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  1. Nice video and strategy. Thanks for posting.
  2. You do realize of course Square Enix is mostly a publisher, and their development usually revolves around 2-3 major titles for themselves. Recently it's been Kingdom Hearts 3 which has finally released and Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which I am sure they are taking their time. There is also no doubt they are working on FF 16, as well they support their MMO, FF14, which gets free and paid content on a regular basis. Besides this, they front the money for the Just Cause series, the Tomb Raider series, as well as games like Nier Automata and Life is Strange, which have sold extremely well. To say they are anything like Konami is laughable. And I know you agree, this was more geared towards the crybaby that doesn't know a damn thing about Square Enix except apparently except Final Fantasy. Also, they just released a game in their other major franchise which gets more love in Japan, Dragon Quest XI.
  3. I see. So clearly it's decided by people who don't know how due process works or how to accurately judge a case in it's entirety. Now I know why so many people privately messaged me saying it's not worth it to dispute it because of some of you who decide these cases have itchy trigger fingers on automatically assuming guilt. Well fuck it, it's not that important. Although my advice will be to my many trophy hunting friends to use another leaderboard other then this, as with mods having shady trophy practices passing judgement on people who they can't prove anything on is total bullshit. It's really a shitty practice too on a website that offers a Premium Version for actual money. I'll just delete my profile and use a site that doesn't have judgemental trophy selling mods.
  4. I'm well aware of how glitches can work. My entire point is that a couple of my trophies, out of 18,000, have glitched beneficial to me (or not depending on how you look at it). The Hotline Miami method you mentioned I'm aware of, I have that Plat. That's why I added in the case of my Injustice Platinum, I was using a lower patch version to exploit the A.I. for my benefit. I was giving all information about what I was doing when said trophy glitched. Why did it goitch like that doesn't me I don't know. And I don't know why it popped when I earned the next trophy. But not knowing is not evidence of guilt. That's what I'm saying. And I don't know how you can not take someone's trophy history into account when you are accusing them of hacking 3 out of his 700+ games. Are you suggesting that, if one of you had a trophy glitch, and it was disputed, and it happened years ago, you would be okay with having your entire profile judged because of that single glitch? If so, this dispute process on this website is entirely fucked up. To me, ignoring my case, there needs to be clear evidence of tampering with games across the profile or if say they earned a trophy when that trophy was not obtainable. To me, this seems like someone could pick anyone out for one glitched trophy and have it go against them. And who judges these? I only know of one because it was privately messaged to me. My entire point is, I have three games with some trophies that either had a really rare glitch happen, or according to some I hacked them. This was also years apart of each other, and over the combined total of 700+ games. How in the world does that not factor into the dispute? I'm sure you would agree if my case was exactly the same but I only had 50 games on my profile, this wouldn't even be much of a discussion. That would be abnormal as hell.
  5. Actually no, because I gave my case for the disputes on the very first page. I was then accused by some, such as @MMDE, without real examination. An examination is case by case basis. It should include every factor. For me, that extends to time gaps on my trophy lists. Someone on the thread I started when DMC Definitive Edition glitched two trophies on me (at the same time, so it's more like it was one glitch) asked why the hell did I start the game in 2014 and I'm just now playing it again four years later. A ton of my games have this. Hell I just recently finished The Evil Within PS4 Platinum after the sequel came out. This to me is an issue related to my illnessess, so that's why I brought it up. It is the answer to the time gaps, because sometimes I cycle through many games at a time. I did NOT in any way say they had anything to do with the trophies in dispute. The only person I have been aggressive with is YOU. Because you are the one who is trying to cast doubt on my case because I mentioned I have mental illnesses. Again, reread my post where I mentioned it. It only pertains to the time gaps of trophies earned in my games, and someone had brought up my backlog. As far as MMDE, apparently it's well known he actively looks for any reason to dispute a game for aomeone, because I received plenty of private messages. Including the one of him actively advertising selling trophies on this very forum. So it's really suspect on this entire process if the guy behind the decisions doesn't have a clean track record and even went so far as to reverse another mods decision to lift my dispute on Injustice because "he knows better". Again glitched trophies aren't widespread was the point of my post. You are basically saying that it should only be a small percent of glitches when in fact, over my account, IT IS A VERY SMALL PERCENT OF GLITCHES. Someone obviously went through my games and flagged every one that was suspect, and out of 758, they found three that's been flagged. There's been some confusion on Borderlands 2, as someone said that was flagged for me but was turned down. The trophies in question another user already posted in this topic that was the way they unlocked for them, but it was largely ignored. The other was Ninja Gaiden 3, and the dispute was over a well known method to beat Normal Mode right after Hard Mode, without okaying the entire game again. So that one isn't in dispute. So I only have three games in dispute. Out of 758. That's why I wanted on you. You suggested I had a lot of glitches. Ten or so trophies across three games isn't a lot of trophy glitches when you have 18,000+ trophies and 758 8 games played.
  6. So I've tried my best to be as nice as possible. I have responded to people with questions to the best of my abilities. But the moment you bring my disabilities into question, we have a problem, because I've dealt with them my entire life, and video games have literally saved my life. It's the only activity I can do with anxiety or panic attacks in my life. So when you bring that into question, which I only mentioned because it actually does impact how I play games (including getting trophies for years after I initially started them). So I'm going to be very blunt. I started achievement hunting in 2005 with the release of Xbox 360. This very site shows I started trophy hunting TEN YEARS AGO, WITH Super Stardust HAD, and my first Platinum was the TROPHY PATCH FOR THE FIRST UNCHARTED. Next, I have over 700 GAMES PLAYED. You must really suck at MATH to even REMOTELY SUGGEST that I have a LOT of GLITCHES! Let's do the Math. I'm disputing a grand total of around 10 Trophies over only three games. I have earned a total of 18,625 over the course of a decade. Over 758 games. And a few of you, and you specifically since you brought it up, think a couple of trophies from 3-5 games over a ten year period and 758 is a lot of "glitches". You have either predetermined to pass judgement on anyone that has even a single iffy looking profile, or you need to go back to school and finish math. I explained to the best of my abilities the games in question. I've answered many post's and have been very honest and I would say considerate of some of these posts that like to cast judgement over something they in no way have anyway to prove, thier guessing. I did this because I love trophy hunting, I like tracking my trophies,and I have an understanding there are people out there who use games saves or hacks to earn trophies illegitimately. But you've now questioned my disability, which I don't mind sharing and I'm not embarrassed about. It's something I was born with, and the only reason I even brought it up was because I don't know a lot of people like me who would buy a game in 2014 and just begin to play and finish it in 2018. That's the only reason. My backlog is probably over 300 games. I probably own another 100 that aren't even on this site yet because I haven't started them. I'm getting close to owning 3000 "Licenses" between my three systems, PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. Gaming is not just my passion, it's my escape from my illnesses, so don't bring it up like that again. Of you would like to know more about mine, I'd be happy to share. But don't ever suggest I would use it as some lame excuse for supposedly hacking a couple games on a meaningless website that ultimately does the same job as Exophase or a website similar. Let's not even forget the fact none of you even can even prove a single user on this website has never hacked, including yourself. The fact hackers can actively change Timestamps so trophy lists appear legit means your Leaderboard is just as unofficial and inaccurate as every other site. I don't use this site to gauge legitimate position. I use it to have an IDEA of where I'm at in the world and in my country. Plus, why am I being charged by a guy who on this forum admitted to earning trophies for other people for money. Which against this sites rules IIRC. So how many people should we remove from the Leaderboards for @MMDE shady actions? And if he's willing to take money to earn others trophies, he's probably just as likely to buy them, so why isn't his profile removed from the Leaderboards? See I can be just as judgemental about him as he is about me. I just choose not to until now, since it's apparent he's had his mind made up since his first post. And don't think I'm saying this without evidence. Something tells me that post has since been deleted. I can play the same game you can @MMDE Let's see if this post gets deleted now or if I'm banned for bringing logic and suspect to another member. And of course you never ever bought or sold trophies to people.
  7. That is based on the assumption that Ultimate Battler will never glitch, like it glitched on me, and for others I linked in the original dispute. I agree 100% with you that Classic Battle has to be completed to get Ultimate Battler, and that Top Rung I'm you need to do Classic Battle with every character. I am 100% on point with you there. My dispute is, that when I went to unlock Ultimate Battler, it did NOT unlock after finishing the Impossible! Battle. It glitched. I tried to get it to pop again by doing another battle, but no go. However, when I finished Too Rung, which I believe was the last trophy I needed besides Ultimate Battler, Top Rung and Ultimate Battler both popped. Like triggering the trophy for Top Rung triggered the glitched Ultimate Battler to pop. This has been a glitch in other games too. It's not common, but sometime sees a trophy will glitch and not pop and the next trophy you pop pops both. It's a rare thing and generally it's a wider spread issue for the game itself. But to just assume that it's impossible for that trophy to glitch like that is crazy. Any trophy on any game could glitch and not pop or pop early. Thankfully, the majority of the time this doesn't happen to people. But it does happen, as it happened to me on Injustice. It happens all the time with trophies that don't unlock for some on certain game's. There are posts all over this site citing trophies that didn't pop at the right time or glitched on people, sometimes resulting in no fix which results in having to redo an entire game. To so easily cast me guilty out of the 700 games+ I've played with no issues at all seems a little absurd to me. If this was a common thing across all my systems and games I would understand. I see you have 500 games played. It wouldn't surprised me at all if you have had trophies glitch on you. In fact I would honestly be super surprised if you hadn't run into glitched trophies. Maybe they've only been glitches for you that never unlocked or you couldn't get it to unlock without redoing the entire game. But I've had two games I know for a fact where one glitched and popped later for me, Injustice, and Devil May Cry Definitive Edition glitched two trophies at the same time. And I find it somewhat impossible to "cheat" the two Devil May Cry Definitive Edition trophies. I have the screenshots for those trophies. The screenshot shows me at the end of a secret mission, not somewhere you can load a save at. Hell I don't even have a Devil Trigger Gauge when they popped. Those screenshots are in the thread I linked in my first post. Anyway, you are the only one that seems to be coming at me from the get go calling me a cheater/hacker/save user, and completely acting as if a glitch like this can never happen to someone. Anyway, for those that were asking I earned a trophy and my PSN Profile should now show the hidden DMC, Injustice, and Batman. That isn't entirely accurate. I got the trophy for the first Classic Battle, Rise to the Top, over a year before when the game first came back. Injustice was a title I came back to to finish the Platinum because I was so close to it. If Rise to the Top had unlocked at the same time as the other two, yea that would be completely suspect. But I don't think my glitch had anything to do with it not counting or counting. I believe I'm Ultimate Battler glitched on me, and the only reason it ever popped was that I popped another trophy, which was Top Rung. I distinctly remember this because I thought I would never get the Platinum, then I finished my last character, Ultimate Battler Popped, Top Rung Popped, which was the trophy I was doing, and the Platinum popped, as these were the last two I had left. If I had had another trophy I could have tried to pop to see if Ultimate Battler would pop for me, I would have tried that, it would have been faster then going through Too Rung.
  8. I did use cross save data for PS4 Borderlands 2, but you are right in that it would not have affected my PS3 version trophies. I do remember earning at least one trophy or two from playing online in Borderlands 2 on PS3. It might have been for reaching level 50 or getting all Purple items, and it might even have been the area and world traveler trophies. I honestly just do not remember that far back the specifics. I do remember o stopped playing online with randoms because of the hacking going on in the PS3 version and hell even the PS4 version from cross save data. I only played solo or with friends after it got plagued with hackers. No fun when someone drops you a weapon that kills everything on screen with one shot. I also simply do not remember specifics about Batman Arkham City. Too long ago and I'm not sure of the specifics. I do know I have Platinumed both Batman Arkham Asylums on PS3 and PS4 and started on Arkham City on PS4 though I haven't finished. Guys I just woke up and wanted to respond to everyone. I'm going to try and earn a quick trophy and sync it so more of you can see the games. I un-hide the three I had hidden. I just gotta earn a trophy and sync so they show up here.
  9. Yes please I would love to see it posted because for me, I know what happened. You may believe I cheated or something or used a save file, but I know I didn't. Top Rung is for beating the Classic Battle with all character's. This is not a requirement for Ultimate Battler. Ultimate Battler is unlocked for beating each Battle once, 20 of them including one for Classic Battle. I did this, and my last battle was the Impossible! Battle. It didn't unlock after beating it. I, frustrated, said screw it and went back to get Top Rung, which is for completing Classic Battle with every Character, and is NOT a requirement for Ultimate Battler. However, when Top Rung popped, so did the Ultimate Battler trophy. All I can say is that it glitched on me for sure and that by earning another trophy it popped the glitched trophy. I disputed this because I did find cases of this posted in the official Injustice forums as well as on other trophy hunting websites. Also one of the reasons i never Platinumed Injustice on PS4. All copies come fully patched, so the AI trick I was using wouldn't work. So I never bothered.
  10. Thank you for your post. As for Borderlands, it's been a while since I've played, but I did play online and I do own all versions and used the cross save functions. Another thing I remember in Borderlands was running into hackers dropping impossible guns on me. I think in stopped playing online for this very reason. No apologizes needed. I want a clean leaderboard too. I take pride in earning trophies, and earning them legitimately. (Although I readily admit I do boost or use in-game exploits like Ninja Gaiden 3 to do games faster). If people want to go over my entire list of games that's fine with me. I have nothing to hide. Like I said, when the glitch happened to me on DMC Definitive Edition, I came here to these forums and posted what happened and asked for advice. I was told I should hide the game, so I did. I have the Platinum for DMC on the PS3 plus the dlc for it and you can look at that to see I've done the game before.
  11. Thank you I really appreciate your input. Yes I could have just hide DMC Definitive Edition or if I was really thinking at the time I could have not synced my trophies and just went into safe mode and I forget what the option is called but it clears your cache including earned trophies you haven't synced yet. I did this before when my nephew on PS3 was up for the summer and played some games I hadn't played or earned trophies for yet, and I wanted to earn then myself.
  12. I'm sorry to say but that's exactly what happened on Injustice. As I explained on the old thread, I had beat a battle for Top Rung but I did not complete all characters yet. You have to beat each battle at least once for Ultimate Battler, so I was more concerned getting that done. When I finally beat the Battle where you face the entire roster with only a single health bar, Ultimate Battler did not pop. I was on an older patch at the time using a trick outlined in a trophy guide to make Ultimate Battler easier (basically using a cheese move on the AI). I re-patched my game because I sure as hell wasn't going through trying to get through that Battle again just to see if it unlocked. I basically said screw it after searching online and seeing a couple cases of Ultimate Battler glitching. So I finished off every character for Top Rung. When Top Rung popped, so did Ultimate Battler. I found another case of that online in the dispute thread. Personally I think Ultimate Battler glitched and the only reason it popped was because I popped another trophy. I think if I had done Top Rung first, Ultimate Battler would have stayed glitched and I wouldn't have popped it. As for Ninja Gaiden, as mentioned below, I just loaded my last save and got killed to lower it to Normal Difficulty and beat the game. I'm not sure about Borderlands what you mean as I haven't looked at it yet.
  13. I try not to blame my mental illnessess for every problem I have, but having a large backlog is one of those issues I do have partly caused by my Illnessess. I'm diagonosed since I was a teenager with Bi-polar Type II, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks with Agoraphobia, and OCD. Sometimes I buy games because I feel I must have them but then I don't open them for months. I have games sitting unwrapped but I bought them brand new I just haven't played them. Ones I know of off the top of my head are Dishonored 2 (even have the digital copy of the story expansion but haven't played it) Attack on Titan, Valkrie Chronicles Remastered, etc. Those are just a few examples of physical games I've bought but have not opened nor played that is in my backlog. Digital is even worse, because I sometimes pickup a lot of games on sale, and they don't play them right away. My mental illnessess are part of the reason I am disabled and why gaming is a major hobby for me. Escapism is lovely for my conditions. I had played it enough to earn a few story trophies. Any trophies from 2014 was from that save. They were earned on a regular PS4. I own a PS4 Pro now so I transferred everything including saves to it when I bought it. Not sure if this matters, but I use an external 4 TB HDD for my game data, although save data is kept on my internal 1 TB SSHD. I had the 1 TB SSHD for a while before I got tired of deleting game data everytime I bought a new game. Sorry guys I just woke up I'm trying to respond to everyone as quickly as I can.
  14. Ah I didn't know that. Haven't been hiding games lol. As soon as I earn a trophy, I'll sync and resync here on the website. But it might not be till tomorrow as I'm about to go to bed.
  15. Ok, I un-hide them and updated my profile, so you should be able to see them now.