I tried to move to the rigth to start the trials this console appeared. Any button I pressed acted as a hide/unhide to it, except the analog and X. It only logged the actions I took and screen messages, like the trials countdown. This screenshot is after I hit continue and it loaded my last save and then I came back to the menu. I have no idea how it got triggered. Game is patched with latest version. There is no cfw or any modification on my PS3. I could not type in it with the controller and I have not tried with a keyboard
  8. What it worked for me every single time (needed 8) New Game on Story on Rais mission, sleep till morning, talk to Rais but don't talk to GRE, do the laps. On the 3rd to 4th lap an event always popped, not necessarily the one for the trophy, but the second event was always the one I needed. Second event was usually another 4-6 laps and time past 9:30. You can delete the New Game after to free slots, just be careful not to delete your main save. Just waiting somewhere for the time to pass didn't trigger the events teh same way laps did.
  9. That's not how it works on the PS3. You need to go into your security settings on the web and generate a code to enable your PS3. That code will replace your password on PS3 login
  10. DLC is under the first game on the UK store, might be the case for the rest of EU
  11. This is the first info on the guide, the only question is if it is possible to get those 2 before any other trophy Stage 1: Just Play, Baby! Important The servers closed on October 1st, 2019, making the plat even grindier than it is (a safe estimate would be between 150-200 hours). This will affect leveling up quickly and obtaining 20 flags for Flag Collector. There are 10 DLC flags that can be purchased and 8 more that can be obtained from the offline/single player version of the game, but the reliable method to obtain more flags depends on online wars. If you don't already have flags from the online wars prior to the servers' closure, you're simply out of luck. Without those flags, this is now an unachievable platinum.
  12. You create another account (in this case an SG one), make it primary on the PS4 so all content downloaded on it will be available for all users. Since the DLC is compatible with the EU version of the game, the system will be able to see the downloaded content when you load it with your main account @dany_lele95 I don't think there is a case for GroundLocomon, from what I read at the time you would have needed to save beore the story fight and keep reloading until it ddropped at the end.
  13. My version is digital UK. should have the same code. DLC was still there on SG store on Wednesday
  14. Don't think OP is talking about store or anything to do with Sony. Back when I made my account there was no store in my country so I created a UK acctg. Now I would also like to be ranked on my country's leaderboard. It would also help on gaming sessions for others to have an idea of my time and possible lag.
  15. Got it near the end of ch7 on first run on easy. Was shooting most everything, pillars, cars, lamps, walls, sofas, windows etc.