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  1. Agreed, one of the worst things I hate about Persona 5 is the pacing. On top of that I felt like the story had no real consequences and felt very barebones in terms of variation (It's quite literally the same story about friendship they've been recreating since Persona 3 and probably before that as well minus the amazingly dark rich story of P3). Persona 3 will always have a special place in my heart, best in the series easily.
  2. Save the game -> Kill everyone and save Malik, as soon as you get the trophy. Re-load
  3. I just checked the keyhole thingies...all of them have like a gold coating and they are black from the inside... I'm still not sure what's missing. Do we have to complete all organization xiii data battles along with The Hades Paradox Cup?
  4. How can I tell whether I've completed a world or not? I know we must complete all episodes to unlock the secret boss but I find it hard to know which world's are left incomplete.
  5. I agree, in terms of gameplay TPP is definitely superior, I've played TPP for about 160 hours and the gameplay is easily the best in the series. But in my eyes, story matters the most for a Metal Gear game, if this was a completely new IP then it might have been a masterpiece but this is a Metal Gear game. All previous entries are known to have incredible story telling and amazing voice acting. TPP forces you to listen to garbage cassette tapes, also I hate all the false advertising they did for this game. All the recorded lines sounded amazing in the trailer until you discovered the heart breaking truth......all those lines were in the tapes. TPP's story has no impact on the player, there were only 3 moments in the entire game where the game actually had impact on me. But I still don't understand all the hate towards MGS4, did people really hate all those cutscenes that much? I actually wanted TPP to have more cutscenes rather than just make you listen to cassette tapes, in my 160 hours worth of play time I still haven't listened to all the cassette tapes mostly because they are boring as hell to go through. And the torture scenes were disappointing too, there were only two or three huey torture scenes (maybe) and the rest were done on garbage tapes. Remember guys this is Metal Gear, Metal Gear is known for its stories not for its gameplay, if this game really is popular for its gameplay then I wouldn't call it a Metal Gear game. Its just Far Cry with Metal Gear characters thrown into the mix. Wherever Kojima goes next I think his next game should return to its roots
  6. What're your thoughts on MGSV? I personally hate this game as a Metal Gear Solid game, there is hardly any story to follow. Some of you might think of me as a hypocrite who criticized MGS4 for having alot of cutscenes but lemme assure you, that is not true. I actually liked MGS4 for having lots of cutscenes....and that was the perfect conclusion to this legendary saga. From the start I was skeptical about the concept of making another MGS after MGS4, Peace Walker was surprisingly good and I started to have faith in V, but from the moment Kojima announced how many cutscenes this game will have...you could say ever since then my hype for V was officially reduced to ashes. My favorites are and always will be Snake Eater & Sons Of Liberty, MGS4 was a masterpiece as well, pretty much every Metal Gear game was a masterpiece, I think Phantom Pain is a disgrace to everything Metal Gear stands for, it mustn't be allowed to exist. The open world is pointless and terrible, this is Metal Gear Solid NOT GTA, MGS is NOT suppose to be open world, I feared this kind of structure would never work for a Metal Gear game. I'd like to know what you guys think about TPP. Oh and if you plan to post spoilers then atleast write "Spoiler Alert" and leave atleast 10 blank lines after the sentence, I plan to keep this conversation friendly for every player.
  7. It'll probably be 400 Hours of randomly generated "fetch" quests, keep in mind randomly generated crap does not count as content, that would be like if I played a minigame for a hundred hours and then tell someone this game has a hundred hours worth of content. I'll believe it when I see it, who knows this could be a false advertising scheme to generate more money and sales.
  8. I only hide trophies of games that suck for example i've hidden my Fifa trophies which my brother's stupid friends end up playing on my user.
  9. I just bought Witcher 3, didn't get to play much haven't earned a single trophy yet. You no longer have to pay for mods, Lord Gaben removed it out of respect for customers, but i never used that anyway i use Nexus Mod Manager to mod my Skyrim.
  10. Skyrim did indeed set a new standard for RPG's but my favorite RPG's of all time will always be JRPG's like Kingdom Hearts,Persona,SMT,Chrono Trigger,Legend Of Dragoon,Final Fantasy etc.
  11. Jill Valentine definitely
  12. I just got the game early (Middle East edition) two days ago, the trophies seem to be disabled and when i started playing the game PSN couldn't recognize the game, usually when you play something for the first time it adds that to the "Whats New" page but it couldn't recognize the game, the data is probably locked from PSN as well, so i guess all i can do is look at it for now and wait 7 days for the release
  13. actually WB and plenty of other people are publishing the game.
  14. A well optimized version of Bayonetta :'( as well as Project X Zone
  15. Easily Son Goku.