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  1. Edit: Leaving here in case anyone needs this. As I said below, I needed just Motsognir’s Call in Niflheim. After troubleshooting, I activated/deactivated the immersive hud customization in the Gameplay settings and when I picked it up this time, the notification appeared on screen and then the trophy popped! Hopefully this helps someone! Hey all, I’m in real need of help! My last Relic for [Collector] ended up being Motsognir’s Call in the prison by the legendary chest on Niflheim. When I pick it up though, the trophy doesn’t pop nor does the usual notification allowing you to click the center touch pad and go right into your inventory. I have all 14 relics after that one and 100% map completion across the board. I’ve reloaded, closed the game, restarted the PS5, and still nothing has helped. Has anyone run into this? Any solutions out there? Is there an official bug reporting area I can reach out to for help? Thank you ahead of time for any help, suggestions, or recommendations!
  2. Hi all! I have all 14 relics in my possession but no trophy. My last relic is the one in the prison in Niflheim. When I collect it, nothing pops up on screen or anything.