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  1. Ive tryed this way but did not work for me!
  2. I have you try this. Im close to level 7 die another 20k Volta so let's hope it still works. Thx for the info. Kind Regards
  3. FIFA 23 & Rocket League
  4. Im An old hunter and restarted buying a PS5 and if i look @ the leaderboard OMG how can you even be proud to be in top leaderboard with all those easy 30 sec or min... Games , WOW you are a very good gamer ..... NOT If you have a couple easy games ok , it could be so that you play it with your child or you like it so hard and maybe a remake of your own childhood. I hope they delete it from store and also ban the trophies on profiles. Kind Regards
  5. Hi is there a pro club from psnp available to get the trophies with? If so please let me know. Kind Regards
  6. Well 25% is not that much but maybe extra is 75 € for 12 months. So i think its still cheaper if you do this and play 2 or 3 games you like because if you need to buy those games it could be 150€ and you have 12 months advantage of the deze monthly games. Kind Regards
  7. Hi om gone play again after many years and just found out that they whole PS+ thing is changed. Im not going to be a full-time hunter or gamer. So casual , i like shooter and race games but also games with my kid. What to choose on PS+ essential , extra or premium? Kind Regards
  8. My Real name is Conan Vaereman and my favorite number is 13 , so yes that's why my name is this. C stands for Conan Var for Vaereman en Ze is because i like that and yeah my Lucky number 13. So C-VarZz-13 is born this way! Kind Regards
  9. Hi, My name is Conan From Belgium and im back after i started relations and having my little boy , ive got a PS5 now and i start from scratch. Trying to play and complete my games. Not a full-time hunter 😂 Kind Regards