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  1. I want to real quick thank everyone who took time to read and comment on this as well as a few who sent me private messages. I haven't really been active on these forums. I've been using psntrophies for year's and I'm an old ass gamefaqs user (think I have over 5000 karma). But I appreciate the honesty and the non-judgemental responses.
  2. Yea someone PM'D me with the same advice. It just really sucks it happened. Plus if it wasn't for cheaters in the first place, this wouldn't be a big deal. I kind of felt this was exactly what I was going to have to do when it happened. Makes me wish Sony allowed you to delete entire games from your list regardless if you earned trophies or not. Then I could simply delete it and start fresh.
  3. I bought the game and played a bit when it was released two years ago. It's been in my backlog ever since. I own a ton of games and sometimes do not complete some for a long time. So the last trophy I learned was on 11/25/2015 at 7:25 am. Flash forward to today. I popped the disc in, installed it and patched it. Started the game. Still had my old save file on my HDD, as I never delete saves usually. So when prompted, it wanted me to load my old game in slot one. I didn't want that so I deleted it in game (not through the system, not sure if that might make a difference with this glitch). Started a new game on hardest difficulty which was unlocked, also put it on the new Hardcore additional difficulty because there's a trophy for it. Collected the secret first key in the first mission, opened the first secret door in first mission, and completed it. Really easy secret mission. Reward hits the ground, and I walk up and pick up the health token. (Takes four to upgrade maximum health). Trophy pops, I hit the PS button, and I have the trophy for Maxing my Health AND Devil Trigger, despite I don't have Devil Trigger yet. Hell even on my old save, I was still around three trophies story wise from gaining the ability.
  4. Yes I can, I can post both. https://imgur.com/a/8BqfR
  5. Of course not. Like I said, this was a backlog game. The last Trophy I earned was on 11/25/2015 So it's been two years. That why I deleted my gamesave to start over, to refresh my memory. Then when I did the first secret mission, and picked up my reward, it popped the two trophies I mentioned, which in no way it should have normally.
  6. Booted up a game from my backlog, DMC Definitive Edition for PS4. Had a handful of trophies from way back, Plat'd and 100% the PS3 version. Anyway, only really had story trophies earned, so I deleted my save in game and started a new file. I started the first mission and got to the first secret mission. Completed it and boom, trophy unlocks. I press the PS button to see what I got and...I got not one but two trophies... One for Max Health Gauge and the other Max Devil Trigger Gauge. I don't even have the Devil Trigger in the game yet! Not only that, but because I hit the PS button of course they sync immediately. Funny thing is the screen shot for the Devil Trigger Gauge trophy isn't even in game, it's literally popping on my trophy list loading... I should have thought to record and upload a video of it to YouTube but it just caught me off guard. So what should I do folks? I now have two trophies unlocked I should not have unlocked according to my progress. And that sucks. I only have two games I've ever hidden on this website despite the fact I am a little OCD with percentages. Both those games were two PS3 games that had similar situations although didn't come up for several years until someone flagged both those games on me in the same week. I literally think someone just was mad at me and went through all my lists to try and find anything iffy, because the first one was Injustice years after I had completed it. I actually fought that flag and won with evidence of the trophy that glitched on me. The second game was Batman Arkham City and it happened like a day after I got the flag removal approved on the forums here, in that case I couldn't really remember what has caused the glitch or whatever so I said screw it and just put both those games to hidden. So what should I do folks? I would really hate to hide another game just because of a stupid glitch, but I assume it'll get flagged if someone sees it, because those two should not be unlocked at this point on my trophy list, as it's impossible unless like me it glitched. Not sure if a cheater could do it or not on the PS4 version, but I guess they could. I'm on the latest firmware update and I always play online. Any advice or options I have? I just don't want to have to hide the damn game because I do plan on Plating it (I have every other Devil May Cry Platinum except DMC4 which I will be doing before they release the PS4 Triple Pack)
  7. This thread is bullshit because the people are complaining about something that not only isn't new, but isn't even close to save hacking or time stamping trophies. 1. The reason save hacking as well as custom firmware and trophy hacking is illegal is for many reasons, but mostly because it is against the ToS with Sony. Obviously Custom Firmware to be able to give yourself any trophy you want and time stamp it is leagues illegal, but so is taking someone else's save file and using a program to change it's ownership actually changes files that end up on the Playstation Systems. This script? Well let's go over the things that have been okay getting trophies and compare, methods on this and every other trophy and achievement website. 1. Using a rubber band to hold a button or direction down. Usually employed to earn some type of in game credit towards an achievement (like in a racing game, driving a certain amount of mileage) while not actively doing it yourself. It's even deployed overnight in some cases depending on the amount needed to grind to obtain the trophy. 2. A turbo controller. Third party licensed controller's that allow you to repeat a button press over and over, similar in nature to #1. A good example is in Warhammer 40k Space Marine on PS3 or Insect Armageddon. Warhammer had a trophy for 40,000 kills and the fastest and most recommended method is using a turbo controller to farm kills at a certain spot in single player, probably leaving your system on overnight. 3. Handing your controller to a real life buddy to earn you a trophy. 4. Using Shareplay to earn someone a trophy. 5. Boosting a trophy by gathering an online group to perform a specific task that is either hard to do without a full dedicated group, or saves time to get a trophy (multiplayer exp or kill farming). 6. Using a trophy guide. To be fair, you are technically using something outside of what the game provided to give yourself an easier advantage or time saving method to obtain trophies you would otherwise have to discover on your own. Not every trophy by a longshot is straight forward. A good example is Call of Duty Zombie Easter Egg trophies. 7. Same technically applies to buying a strategy guide. There's more but that's probably enough. So what about this script? Well, it doesn't manipulate files on either the PS4 or the Remote Play App, and there are no rules for earning trophies using remote play. What it does do is become your controller. Like a turbo controller or controller with macros, you are inputting what buttons you want the script to press and when. While it is, in this case, an automated progress, the simple fact is the only thing happening when you run the script is that it's pressing the "X" button for you automated, just like a turbo controller. It isn't sending anything different then a connected Dualshock 4 Controller. It isn't changing any files. It doesn't change anything about the way the Minigame is played nor does it change the conditions to earn said trophy. In fact, the trophy description doesn't explicitly say how you should Jump Rope 1000 times, just that that's the unlock condition, which you also are not changing. That's why it's not illegal on any trophy hunting website or leaderboard I have seen. Because if you outlaw one, you are going to have to outlaw all the other things people have come up with like I mentioned. And since everyone had thier own opinion on what constitutes "cheating" for a trophy, this isn't going away. Someone could think having a buddy get you a trophy should be disallowed. Most of you probably wouldn't even bat an eyelash at that proposition. So just because you don't understand what a script is and what it does and doesn't do, doesn't make it anymore "cheating" then ask the other examples I gave.
  8. Holy shit there is a lot of ignorance in this thread, and thankfully a few knowledgeable posts as well. So I'm going to tackle the biggest question of all, and hopefully this will shine some light into some young eyes. I'm old lol. I'm going to tell you exactly why DLC and Microtransactions exist, and why it's made it's way into almost every game made today. First things first: We all need to agree that a Developer and Publishers job is to create a product that makes them money. It is absolutely like every other industry we have. Just like every industry pretty much, the cost of making a movie increases due to inflation and other various reasons. Movies cost more to make, ticket sales cost more money. Concert Tickets are higher, which is normally how big bands make thier money. Also their merchandise costs more. Comics cost more to buy. You get my point. Video Games on the other hand have for the most part not been able to increase the prices on the actual product. In the 1980s and early 1990s, hell games were way more expensive. Games like Donkey King Country would release anywhere from 70-90 bucks. Most gamers now simply don't remember because they weren't born yet, or were kids that didn't buy the products themselves. But I remember. Then we had what I would call the "Golden Age" for videogame companies and why now we have these companies like EA and Activision. This ten year or so period, from the PS1 to the end of the PS2, saw huge AAA games being made with what we would call now small studio's, at a $50 price point. Hell during this time if your game sold just a Million copies (which now would be considered a complete failure for any AAA game) you were a "Greatest Hits" title and Sony would sell your game for $20 bucks. So what the hell happened? The game industry started to get bigger and cost more money, but consumer pressure sort of hampered thier ability to raise the cost of a game. Give you a perfect example. Grand Theft Auto III on the PS2. Go look at the reviews for it the days after it actually launched. It was highly positive. And was a best seller. So how many people made Grand Theft Auto III? The Core Development Team was 23 people. 23 fucking people. Go back and read how this game was so huge and "open world". Now go back and replay it. It's ridiculously small compared to most games now in size and art and texture assets, even those of other genres. What about the games sales? It sold right around 2 Million copies at the $50 dollar price point. It became a Greatest Hits title and was sold at $19.99, and was also ported to many various systems. Six years after release, it had 14.5 million units sold. Of course most of that was not at the $50 price point. So, how much did it cost to make the game? Well there are no concrete numbers, but Grand Theft Auto Vice City, released a year later, was Rockstar North's most expense game with a budget of $5 million. Yep only five million. So you could probably cut that in half for GTA III. Fast Forward to 2013. Grand Theft Auto V baby. Budget? A mere 265 Million Dollars.... Vice City, 5 Million. GTAV, 265 million. Vice City? 50 bucks for the consumer. Grand Theft Auto V? A mere ten dollars more at $60 dollars for a game that cost 260 million dollars more... How many people made Grand Theft Auto III? Let's give them 30 people. GTA V? It was worked on by over a thousand people. That's 1,000. Did it make it's money back? Fuck yes. In three days it had over a billion dollars in sales. But my point is, if you are not Grand Theft Auto, you are still selling your product at $60 bucks, despite the facts that: AAA Games now take hundreds of people to make. Voice Acting is almost mandatory. Millions have to be spent on marketing. You have to buy or rent licenses for your game engine. Ever notice when you load up a game it has a good amount of company logos? Think Havoc Engine and those things? Yea they have to pay to use those. And creating thier own is usually a terrible idea. Costs to much and you usually can't make your own system/engine do whatever it is you would rent better anyway. The market itself has more games and options then ever before. Including the AAA market. So what am I saying? Despite the increase cost of making games, and the increase of gamers in general, the fact is they can't raise the price of thier product despite the need to do it. A production the size of Shadow of War was unimaginable just 15 years ago, yet, not only do we expect this game to be light-years ahead of the technical specs of older AAA games, like Grand Theft Auto III, we expect them to do it at around the same price tag to us. The fact is the competitive market is now so large, and the cost of making these types of games so high, that even with the rise of the population of people who play games higher then ever, it still isn't really enough in most cases to get the types of profits these companies have made in the past and continue to want to make. That's why we have dlc. And loot boxes. And Microtransactions. Because most of the gaming market still refuses to want to increase the cost of buying a game, despite the very noticeable fact the price of games have not kept up with inflation. It's really that simple. If we allowed them to make a new standard price tag, probably $69.99 or $74.99, I would bet you would see a LOT less DLC and Microtransactions for games priced that. Because let's face it. You wouldn't pay $50 bucks for Grand Theft Auto III in it's original form if it released on the same day as Shadow of War in 2017. No matter what we thought of it in 2002, it just wouldn't work or happen. The game would be absolutely critically and commercially destroyed.
  9. All reviews indicate that Micro-transactions does not give you an edge or time advantage whatsoever. It seems the loot boxes are simply there for people who like the game want play it, but because of work or kids they cannot invest more time then they would like, and loot boxes might help them experience more of the game quicker then for a gamer like myself that has time to mess around and okay normally. Also, seems there are regular ways to earn the currency used to buy the Micro-transaction loot boxes, so it seems most people will earn quite a few simply through playing. The Orcs and Loot you can acquire has been confirmed to be nothing better or higher stat wise or provide you some insane edge. So all the bitching in this thread was absolutely pointless. That's what happens when you judge things you lack complete knowledge of. As far as online trophies, it's cool this game has a mode where I can challenge other people's army and people can challenge mine. That's a neat way to add multiplayer to this game instead of just random Vendetta missions or Leaderboards.
  10. This post it usually the initial reaction when any game has DLC, be it micro transactions or maps to expansions. They are also entirely ignorant and wrong most if not all of the time. I'm just going to use this game since that's what the post is, but, there are multiple currencies in the game. All can be acquired by playing the game absolutely normal. There is nothing that cannot be obtained by not buying micro-transactions, and the game provides consistent ways to obtain the same chests and currency through gameplay. Even the time saving aspect isn't really a thing as evidenced by the reviews. It seems that playing properly will always result in better items and Orcs then gambling on loot boxes. However, the loot boxes do serve a particular need in the gaming market - people who want to get by because they do not have the time to properly spend playing this game. Same idea in Overwatch. There are tons of costumes and items you can unlock by buying loot boxes. If you are a regular player that can spend time with the game, nothing is stopping you from unlocking everything by playing it. However, for someone who loves the game but because of work or kids only have so much time to set aside for playing, it is attractive to spend a little money to try and get some cool costumes or other items. Same here for this game. Now for other DLC, it's dependant on the publisher and developer. But usually DLC is completely on a separate budget. For instance, Injustice 2 has a Season Pass with upcoming additional fighters. Many argue the they should be in the base game and were stripped out to make more money. But that isn't how it works. When a developers proposes a game to a publisher, in this case Netherrealm Studio's to Warner Bros., the developer shows off thier ideas via early art work or even some video demos. Then the publisher and developer decide how much money this will cost to make and, in this instance, this decides just how much content and character's they could make for Injustice 2 while still making a profit on game sales alone. This has many factors including the genre, the success of the studio on previous games they have made, or in this case, a sequel, how many more customers could they reach based on sells data for the first game. This is why sequels across gaming, including Shadow of Mordor, become so much larger in scope and gameplay variety. It's not like they didn't have certain ideas for Shadow of War they didn't have for Shadow of Mordor, it's more likely they were rewarded with a budget they could actually implement and test these original ideas in the sequel. Once that is finalized and contracts are signed, almost all of the development team go to work on the game and the basic vision they have, knowing thier limitations on content and new gameplay ideas they would have to implement and test. Meanwhile, the management and usually the game director and a few other top members discuss what they could do with DLC. In the case if fighters, new character's that just didn't fit thier budget can be implemented. So a new contract is made on a completely separate budget. This isn't to make sure the game makes money, that's already signed and done. This is to propose additional ideas the first budget didn't have the funds for, while also keeping it in line with expectations that the DLC will sell so many downloads. In the Injustice 2 case, they decided that 9 brand new character's, complete with new voice acting, model's, and fighting mechanics be made, as well as additional funds for voice actors in the initial budget to do voice work that interacts with the dlc character's. Many suggest that developers work on DLC and take away from the main games development, and this is just simply not the case. The only time DLC is worked on during the main games development is to make sure additional content can be implemented. Usually these are called "hooks" that the game uses to recognize new content and where to place it code wise into the main game. This is usually seen on the disc because it has to be there for everything made after the game is done. It's also not really time consuming or expensive. Plus the DLC budget pays for this. A lot of bitching was done when Netherrealm showed off the first few DLC character's for Injustice 2 the same time the game was released, mistakenly thinking they had these done and just didn't ship them with the game. Truth is games discs are usually "pressed" (manufactured) 1-2 months prior to the release of the game. So Netherrealm has had about two months to make character models and start testing initak dlc character's while waiting for the release date to come. This actually keeps the development team together and also allows QA to keep testing the game, which is usually why games now have day one patches. 2 months is a lot of time to find bug or glitches you had not found in the initial testing up to the disc check, and sometimes even bugs that went as what is considered "Not Able To Replicate", which means a bug happened but the QA team could not figure out how to trigger it again, are found. Anyway, since Netherrealm has already done the meat of the work on the game itself, extra character's take a lot less time to implement as well. 2 months is plenty of time to not only decide on some character's, usually one's the team already wanted to do but maybe didn't fit into thier story or we're not as popular of a character, but to make art, model's, etc. With Injustice, the first dlc trailers didn't have any gameplay footage, which tells me while they had completed what they wanted the character to look like, gameplay was still being worked on so no moves or combos were shown because they may have to tweak or even remove a move that isn't working. So that's a lesson for all of you on DLC. Also, really quick, the price point if the character's Netherrealm decided on. Some think it's too expensive. $5.99 for a new fighter does seem high, until you factor in that fighting games aren't monster sellers, and they have a popular, but niche' market. So they must charge enough to make a profit from the estimated number of people they think will download the character, which also factors in the cost to make a new character. When you realize this, it becomes seems relatively at a proper price point considering the market.
  11. Just a correction: I didn't use Solomon Grundy. It was Doomsday I used. (I knew it was someone big lol). On the PS3 there are methods you can use on an unpatched version of Injustice to make getting through the Impossible Battle easier. Just trying to be as upfront as possible. I did this like two years or more ago and it just recently was flagged which I didn't even know was a thing. So my memory isn't perfect on which patch number I used. But I distinctly remember it not popping and I am 100% sure the Impossible Battle was the last one I needed for the trophy.
  12. I encourage you to visit www.playstationtrophies.org to see the various topics on some glitched trophies. I am well aware that under normal conditions, those two trophies should not unlock at the same time. However, as I explained, Ultimate Battler did NOT unlock for me once finished all battles. I remember this distinctly because I was very pissed off as it's the hardest trophy in the game. I tried redoing battles to no avail. The only one I didn't redo was Impossible Battle as that was damn near impossible for me to do, even using a known method with the character Solomon Grundy on an earlier version number of the game. So after failing to unlock it, I patched the game to the then current version, and still no unlock. So I honestly have no clue on why Ultimate Battler didn't Unlock. I still had Top Rung to do for that trophy (yes I had completed it with a few Characters, but not all of them.) So I was just finishing to get what trophies I could. When I finished all characters, Ultimate Battler popped, and then Top Rung right behind it. I do not know why. As in my first post, and as another pointed to a different website, there are reported of Ultimate Battler not unlocking, which is exactly what happened to me. The only difference is mine did pop, though I have no idea how I triggered it or why it triggered when it did. All I know is I did all 20 battles and it didn't unlock. There are reports by users of this happening to them online. So I'm not alone. Why the trophy popped when it did I don't know and probably will never know. Thank you for finding that! I will do another search to see if anyone else had issues with Ultimate Battler.
  13. ZombieLover84 Injustice: Gods Among Us This game had some glitchy trophies for a lot of people. For me, the trophy that glitched was Ultimate Battler. I finished all the various battle, my last being the "Impossible" Battle. I used Solomon Grundy and a specific patch (the method of using some particular moves were patched, and as far as I know using a lower patch number to obtain a trophy is not against the rules).<br /> <br /> I had not done Top Rung, and I couldn't find relevant information online as to why I had not gotten Ultimate Battler. I don't remember if this was the specific post, but I did find another example of Ultimate Battler not unlocking.<br /> <br /> http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/injustice-gods-among-us/270660-trophy-ultimate-battler-glitched.html<br /> <br /> I updated to the current patch and that did not unlock it. As I couldn't go back to the previous patch with my save file without losing my progress (and I wasn't going to redo the Impossible Battle again as that took hours even with the Solomon Grundy strategy) I decided to get what I could that was left and move on.<br /> <br /> I finished up Tom Rung (beating classic mode with all non dlc character's), and my last character, and I don't even remember who it was, popped Ultimate Battler as well as Top Rung. I do not know why. I was connected to PSN at the time, and I also know I was not using the Ultimate Edition of the game. (I was using a disc version of original game so I could decline patches).<br /> <br /> I have not searched much to see if there are anymore examples of Ultimate Battler glitching on anyone. It is one of the few glitches I have encountered over the course of trophy hunting that does not seem widespread. However you can easily check various trophy hunting forums to see this game had some glitchy trophies before certain patches. I'm not sure if playing on a lower patch is why it glitched or if it's a glitch on any version of the game.<br /> <br /> But other then playing on a different patch version for part of trying to get one trophy, there was nothing else different from normally playing the game.