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  1. Platinum #197:

    Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

  2. Platinum#196:

    Ys 8: lacrimosa of Dana

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      Well done! 💯

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      Happy almost #200 :D 

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      Beautiful JRPG and series!  Congratulations! B)

  3. The "cinematic" attack final boss does you just go out of the arena with L2, you should be able to get off the streets to the right of how you turn initialy. final boss can be cheesed if you just use the downward ability to regain your 12 swords and just warpstrike spam him to death, use ethers to get mp back if needed. Also as i just got the 100% i can confirm that you can take up to a total of 3 grade degradations to still get the A+ as i had a B in dmg taken and A+ in everything else, but a C in dmg taken and A+ in everything else fails the trophy.
  4. FFXV back to 100%

    hopefully this will be the last time.

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      Aren't they adding the Arden story dlc? :P


      Edit: oh crap!! I checked your profile and It's out already!? 


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      Nice work!

    4. Sun_emperor1


      @PooPooBlast i can imagine your added confusion if they hadnt canceled the other planned DLC's as well :P

      but really, game got a bit more DLC than it needed.

  5. for combo, any of the slow big guys can be done, as long as you got 12 swords and dont use the QTE to kill him you can rack up high hits, got the almost 900 hit myself when i fought the tripple version on one of the bases.
  6. basicly, getting C rank in anything ruins your chances at the trophy, A+ on everything else :/
  7. Platinum#195

    The Witness

  8. the wizard companion style, when you cast spells you get 3 different icons, spell fling which launches an elemental bolt while you cast the spell, boost which increases the dmg of the spell and the X which prevents you from pressing icons for a while
  9. the strings are much more powerful than boosters, so yes. and the goal is to be casting at all times so they never really get a chance to summon anything, having knight higgldies can also help on interupting if you need help with it.
  10. the big spellflinger icons doing wizard companion actualy stuns bosses out of summoning reinforcements if it hits weakness, they appear quite often so if you just chaincast it you should be safe. if you are in a situation where this isnt possible, using the higgldy style's charged ranged attack, you only need to do a low charge and it will stun any boss. A last ditch effort could also be to use rolands circular sword ability, it has a high interupt-chance but it does NOT work if the enemy is strong against your weapons element or has insane phys def.
  11. using weakness is 1 thing, but the text pre-fight sometimes mention if the enemy has high physical or magical defence on the textbox, you should read that as well to properly prepare.
  12. the most important thing is to utilize enemy weakness, so have both leander AND evan in your team since togheter they can cover all elements between each other. i suggest you upgrade the spellflinger part since after testing the spellflings are way stronger than boosts (each boost lvl only adds about 2% more dmg while a spellfling deals 10%/20% if you have the big spell flings trained.) also you should upgrade each spell you use to 15 in evermore and swap higgldies according to which spells you want the power up on for even more dmg. some enemies however has some higher hp and/or spell defence, so you should also have a varied amount of melee weapons for roland/batu that has elemental properties so you have something to fall back on once you've done your spellcasting. this is most important for slog27 where the last enemy doesnt take dmg from spells at all and you basicly have to melee him to death. using the ding dong del style for your melee character is a must for the bosses. on floors where you just face off against horde of enemies the higgldy style is the better option as it gives you more mana when attacking for more spell/ability spam + the charged ranged attack will obliterate entire spawns in the clouds. "edit" forgot to mention about the wizard companion, using the bigger spells makes spell fling deal more dmg per hit but the smaller spells deal more dmg per mana used, to efficiently utilize this you must ONLY use the expensive spells doing gold orb boosts where they are free regardless, stuff like evans astra should only be used for example doing gold orb but without you use his other light spell that only takes 2 mana.
  13. i missed 1 manual myself, but got them all now, theres a manual in olivers home on the first floor after you unlock the actual hub, then theres S ranks in the slog, evermoore after each story segment in the DLC and lastly from all the doors that isnt the first one (martha's door). Sadly i cant remember how many there were in each of the doors, but can confirm theres no other sources
  14. A few of the enemies can be a bit bothersome if you don't have a melee-weapon with elemental properties, there is a gold quality sword with dark attribute that can drop in the new DLC that makes short work of enemies like that worm, but its a drop so its not really something to rely on. In the likely case you don't that sword you might as well just skip S ranking 27 till you clear rank 30 and can make the weapon from the crafting reward from there.
  15. Ni No Kuni 2 back at 100%