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  1. Ok sounds good! Will be curious to see if it makes a difference
  2. Any updates?
  3. I tried your technique on 130 but it didn’t work me. What worked for me was do 1 fast lap, and play safe 2nd and 3rd laps. i played safe by releasing gas before most drifts. That made them way more controllable for me. Not drifting was too hard for me. Thanks for the advice nonetheless. Also finished 125 so 160 golds now. on to the blacks. Dear god...
  4. Currently i have 158 gold out of the first 160 tracks. Only two im missing are 125 and 130. They are hardest from the red series for me
  5. My profile hasn’t updated for a couple days. I’m noticing more and more that this website is beyond it’s glory days. Such a shame. If only Sly would give control to someone who has the time
  6. I’ve seen blindmango reply to this question in multiple topics, always replying with soon or perhaps in 2018 etc. Etc. dude
  7. So this is over a year old. what does ‘soon’ mean according to sly, @BlindMango ?
  8. This is purely psnprofiles. Has nothing to do with a few private accounts! Nonsense. back in the day every username who’d ever been entered on this site would be updates every week. (3.900.000 users on psnprofiles). nowadays this website only updates registered users. (290.000 users). That’s like a 90+% loss! but hey, a few private accounts might be more of an influence in this matter.
  9. Weird. I would say it’s beneficial to this website to have more gamers added... :/
  10. 3.800.000 people’s usernames have been entered at some point, however this site is only renewing the info on 280.000 users. That’s throwing away like 93% info. So yes i do expect this from psnprofiles, because they currently HAVE millions and millions of accounts of people who didn’t sign up.
  11. Still really strange to see a game with in-game leaderboard of 100.000-200.000 gamers, to only have 1500 gamers on psnprofiles.. i don’t think this will ever be fixed. And i’m not going premium again until it does
  12. So i had this other thread: and in that thread a new idea was constructed that might deserve its own topic. How about updating all gamer profiles periodically? there are 3.800.000 gamers tracked on this website. however only 280.000 registered users who receive auto-updates. should there be a monthly, or bi-monthly, or quarterly mass update for all profiles? Even the inactive ones who may be active again. is this feasible?
  13. Thanks and apologies, you seem to be right. Then i should probably create a new topic. Re-update all non-registered users. Preferably like once a month or something. The value of a website tracking 3.800.000 gamers is very high. the value of a website tracking 280.000 users is a lot less
  14. Really? Any proof? This is the first i’ve heard of it if that were true, then there should be profiles that haven’t been updated for years.