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  1. Awesome, got my Teralyst kill in Warframe. Back to the 100%. Had 4 minutes to spare before it turned to day. It gets so dumb hectic at the end. If you're going to do this yourself make sure you bring ammo consumable packs.

  2. Got my badge requirements mixed up in MGS4. So now I have to do 9 total playthroughs. Ugh.

  3. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP9000-CUSA07737_00-UNCHARTED10BUNDL North American link for those wanting it.
  4. https://deathsnacks.com/wfps4/index.html This website will show you everything you need to know about anything that's timed in Warframe. Even the Night/Day cycle of regular Earth missions and now Plains of Eidolon.
  5. Down to just the Teralyst trophy for Warframe. Thinking of leveling up my Titania but it's gonna take 3 Forma at least to get it in a good position. Hopefully I can just get lucky with a party on my Rhino? Unless some beef players on here can take it down.


    On the other hand only Panther and Leopard badges left in MGS4.

    1. midgetstrawdog


      Just got it done, 2 people carried me. There is some bullshit with Chroma that allows you to 1 shot parts. I did nothing but shield damage to it

    2. Yadilie


      Nice. I'll probably look into getting it done during my 2 days off. Since I'll have plenty of time to look for groups every hour and half when it turns night time.

  6. BBE obtained. Just 3 more playthroughs.

  7. Crypt in Dr. Doom's chapter was the fastest but I don't remember if they patched it or not.
  8. The two most annoying things of MGS4 are the worthlessly pointless Alert/Kill/Continue Badges and the game constantly trying to force certain weapons onto you. Making you change after every act and even after some cutscenes.

    1. demonoutcast


      yep those were annoying, I watched a whole TV series while doing those -_-

    2. starcrunch061


      We don't need no stinking badges!!!


      I hated that part, too. I mean, really? Do I really need to play in a completely incompetent manner just to get one stupid Chicken badge, to get one stupid ipod track?


      I liked most of the trophies in that game, but it was annoying going through a 30 hour playthrough where I played as poorly as possible.

    3. thepeaguy


      Glad I got this game done in 2014.

  9. Ugh., trying to get a Teralyst group is driving me insane.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Yadilie


      My amp is shit and I don't have a radiation weapon. My Soma Prime which is pretty tricked out does like no damage to this thing. This shit is beyond aggrevating. I might actually have to build for an Opticor unless they nerfed that from the PC version.

      I just got into a party that fought it for 40 minutes and only broke 1 piece. The epitome of not fun all in one boring ass fight.

    3. midgetstrawdog


      Did a couple more fights today and in both we broke 3 pieces. My Boltor that is basically fully upgraded is only doing 37 per hit. 

      The fight itself is boring and then you have wait timers before you have another chance. Absolutely ridiculous 

    4. Yadilie


      It's apparently weak to Radiation. So could always try building a Radiation weapon.

  10. [Warframe] If anyone is going to farm or kill a Eidolon Teralyst at some point in the future let me know on here.

  11. I know you need War Within and Saya's Vigil to get the Amp for your Operator but the Saya's Vigil quest was pretty lenient. It's basically Level 5 quest.
  12. Eh, I'll just keep trying to find a random group. I have to wait 3 days anyway to be able to get the Archwing Support item for the trophy anyhow. So after I get this last mining item it's just Teralyst and 100 Kills.
  13. Teralyst is this big monster you fight in Plains of Eidolon and you have to do some weird stuff during the fight to kill him. I don't think it's hard per se but people who play games only want the super super easy no effort involved route. And you can use Archwings in Plains but you have to research the item in the Dojo and it's 72 hours. I'm only MR8 because I don't play the game often but I have a pretty decent Ember with a Soma Prime so it's not like I'm a slouch. I just never finished fully decking out my Ember because I got tired of waiting for the vendor to give me my cards.
  14. As I thought. Good luck getting a Teralyst group. The Warframe community that people try to brag about is showing it's true face. Lost of MR15+ with restricted frames only groups. Beyond that the trophie are easy but you need to be in a Clan with a Dojo to get Archwing Support in Plains.