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  1. I get that some people like the new and shiny things, I mean personally I pulled a WTF face when I heard they do midnight openings for iPhones and people queue for ages.... Each to thier own, what is special to one person is not special to someone else. If I had thought about it before hand I might have tried to grab a few to sell on and work it out that I ultimatly get a PS5 for free, but I would not take the piss and sell for double. Personally I am in no rush, PS4 still have a lot of life in it, *stares at the backlog* lol Also I refuse to buy a console that is anything but black!
  2. I know this is an old post, but will add if anyone else has problems with the 'Stealth Lord' trophy. Seems the trophies are a bit glitchy, as I completed all rooms for S rank but my trophy did not pop. It only poped after I did the 'no jump' trophy and had them pop at the same time. Also for some reason, I got 'Snappy Threads' (collect all Clothing pickups) when I picked up the Cloak gadget and then then the trophy for said gadget poped randomly later on. At the time of writing, I have uncovered all the map, yet the 'Gone Walkabout' trophy has not popped yet. Update: I got the 'Gone Walkabout' trophy after picking up the last collectible. So imo looks like requirements were mix for some reason
  3. Yes, two dev teams, Treyach and Infinity Ward, they stagger the teams and yea you are right the games are generally in development for 2 years. This is so they can release a CoD every year. Even if they are done by 2 seperate dev teams, its still CoD.
  4. Artifex Mundi games (The Hidden Object Games) are fun, and usually always has an interesting story (for me at least) SquareEnix went down hill sharply after FFX, where they bent over the combat system in every SP game and gave it a good buggering. FF games have and should always have turn based combat. Star Ocean which is also Square, have always employed a combat system where you control 1 character and the rest do as you program them too. Which was fine, as it was a different franchise. Having FF with real time combat, is like if Capcom turned DMC's comabt into turn based, its just wrong. So FFVII remake, even though it does look incredibly gorgeous, to me its shit as they messed with the combat. (steps off of soap box) IMO Blur has been the best racing game for a long time now, not really counting the more realistic 'sim' racers. Enjoyable and some time challenging SP, with a solid MP which included an arena type mode. CoD is overrated, as a new release is spawned every year. Adding to this, WWI / WWII shooters are over done, bring back more sci-fi. Battlefield 2142 remains my favourite in the whole BF / CoD series, titan mode was all kinds of fun. Shame it lagged the server when the commander moved them haha Physical > Digital
  5. I had been loading the game up now and then to see if I could connect to the servers Well today it managed to connect and I got the trophy
  6. I can confirm that this is still doable, but again I used 2 PS4s on the same network, and it was still laggy Just need to figure out how to do Raucous Rabble with only 2 controllers EDIT: Sadly I had to use 4 controllers in local to get Raucous Rabble
  7. I now have the Plat, I will share my experience coming to the end of the game. So I was always checking the challenge to the stats for scavenging locations completed, and it always matched up. When I got the last few locations left on my map, I looked at the challenge to how many icons I had left. My heart sank as I had 1 location missing from the map and I was at 190/191, I also had 2 historic relics missing. I was about to start hitting my head against the wall. So I thought I'd look up a guide that just shows historic relics. Turns out I had missed one in Deep Friar. But here is the kicker, the last one was in the starting area where you first meet Chumbucket. Turns out that getting the survey project in Jeet's territory does not make it appear. So I fast traveled down and when I got near the left side of the map the last scavenging location showed up on m map! Also I had heard of people not being able to get to a scavenging location at the watcher, were people trying to get to that location as normal, or did they know they had to go through the Top Dog camp? EDIT: Remember guys, there is the Clean Up Crew (cleans up cars you wreck) and the Scavenging Crew (The online one)
  8. Seems the hiccup has passed Just played 5 games and all of them saved, so time to get back to grinding out those lore challenges!
  9. All developers should take note of this, especially for broken trophies If the game is several years old, then I would not expect them to update any MP trophies, as we would have had enough time to earn them
  10. I can see the Challenges in the Legend tab, and have been checking it (almost) after each scavaging location, however I can not see Game Completion Statistics in the menu. Am I just going blind or is it hidden? EDIT: Im going blind, literally just as I hit post I found it. For anyone else, its the 'Pause' tab of the menu, second from the bottom
  11. Oh snap, I did jinx it Just had two errors in a row this evening, was working fine this morning
  12. If the serves are glitchy, I may have to just keep poking them until I get a 'proper' error or until I get it. If I manage to get it, I will post here
  13. Only just found out about this, and figured I'd better get this asap. When I go to load community levels, I get an error saying that I have been signed out of PSN >.<
  14. Well I hope I dont jinx it, but I have not had an error for the past 2 weeks! Get in now while the servers are stable!
  15. Never noticed those XP boosts in Darwin, seems I grinded that out the hard way haha Would be nice if they do the odd xp event, as getting all 6 classes to rank 20 will take a while