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  1. the list is basically the ingame trophy room completion with the exception of catching each fish (which is a good thing since i CBA getting gold for each fish caught again )
  2. game marks items you have yet to ship, its not that bad really, most items are farmed items + giant versions, enemy drops, crafts/medicines/cookings which you can make with your crops. theres a few secret items that are pretty easy to acquire, round stone from fishing in first dungeon, white stone from secret after getting married, a few skills you get from treasures and getting the +recipe breads form the super dungeon bosses. chests in the superdungeon can also contain pretty much anything so you can randomly check off items that way. Also, your collection can be checked and its categories with a % of items in categories shown, so easy to spot where you are missing items.
  3. having 100%'d both original DS and switch version, can say that the 1k lvl trophy is rather easy, but unfortunately we need biggest monster barn which is super annoying due to needing tens of thousands of lumber and bricks, even abusing arthur it takes bloody ages and is boring :/ for 1k lvl, you just use the autumn field to make giant leaf clovers and your own 5 farms for big emery flowers and just pass days till you can craft lvlizers, combines well with 5 years. also @gondorf1990 i find rushing and clearing arc 2 before midsummer works out better, clearing arc 1 one week before spring ends so you can get a spring seed from arc 2 for requests, and rushing arc 2 so you can stop typhoons before they appear, contest doesnt spike before you've won gold in them once anyways.
  4. Platinum#282

    Castlevania Advance Collection

  5. Platinum#280:

    One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows

  6. Platinum#279:



    My very first stack (did on PC.)

  7. Platinum#278:

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

  8. Lvl'ing is tied to 3 categories, gun, machine gun and grenade dealing damage gives exp equals to the damage you deal, over-damage does not grant exp. Another important part about how damage work which is the bread and butter is the difference in gun versus machinegun. Machinegun does not deal actual damage, but "scratch" damage, this is basically a projected damage that can be cashed in on by gun or grenade usage, scratch damage gets healed over time on enemies rather fast so you got to remember to cash in on the damage with gun or grenade. Gun deals actual damage and cashes in on your scratch damage, gun also segments HP bars of enemies, scratch damage regenerates slower on segmented health bars. The benefit from exp is only HP and maximum weight capacity, so you still need to make sure to mod your guns to actually increase performance.
  9. I didn't find it difficult at all, you can generally split up the gameplay in 2's since it changes a lot halfway trough as you get more "hero actions." In the first half you have basic weaponry and ammunitions so its just taking turns chipping at each other in combat, very simple. Once you get more "hero actions" the game become significantly easier since you will just be using them at all times to get more dmg in risk-free. The output of your damage boils down to how you customize your guns and if you're willing to obtain ammunition, ammunition i feel is only mandatory for gonig for post dungeon where you wanna grind a lot of armor penetration, you can easily do main game with proper-crafted guns.
  10. Platinum#277

    Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX

  11. Platinum#276

    The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

    1. DJ__Beatroot


      Congrats on the plat!

    2. MidnightDragon




      Just kidding. Congrats!

  12. Platinum#275

    Valkyria Chronicles

    1. ihadalifeb4this



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      Big congrats! 😄

      Wonderful milestone for a wonderful game.

      This will be my #125.

  13. Platinum#273:

    Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster

  14. Pretty much, theres no other lvling path from 1-50 since dun'djins start at 50. The set should be easy to obtain for most with plats or close-to-plats due to having amassed a fortune to gamble the pieces they arent looting. On another note, could be the only DLC we get since Echtra got aquired by Zynga and ceased development on TL3.