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    At a time platinum hunting, now it's all about 100% - alot of games with platinums don't require 100% due to DLC... I'll go the extra mile and get them all or the ones I can.

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  1. I've already finished and deleted the game, so I unfortunately cannot help any of you online... however I would like to offer a little advice to make online boosting significantly faster, forfeiting games back and forth does boost the trophies, saving you alot of time on the 10 wins trophies. You only really need to each finish 4 full games, 1 for each monster (Switch faction on last monster to make sure you also grab Brainhov's and Tycoon's zombie rush trophies within these 4). All in all that equals 8 out of 40 games that need to be played assuming both people get boosted.
  2. For the Badger one, my friend also got severely trolled on this, no matter what he did it wouldn't pick the Badger up... here's what I did on mine and his that worked perfectly both times.... Capture the watchtower near the crane...bring your two groups (obviously one group must be engineers) there on higher gound to reset the Badger's Arrival Countdown...once it's reset, walk one group underneath where you would estimate the claw to activate the crane with the other group... I did this as a test and only wanted to see if hypothetically the claw would land on my group so I could try the same on the Badger...instead it instantly activated the cutscene and the Badger was caught. So basically it seems you can in fact catch him without him being present, thus stopping your guys from getting mangled along the way. I do not know if this is a perfect solution, but it worked for me on the first try both times I did it.
  3. Mine is Spare Parts... by far the easiest and fastes platinum I know of. My time was 3 hours and 1 minute, putting me 6th fastest achiever in the world, I'm fairly certain looking at the other people's times that all of the other 5 cheated though, especially the one in first place at 30 minutes...