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  1. Would not be hard for them to make it retroactive even for the one dungeon that has no Feat attached to it since each one has a Rookie Clear # attached to all dungeons.
  2. Cool, guess I'll just finish up the last dungeon and get 65 and be done.
  3. Interesting. Can't solo the dungeon yet as a 64 reaper, not sure if I should try and finish off the last 1/4 to 65 and try it again with the free 65 gear. HMM
  4. And these popped after forcing your way through Sky a few times after exiting the instance?
  5. Oh well, I'll try to be more patient. This game takes up way too much space though. Wanting to get it off my PS4 especially after getting Siege.
  6. Do you remember the bosses you got?
  7. I skipped over Sky Garden because I didn't feel like leveling my Mystic and only had 3 other dungeons left before I went back to do Sky Garden. When I went through I had the boss from Cultist Refuge, Ice Giant, and the guy riding the monster. Trophy popped on final boss and then we did the secret boss. Then my trophies stopped popping. Did the dungeon again and got the vampire boss, ice giant, guy riding the monster and didn't fix itself. Might just go solo it on my reaper a couple times to be honest. Should be able to at this point, try and get some more bosses killed on it.
  8. It's not as bad as you think. When you get to 61 or 62 you'll get vanguard requests for Sabex. 63 you get one for the Catacombs dungeon. You'll earn 1.7mil or so off mobs in Sabex and tons of XP the bosses. Not as slow as you think, just have to do the one story quest line to get the free gear to get into Sabex.
  9. Queue up for Sabex Armory and then go to Val Oriyn > Arx Umbra > Domare Outpost. You can kill things just outside that area for 2+ million XP and if you've enchanted enough gear you won't have that much a problem. Can help cache up some experience while you wait for the abysmal matching.
  10. Every time you clear a dungeon you get a Rookie Clear number increase so it should be easy to retroactively do any dungeon trophy that popped as all they have to do is search for this number to be higher than 0. So hopefully a high chance. I'm personally going to level to 64 and get close to 65 while I still have Elite to get ready just incase it isn't retroactive.
  11. Guess I'll drop TERA for awhile until they figure out what's going on.

  12. I didn't have any issues until I completed Sky Garden on my Mystic. I was hopping between my two characters a Mystic and a Reaper because of how bad queue times were. I only had Level 65, Sky Garden, Balder's Temple, Sabex and Catacombs left. After leveling up and completing Sky Garden on my Mystic,the group even did the extra room boss, I acquired that trophy. I swapped over to my Reaper as I was done using my Mystic because I had done most of the other dungeons on my Reaper already. I did Balder's Temple. Nothing. I then did Sabex twice and nothing.
  13. Only 4 trophies left and finally I got a glitched trophy with Balder's Temple.

  14. Wait times on higher level dungeons in Tera are fucking atrocious. On both a Healer and a DPS.

  15. Thought I was going to have issues playing games after going back to FF14 but with how boring and AFKish Eureka is I'm spending most of my time playing 14 doing other things. Really hope the next Eureka implementation is better.

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    2. Yadilie


      Very boring for very minimal pay off right now. You run around in a group with a bunch of other groups and just zerg timed based Fates to get to Level 19 to get a GOld on Pazuzu to get your 3 feathers for Relic weapon. About 20+ hours or so of doing nothing.

      The problem is that the BiS Relic down the line is gated off by this boring content and the Byakko

      EX weapon is already better.

    3. starcrunch061


      That sounds annoying. I don't play much MMO, but I'm always annoyed when you are working for a weapon/armor/accessory/etc. that takes a ton of pointless grinding, and isn't even as good as what you can already get.


      Good luck to you.

    4. Yadilie


      It's just leeching is encouraged greatly in this mode because lower levels are stuck tagging along with higher level groups because people only want to do Fates and not farm monsters. So it turns into just people hopping on classes that can rez and mass resses everywhere.