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  1. Make your initial save and when you're done with what you're grinding Load up the save you made. Example: I made save outside giant gate on Kila. I then ran and killed 30 monsters. I then reloaded the save. Then I would go and kill the same 30 and reload the same save I had made. After some time I unlocked the 2k monster kill.
  2. HAHA, what?


    The Destiny 2 hotfix just gave me the end story trophy as I logged back in.

    1. Spyro


      Bonus? LOL

    2. Yadilie


      Pretty much, don't even own Forsaken.

  3. I find the DS4's to be really shoddy. If it's only half a year the limited warranty should still be good.
  4. The bad part is that dailies arn't actually dailies. They're on a rolling reset of 4 days. You get 4 days to get the daily done and then it'll reset whether you've done it or not. So it would be: 2-4 dailies [depending on reset day] (Heroic Adventure and PvP) and 5 weeklies (Nightfall, 5 PvP Games, Flashpoint, Clan, and Strike) a week. Real question is do your Weeklies and challenges from other characters count? I'm not familiar with how the old challenge system worked.
  5. Challenges are most likely now the Daily/Weeklies so you'll be doing Flashpoints for awhile now unless you got lucky enough to play and get the credit in the old challenge system.
  6. September 11th hotfix did not fix either 'In A Flash' or 'Show me what you got'. Just a heads up. EDIT- September 13th Hotfix seems to have done some weird things. I finally got all the 'hey you unlocked all these cool events cause you hit the appropriate light level' when I logged back in. Even weirder is that I was given final story mission trophy for Forsaken, 'Nothing Left To Say' when I logged back in from the hotfix kicking. I don't own Forsaken, just Year 1 DLC. Shaxx is still not working In A Flash still not unlocking Treasure Maps are now automatically given to you since Cayde-6 can't give them out anymore
  7. Yeah, it's pretty weird. Next few days I'll just do only the four base planet bounties to see if it pops. I had been doing all of them, which totals up to 25.
  8. There was a post on their forum where a CM mentioned that they would forward it, as per usual. They did change how Flashpoints work so I wouldn't be surprised if they forgot to update the actual trigger.
  9. I've done 30 and haven't gotten it. So who knows. Most of the people I've seen were older players. For such an easy trophy not a lot of people have earned it in a week since the game became free and Forsaken changed things.
  10. https://www.ign.com/wikis/destiny-2/How_to_Complete_Milestone_Challenges_in_Forsaken https://gamerant.com/destiny-2-daily-challenge-reset/ Did some more reading and found a new article which I hadn't seen and it seems the 'Dailies' (which reset every 4 days, so how can you really call them a daily?) and Weeklies are what constitute your Challenges. So instead of 3 days to get it done it's gonna take a couple weeks, a little quicker for Forsaken people cause of Gambit Daily. So @from_Omikron was completely right.
  11. Actually, if you read things before posting you'd realize that no one is talking about the Trials of the Nine trophy at all. Noticed that as well. None of the Triumphs are actually showing completed in the overall icon. I've done a l of Triumphs so far and I only have a 0 Total Score. So, it looks like they broke Triumph recording which is probably why things like 'Show Me What You Got' is broken.
  12. [Destiny 2] If anyone is willing to help with a run through of a Nightfall shoot me a message. I hit 261 and I'm clawing my hair out because I can't get push it up any higher. All I get from Heroics are Blues or nothing at all. Strikes haven't been much kinder.

    1. KingGuy420


      You should look for things that have "powerful engrams" as a reward. Eventually normal gear caps out and powerful engrams are the way to advance. I don't know what gives powerfuls without Forsaken but I have to assume things like flashpoint and the crucible still payout.


      As for the Nightfall, Destinylfg.net is a great site for organizing groups. But I'm not even sure what the recommended light is for the nightfall is nowadays so you might have trouble finding people at 261.

    2. vincdel123


      This might be useful too. (Only if you have the materials for and are not level 50 / light 500 since this is the "soft cap" in Forsaken).



    3. Yadilie


      I know, just was hoping to sneak through the Fireteam stuff since I won't be going further than base game. Guess I'll just slow burn it seeing as how there's like 5 trophies unobtainable at the moment anyway.

  13. I haven't seen a single one in Strikes. I'll do a Crucible to check in a little bit. Also, there appears to be a glitch with the Leviathan raid. Anyone come across it to see if it's still not fixed? Won't pop up no matter what light level you are if you hadn't unlocked it prior to the Forsaken pre-update.
  14. Well, hit 260 light now I'm stuck at Nightfalls, heh.

  15. Is anyone else able to actually do Challenges? They haven't unlocked for me and Ikora doesn't want to talk to me. Already at end game light farming.