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  1. It unlocked for me at 16 main missions and 50 side missions. So 66 in total.
  2. UNC missions do not count. Everything else does. I found this out by doing 10 UNC missions and no one getting credit. Then doing 5 missions of anything else, and them unlocking. So basically anything that doesn't start with UNC will count towards these trophies.
  3. This actually depends on if they switched ME1 to be like 2 and 3 where telling your squad mates to use their powers counts as you using them. If they did not, then NO. You will have to start at least a couple saves with different characters to spam the 25 uses of the abilities. If they did switch it to be like 2 and 3, then YES you can do it in one. Archivist is miss-able if you don't fully explore and exhaust all talking options with certain people to unlock all the codex entries. That is really the only one. Everything else is basically just play the game. Correct. Unless they changed it to be like ME2 and ME3 where it counts by telling your squad mates to use their powers. If they didn't make that change, then yes, you will have to make multiple characters to unlock those skill uses.
  4. Because there are two options to get it when talking to Tommy about his truck, and two options to get it when talking to Kim about his car. So you can get the four needed from just those two. If you also did the crane, you already had one. So you then probably got two from Tommy and one from Kim.
  5. Okay, cool. Thanks. I'll wait for another patch then. I don't feel like starting a new save again. I've already played through this 5+ times.
  6. I opened the container on day 2. Then on day 4 got the quest. Then bought the painting. But now can not open the container again. It has no options to do anything with it. I did not tell Evrart about him. I'm not sure if this is a bug. Or its coded to only let you open it once and that is it. It would be such a slog to start a new game just for this one trophy too.
  7. For networthy individual, if I already opened the container, am I screwed and have to start a new save?
  8. Shipwreck cove is still on the list. I just used it and got the trophy. Thanks for the post!
  9. I cant get The Watcher With Eight Friends and All Upgrades in Stronghold to pop. I think I'm giving up and call it quits on trying to get the plat for this game. I hate bugged trophies.
  10. I've been reading up on this and watching some videos of the PC gameplay. I'm all in. This looks great.
  11. The load times are unacceptable for what this game is tech/graphics wise. Its terrible porting on their part.
  12. I missed the setting when first setting up the game, user error.
  13. Yeah, I'm not buying a $35 expansion without trophies. Stupid move on their part.
  14. You can't kill anyone before getting to him. Refuse to kill the guard so Greene does it herself. Let Ballard leave the room or tell her leave, and then save Tobi's life. Otherwise you won't get the choice to say you trust him. If you've killed someone, when he hugs you you don't get a choice and he just injects you with a sedative and you get the Prisoner ending.
  15. Actually I just got it a bit ago. Spying on him is not required. What is required is getting the code for the code book. Which can be gotten in two different places. 1. taking the phone call, then going into the office and looking in the left drawer. This negates spying on him. 2. Following Blake into the apartment and finding it in the pocket on the body. And you have to refuse therapy. You also have to be nice to Kristie at all times and hang out with her, asking her all the questions you can. Nothing else I did worked. Only by doing those things was I able to get it. It was the last damn trophy I needed, and it ended up taking me 5 extra playthroughs to get it right. Also about the endings, Not alone doesn't count. Rejecting the mask is what is required. Which is why it took me six completes to get Thank You.