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  1. Matching making is just terrible, me and a friend have just been boosting. Found out during that I had to host, so I had to search first as I could not connect to him. Got a few games connected alright, and then it suddenly stopped working, stuck on the "Searching"
  2. 1 game mode and only 1 map. I like the game but it's boring with just that. Funny thing is it recently got a patch, no idea what the devs were thinking not including at least more maps.
  3. Batch 3 of codes added to OP
  4. Added a second batch of codes Its really hard to tell the difference between O and zeros, that is if they used both
  5. Hi everyone I have in my possesion quite a lot of ring pulls from the Monster Double exp promotion. Which is funny as I currently have no intention of playing this game. However I am going to share with the community, I thought about this and did not want people messaging/PM'ing me for the codes. If you can not read the can; 'Open to the residents of UK, IOM, ROI &/or Mauritus aged 18+ only. Promotional ring-pulls available 01.10.2018 to 31.12.2018, or whilst stocks last. Register the code found under the ring-pull online by 31.05.2019. To register and for full terms and condidtions go to www.callofduty.com/monsterenergy. Each code provides 2 tokens of 2XP which doubles the experience points awarded for 15 minutes within public online multiplayer matches of the Game. Max of 1hr redeemable per person, per day and 40 hours person for the promotional period. Entrants require: internet access; Xbix One, PS4 console or PC and the compatible Xbox Live Gold, Playstation Plus, Playstation Network or Blizzard account; a Call of Duty account' and a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 game. Promotion is managed and administered by Monster Energy Europe Limited' I have easily over 40 rings pulls, which have 2 codes per ring pull. I will update this post now and then with codes. I aim to get through all of them in the next couple of days. These codes are first come first serve! Batch 1 - With Original Post KGV6YM 0P17MCR 003M0W SWWX7E3 XP4FEF CH697X9 LYXV9R ZLTDLNJ 0EL4MO 28H6D6O Batch 2 L32MMT FKPPVR6 RHLOG0 L24G9LH S7Q7EYN XFVH8R 75L15R LE513V0 3EZ0Y6 74CV75D 429TND KKNFC1Z BE9Z9O J0PHWDB Batch 3 5J50B6S 2ELK29 KBXQNC FYGVJ13 ZGL82D XKW2DB5 LL3SM8 1EN0D18 55CK6W DESM0BV 0JYQMC TDLGR52 PS: Please do not message me over PSN for codes, your message will be ignored and deleted.
  6. First trophy TheBritishBaron: Hero of Lave (Super Stardust HD) First Platinum TheBritishBaron: Concodrance Officer (Dead Space)
  7. Lol im the complete opposite, I tried Apex Legends, and then deleted it after 1 match. Didn't like it and prefer Realm Royale. Just so you know I got the 'Jack of All Trades' trophy after 1 win. However, I can tell that was my 10th win because of the new UI update, I did not unlock Royale Master FYI People, the game is still in BETA, even says so when you load it up, there will be bugs etc so you know, bare with the developers and stop shouting about them
  8. Hi all Just a heads up a new patch went live today, I am unsure if it will retroactively pop trophies, as I already have most already. Although I got 1 kill and popped a 50 kill trophy. It has not, however, popped Jack of All Trades tho (which I know I have done) Lots of UI changes like in the forge selection, and there is now a results screen so you can see how much XP you got.
  9. well, so, um, I just tried again on the off chance, and the servers are still up at the mo hahaha
  10. scheduled time was for 8PM BST (British Summer Time) so just under 8 hours
  11. Vehicles respawn fairly quickly once they have been destroyed, when I set up to destroy full jeeps (A2S), they spawn almost immediately after my alts do
  12. Just checked that too, what the hell is with the 15th, hoping that is just a typo when someone updated the page. EDIT: Yea it must be typo, in the EU store, the Complete Edition says 15th, and the normal edition says the 25th, so its reasonable to believe that the person who updated them missed the 2 and put 1
  13. Are both accounts the same region?
  14. I joined on the 6th April 2013 My first trophy after joining was on the same day. God of War: Ascension Champion of the GodsUnlock all Trophies This was also my 40th Platinum
  15. Lol yes each character has a default gun, but they have 'upgrades' what @nyonmyan meant is that is what the trophy says Refreshing! Build a Weapon, draw three Character Cards and three Faction Cards for Dr. Kuzmann At least they have made the DLC free, you just have to unlock it via progression