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  1. Judgment has possibly the worst conceived Pinball table made.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Yadilie


      Yeah, Gotta 100% KamuroGo which is basically do everything in the game. It's janky as fuck and I just randomly got the 500 points I needed through luck. Took about 40 minutes though.

    3. Asvinia


      Wow, that does not sound promising lol Any more pain in the ass minigames?

    4. Yadilie


      3 different Mahjong lists with different styles of play and actually having to play Shogi matches not just cheesing it through puzzle play it seems.

  2. I would say just beat the game. You get a clear save back at your last save point.
  3. When you get done with Oriental Lab boss.
  4. There is a missable trophy. Usurper. Just keep an eye out for that and you'll be fine for 1.
  5. I get more roses than money. Even with all food eaten for max mana regen. It's whatever the way I did it is still fast and pretty much done.
  6. As much LCK as you can possibly have on. If you do either the memento or food quests you'll get Solomon's Ring for Shard Drop increase. I'm Valkyrie Sword, Tiara, and Dress with 2 Plunderer's Rings and a Bunny Scarf on. 76 LCK and getting the 2% drops somewhat easily enough.
  7. So my question is why would you use Accelerator? Using magic will cause roses to drop from the candles instead of always gold. Why not Speed Belt and Spiked Breastplate? Then it's just a few quick jumps and no attacking needed.
  8. When did you start playing the game date wise? Did you get the silver bromide from the gold chest at the bottom of the tower after the fight with them? If so go talk to Dominque for your picture to then talk to OD for your passport to then get through the gate that's below the entrance to the Tower of the Twin Dragons. Also have you seen chests in new areas that were open already? The green ones.
  9. Legend.
  10. Use Invert (so you're head is pointing south) and go through the gate that's on the ceiling from right to left in that little section. Also am I going freaking nuts or am I just bugged?
  11. Alkahest is pretty easy to farm at Twin Dragon. Those 3 paintings right outside the teleport room. But honestly I think the worst thing about the game is the item costs are wonky as fuck.
  12. Alright I'll have to scan a couple more times. I did futz my way into that one room bear OD with teleport instead of using the weight. So I have a closed line. Same with the house above the sewers with the 8bit coin. Solid line where you can jump up but can't fall through. Weird stuff.
  13. Was this a fresh 1.02 or 1.01 map? Or patched in middle of playing. Stuck at 99.9% and have seen some other person please saying they are too and when they un patch they're at 100 with no pop on it.
  14. Pretty sure that's just a graphical error. It'll get the border back and lose it constantly. Couple of the areas do that.
  15. L2 on your save after you've beaten it.