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  1. Surge has some wonky difficulty spikes but god damn it's actually a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Far cry from Lords of the Fallen. Might actually give it another shot.

  2. As of 1.03 there is a glitch that on crashes or logging back into your character there is a chance for your gear to disappear from your equipped and/or your bag. Crashed in Co-op after camping outside and lost a shield and some armor in my bag. Noticed earlier in the day that I had also lost my lamps earlier in the day. Anything can randomly disappear even Key Items. The devs say they know about it but don't have a timeframe for it. So it's all down to luck. I'm personally shelving it until a patch comes out to fix it. Losing even a little bit of that stuff is irking. Update 1.04 Patch just came out and has supposedly fixed the issue along with others. **If you haven't noticed yet, the patch is up on PS4. Will update when Xbox is too. Here is the patch notes - Region lock removed - Items no longer disappear from backpack - Issue with disappearing mana is fixed - Broken map issue is no longer present - Burac no longer gives skills for both players in multiplayer - Holding the Lexicon in hand fixed - Some more minor issues were resolved Note that we started to work on texture improvements on PS4. We just started to adjust a few, and will look to get more of them in a future patch, so it is normal.**
  3. It'll be easier on subsequent playthroughs as you can get gear from them after you beat the game from the Legacy chest.
  4. State of VR is a more apt title.

    1. SinisterPledge


      There was a bunch of non-VR games, and they already said the first episode would cover VR announcements.

    2. snakebit10


      Agreed, Glad to see some more of Concrete Gennie finally. 

  5. Scholars and Astrologians have no real shortfalls beyond they can be a little hectic with all the buttons both classes need. They have great heals, amazing shields and awesome utility which helps groups burn bosses down quicker. AST/SCH is a highly used combo. WHM? Pure heals. No utility beyond heals. I will not be surprised if they did another rework of WHM in 5.0. They did their band-aid fix for them in this recent patch. Straight up nerfing hate gain on all our spells and increasing potency and reducing cooldowns. In the long run though the pros and cons don't shift usage of them when you stop looking at the top % of the players. I play WHM because I've always liked them. Was one in FF11 and was the first class I made in 1.0 Beta and ARR.
  6. 330,066 to 339,429 + 2.5ishk if you K Board to the top right corner. Probably every 7 minutes if you get it down right. Honestly it's nice to have a goal. Something to help you pay attention to the game.
  7. I lie. It works was just doing it wrong. Think I got around 10k? Will do it again with proper number.
  8. [Warframe] Frame Race RNG is a little annoying. Down to 1 race left and it won't spawn. Add to that I still need 700,000 meteres on that dumb K-Drive.

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    2. Yadilie


      Eh. I'm up to MR10 so I can get 11k a day. I'm not too worried about them. Just get on for an hour and finish it up for the day. It's the pointless K-Drive one. When most objectives are barely 1.3k meters from each other it's just tedium to get 1 million. I'm up to 300k and a majority of it has been me watching 5 seasons of Frasier.

    3. KingGuy420


      I just always end up thinking "why am I grinding rep when I could forma something a couple times or keep grinding for Mesa Prime". There's just not enough time in the day to do everything.

    4. Yadilie


      Yeah, I get you. I think some of the factions do have some decent mods and what not most of the time. I know Cephalon had a high rank mod that a lot of people liked for awhile I think.

      I just dislike having to spend rank points in order to buy stuff. Makes the grind worse if you're not Rank 25 getting 26,000 allotment a day.

  9. Nice Thing: Helping random people farm for their Primal drop mounts in FF14. Lots of people just dip out immediately. Bad Thing: Destiny 2 - One Eyed Mask + Wavesplitter in Crucible. I can feel the tears of hunters.
  10. If you're max Mastery rank you can get the rep done in a little over a week I think. 26,000 daily cap. And if you're crazy enough to spend hours upon hours just sitting there riding your board around to get the 1 million.
  11. A new entry in to the Mana Khemia series (Atelier has been given way too much limelight and is growing stale) Star Ocean 6 with an actual budget (they got shafted on 5 by SquareEnix)
  12. [Warframe] New open world map. Add in new travel mechanic. It's vastly inferior to just using your Archwing. Add in 1 million meter trophy for using new travel mechanic. MMMMM.

  13. On second thought the Fortuna set of trophies for Warframe are extremely droll. Max standing where one of them you have to grind for it by literally grinding in a circle.

  14. Ventkids seems easily grind-able by well grinding and doing tricks. Solaris is getting to be able to buy Kubrodon Lures and capturing them. Can get up to 6k standing.
  15. Trials has been confirmed to not be coming to Season 5 (Season of the Forge). So plat is still unobtainable for about another 3 months at minimum.