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About Me

Hi and thank you for visiting my profile (heavens knows why though :P)


I am a gamer who has played consoles since the 8 bit era (what I like to refer to as the first generation, even though there were loads of consoles before them).


I have owned the following


  • 3rd Gen - Nintendo NES
  • 4th Gen - Sega MegaDrive (Genesis to our American cousins)
  • 5th Gen - N64 - PS1
  • 6th Gen - Dreamcast - GameCube - PS2 - Xbox
  • 7th Gen - PS3 - XBox360 - Wii
  • 8th Gen - PS4 - Wii U



  • Gameboy Colour
  • Game Gear
  • PSP
  • Nintendo DS
  • Vita


Currently I mainly play on PS3, PS4, Vita and PC


I play a variety of games, the main group of genre(s) that I do not play is realistic sports or racing games.

A jack of all games, I usually go on to the next multiplayer game once I've collected all the trophies. 


Favorite Characters:

Nintendo - Yoshi (Mario Series)

Sega - Knuckles (Sonic Series)

Sony - ???