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  1. You have to play with all 108 combinations (=4*27). You can just start a level and quit back to the menu, you don't have to play/die.
  2. After each laser attack from the boss, the orbs will be vunerable for a couple of seconds, that's your moment to hit them. Don't shoot at them when their shields are up, you're just putting more lasers in the field and making it harder for yourself that way.
  3. Looks like I won't make it, so you can scratch me off the list. Congrats to those who will make it!
  4. On the Vita it's possible on Demolition Gear's second level, there you have a gap
  5. Seems like a fun way to celebrate Vita's 5th anniversary. You can add me to the party! Not sure which game it's going to be.
  6. Very small detail, but the header doesn't seem to adjust properly when the browser's screen is maximilised
  7. #86: Lemmings Touch (Vita) Frustating game, touch controls make it difficult to control
  8. #67: Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Challenging, even for veterans of the first one.
  9. #66 Killzone Mercenary First plat of 2015! A bit of grinding for 10.000 kills was required.
  10. #62 Prime Detective (Frozen Synapse Prime) Also my 5.000th trophy
  11. Same here, platinum #61 for me. Hoping for a sequel.
  12. No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either! 1.40% Numberer of the Beasts
  13. 1.91% 勇者コンプリート
  14. #59 and #60: Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (Vita and PS3) There were some frustrating bronze trophies, but other than that it was enjoyable.
  15. Fanatic (Touch My Katamari) Obtained the ultimate fashion item.