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  1. The platinum is now achievable.
  2. I sent them a mail and tweeted them on both their accounts but still waiting for a reply. I did read tho that the same(similar?) problem is present on the Xbox version of the game and they said they were looking into that. Here's the tweet if you want to add anything to that or follow it: Edit: Welp, looks like I got my own answer:
  3. I've played through Season 1 3 times myself one following a guide and 2 more looking for stuff that the guide might have missed and never managed to get it to pop. I'll try to tweet/contact the developer and see if I can get them(him?) to shed some light on the matter.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that =/ at least it wasn't a PsVita Well that's one reason i bought it for. Another one is that i got like 5 free games from PS Plus
  5. how ya like Dead Island? though about getting it once r twice.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. PureRuby87


      well it takes some times indeed. Not as much as a jrpg but still

    3. BDKSimba


      well, good luck. just Platted & 100% DS3 and I need a break. :). love that fkn game. dragged it out as long as I could, but time to move on. catch up witcha ltr..

    4. PureRuby87


      Oh i loved that game back on my xbox =)

  6. Bleah.
  7. Thanks a lot but i decided to stop posting pics anyway =) Can't flood this thread with my pics =)
  8. I'm currently living in italy
  9. Thanks =)
  10. Thanks.. about my hair ^^"
  11. Here i'm again bothering you with my pics ^^" Today i had a meeting with my hairdresser who enhanced my "Red" a bit ^^ I'm going to show you 2 shots i took 30 mins ago 1st Shot - I like this one better then the other. 2nd Shot - I look like an idiot, i better make a duckface next time So is my "Red" any better?
  12. There are a lot of girl gamers around as it seems =) I guess ^^" Well that means members of this forum are nice =) Thank you kind Sir T.T RPGs are lovely games they are a mix of everything a game should have
  13. Thanks everyone ^^
  14. Oh I bet he is =) he is so cute, he looks like a little doll ^^ Hehe fine ^^"
  15. Ask me to stop or i'll flood this thread with my pics J/k This is the last one i swear Me playing Alien Breed, My SuperSlim ps3 is up above (cables going up), plus on my right there is a friend of mine's Ps3, sometimes he passes by and plays some Co-op games with me =) Don't mind my messed up desktop ^^" Kratos Jr,! He is soo cute ^^