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  1. Hit 50. Do the 7th Legion quest line that appears and you can buy Ark Spikes from all the vendor boxes.
  2. Alright, thanks for some additional information. For how long D13 has been out there's really bad information to go off for some base knowledge. Edit: Guess my luck is just really bad. Finally got 3 Huntmasters but didn't get the trophy. Hope you don't need the killing blow for both the War and Hunt.
  3. I know the Warmaster always spawns in the Major Arkfall but i've done at least 10 minor ones in San Fran and never seen the Huntmaster.
  4. Did you capture anymore points or did it just randomly pop?
  5. For those that have gotten the Warmaster/Huntmaster trophy is the Volge Huntmaster still located within minor Arkbreaks? I assume they just took away the other mini boss that used to be in them because they just awkwardly end. Things I've read from D13 forum posts are that the Huntmaster was super rare but wasn't sure if that was still the case.
  6. What did you put in your ticket?
  7. Posted a session for getting the coop missions done in Defiance 2050 if anyone is interested. Details in the session notes.

  8. Ugh, can't Matchmake Capture and Hold or other Co-op missions besides the first one available.

  9. Trophy says nothing about Shadow War in the description. Have you done 50 in regular Capture and Hold missions? There's a 'Record 50 captures in Capture and Hold' and a 'Capture 50 control points in Shadow War' Pursuit.
  10. If you haven't started Defiance 2050 yet, don't. It's a god damn embarrassment, especially when it's a literal low budget remaster of the original game with changed class names. They've taken the servers down at least 2 times now to 'improve' lag and it's gotten worse. Every 3 seconds the game spikes for 10 seconds.

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    2. Phil


      I already knew not to start it. Trion is an incompetent game dev. They proved it with the ps3 game. Every time they tried to "update" the game, they'd fuck it up even worse. They sent me a beta invite for this new one. I didn't even play that. Didn't have to.


      I'm sorry you got sucked in.

    3. Yadilie


      It has gotten quite a bit better. 4pm and the lag is minimal, pretty much where i expect a f2p remaster cash grab quality to be at. Far cry from last two days around this time.


      It is a brain dead platinum this time which is the only reason I started. Something relaxing and mindless to play a little bit of after work every day.

    4. Phil


      I hope you get it. Hopefully they don't screw up the trophies somehow before you can plat it. It was a fun game to play with friends before Trion started messing with it. The Warmaster battle was always a ton of fun.

  11. I guess playing Defiance 2050 before noon EST is pretty much the only way to actually get things done.

  12. Defiance 2050 is broken for me. Can't progress in the story. All I can do is grind Major Arkfalls/Sieges and do the two PvP trophies. :|

  13. Now I'm stuck at an eternal loading screen trying to progress the main story. Stormblood all over again.
  14. I'm finding it pretty terrible but at least it's a better free experience compared to Neverwinter/Marvel Heroes.
  15. Pretty sure it doesn't. The easiest way to do that trophy is to head left out of the gates towards the beach. Birds spawn in specific spots on the way and at the beach there are some birds circling above. After you kill them just leave the mission and go back into the Plains to reset it so all the birds are in their respective spots. Otherwise you'll spend hours just running around finding nothing for long stretches.