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  1. Hi i have a question how does this work are these matches keep counting and do you have time enough or do you have a limited time to complete the 90 games in a period?
  2. Ok so i should better wait because there are only 20 says left now. And if i am correct is 6 weeks 42 says , so 2 games a day makes 84 so only a couple says where i need to play 3.
  3. And how long should a season last? It's because of my limited game time... Work , family...
  4. I was scared now Omg. Just got back into Playstation gaming with a brand new ps5 and tot PS+ Extra from black friday deal and wanted Spiderman Miles Morales so happy it's a mistake of this Guy...
  5. Ive tryed this way but did not work for me!
  6. I have you try this. Im close to level 7 die another 20k Volta so let's hope it still works. Thx for the info. Kind Regards
  7. FIFA 23 & Rocket League
  8. Im An old hunter and restarted buying a PS5 and if i look @ the leaderboard OMG how can you even be proud to be in top leaderboard with all those easy 30 sec or min... Games , WOW you are a very good gamer ..... NOT If you have a couple easy games ok , it could be so that you play it with your child or you like it so hard and maybe a remake of your own childhood. I hope they delete it from store and also ban the trophies on profiles. Kind Regards
  9. Hi is there a pro club from psnp available to get the trophies with? If so please let me know. Kind Regards
  10. Hi om gone play again after many years and just found out that they whole PS+ thing is changed. Im not going to be a full-time hunter or gamer. So casual , i like shooter and race games but also games with my kid. What to choose on PS+ essential , extra or premium? Kind Regards
  11. Well 25% is not that much but maybe extra is 75 € for 12 months. So i think its still cheaper if you do this and play 2 or 3 games you like because if you need to buy those games it could be 150€ and you have 12 months advantage of the deze monthly games. Kind Regards
  12. Hi, My name is Conan From Belgium and im back after i started relations and having my little boy , ive got a PS5 now and i start from scratch. Trying to play and complete my games. Not a full-time hunter 😂 Kind Regards
  13. My Real name is Conan Vaereman and my favorite number is 13 , so yes that's why my name is this. C stands for Conan Var for Vaereman en Ze is because i like that and yeah my Lucky number 13. So C-VarZz-13 is born this way! Kind Regards