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  1. [D2] Yay. Got my Braytech Osprey. Seal the Deal aquired. Just gotta wait until the next season for them to hopefully bring Trials back.

  2. 11/13 to 11/19 - Braytech Osprey is up for grabs in Nightfall Strange Terrain for Wayfarer badge.
  3. [D2] Cheesed my warlock up to do the raid. Was able to get a random Forsaken exotic after the Vault. Exotique is done. Just waiting on Strange Terrain and I'll be done with D2 for awhile.

  4. If you get to Shaft you get a checkpoint for just his fight.
  5. [D2] Down to 1 Forsaken exotic, Braytech Osprey and Trails trophy and I'll be 100%. 


    Prestige Levi was a pain.

  6. Good riddance to Tom. He was a piece of shit way back in the day on ALoY and continued to be so.
  7. 2 Mercury Faction Armor Pieces, Braytech Osprey, and Nessus Heroics and I'll be a Wayfarer.


    Ugh, wish I had started the Mercury weapons sooner.

    1. KingGuy420


      Good luck.


      I gave up on Wayfarer the moment I realized I had to farm those stupid singing boxes on Mars lol. Did enough of that when I got my Sleeper.

    2. Yadilie


      I'm a new Forsaken player. Got lucky with the 4 Braytechs. Was really worried with how people talk about them on Reddit but thank god.

  8. There is absolutely no way unless Defiant Few Pursuit glitched the way Chimera Pursuit did where after 1 clear it completed the section for doing it X times. Defiant Few dailies hasn't worked since launch and you need to complete the daily 50 times in order to get the 2nd pursuit done.
  9. Hah, they're releasing a content update to Defiance 2050. What an utter trash developer. Can't even login to my PSN account to warn people on the blog post to stay away.

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      But, you know there are some people who love the game :S

    2. Yadilie


      With how much they're nerfing power gain in that game it's amazing people still put up with it. I can't even stomach it to get the few non glitched trophies done, which is sad because I'm im Rank 7 on 4 of the factions.

  10. [Destiny 2] That feel when you play the meta and make someone ragequit on a clutch Army of One medal where you make them lost 40+ motes with the Sleeper.


    MMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I hate this fucking gun.

    1. KingGuy420


      I love the Sleeper, I just despise it in Gambit.


      I was in a match earlier that was 4 on 1 and some S.O.B invaded with the Sleeper. What a jackass lol.

  11. Make your initial save and when you're done with what you're grinding Load up the save you made. Example: I made save outside giant gate on Kila. I then ran and killed 30 monsters. I then reloaded the save. Then I would go and kill the same 30 and reload the same save I had made. After some time I unlocked the 2k monster kill.
  12. HAHA, what?


    The Destiny 2 hotfix just gave me the end story trophy as I logged back in.

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. Yadilie


      Pretty much, don't even own Forsaken.

  13. I find the DS4's to be really shoddy. If it's only half a year the limited warranty should still be good.
  14. The bad part is that dailies arn't actually dailies. They're on a rolling reset of 4 days. You get 4 days to get the daily done and then it'll reset whether you've done it or not. So it would be: 2-4 dailies [depending on reset day] (Heroic Adventure and PvP) and 5 weeklies (Nightfall, 5 PvP Games, Flashpoint, Clan, and Strike) a week. Real question is do your Weeklies and challenges from other characters count? I'm not familiar with how the old challenge system worked.
  15. Challenges are most likely now the Daily/Weeklies so you'll be doing Flashpoints for awhile now unless you got lucky enough to play and get the credit in the old challenge system.