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  1. Shipwreck cove is still on the list. I just used it and got the trophy. Thanks for the post!
  2. I cant get The Watcher With Eight Friends and All Upgrades in Stronghold to pop. I think I'm giving up and call it quits on trying to get the plat for this game. I hate bugged trophies.
  3. I've been reading up on this and watching some videos of the PC gameplay. I'm all in. This looks great.
  4. The load times are unacceptable for what this game is tech/graphics wise. Its terrible porting on their part.
  5. I missed the setting when first setting up the game, user error.
  6. Yeah, I'm not buying a $35 expansion without trophies. Stupid move on their part.
  7. You can't kill anyone before getting to him. Refuse to kill the guard so Greene does it herself. Let Ballard leave the room or tell her leave, and then save Tobi's life. Otherwise you won't get the choice to say you trust him. If you've killed someone, when he hugs you you don't get a choice and he just injects you with a sedative and you get the Prisoner ending.
  8. Actually I just got it a bit ago. Spying on him is not required. What is required is getting the code for the code book. Which can be gotten in two different places. 1. taking the phone call, then going into the office and looking in the left drawer. This negates spying on him. 2. Following Blake into the apartment and finding it in the pocket on the body. And you have to refuse therapy. You also have to be nice to Kristie at all times and hang out with her, asking her all the questions you can. Nothing else I did worked. Only by doing those things was I able to get it. It was the last damn trophy I needed, and it ended up taking me 5 extra playthroughs to get it right. Also about the endings, Not alone doesn't count. Rejecting the mask is what is required. Which is why it took me six completes to get Thank You.
  9. Ugh. I can not get Fall Out Girl and We Need To Talk to pop. I've tried the advice of two different "solutions" for both posted in here and neither worked for me. Anyone have full walkthroughs for those? I think I might have messed up on the we need to talk because I never took a phone call from Greene? I checked the masks at the beginning (maybe you should spy on the chief convo instead?), took the therapy, hung out with Kristie, got the note off dude in apartment, said the drawing looked like her, and said she must be faking (do you need to say lying?). Something is missing for me in this one. I think maybe taking a phone call? Or how you answer certain people or something? And the mean girls I have no idea. I've tried walking on carpet, confronting Tobi, not calming and letting Tobi get the sedative because she bear hugs the screaming Kristi. But I'm not sure if the response after that matters. Or if your supposed to tell Kristi to get help. Then I've tried hanging with Kristi and trashing Hannahs perfume. Which to mean means I've annoyed each of them. Carpet, confront smoking/getting sedated/ and not taking her perfume. I've then also tried hanging with Hannah so I can slap Tobi, and then deflect Hannah in her bed when she asks about the stalker. That didn't work either. So do you have to hang out with Tobi and try to console her to make her angry, and then trash Hannah's perfume. Is that the only way?
  10. What am I missing to get the Prisoner ending? Rejecting the mask? Or making different choices to anger Lucien when holding the gun on him and not shooting him?
  11. I've played through this twice, and I have no idea who this character is. Let alone how you end up in their office, lol. Same for Blake's car for the collectables. The only times I've been in his car is when hes taking you to see the captain at his home.
  12. I just did this with an existing save (on the latest patch), and it works. Wanted to get the damn books out of the way. I hate searching for them. However, some notes. I was on the latest patch on the current save. Apparently this does not affect the save file. No issues with using it without the patch. If you let it download the patch again however, it will mark your save as modded again. So you have to turn off auto updates. Just fyi so someone doesn't have to delete and reinstall three times like myself. Not sure how or where its doing this, but the character is marked as modded in the menu, so the patch applies this to all save files once it installs, turning trophies off again.
  13. Damn. I wish this would have been posted two weeks ago when I started playing the game. I'm only one skill book away and 7 levels away from those trophies. And I just hit 100K gold last night. Oh well. I have been having a blast playing it normally so I guess I can't really complain. Even though this is my fourth time playing the game.
  14. Bombadier was my last one. Took about ~10 missions to get it after I needed it as the last one. Also remember to play as the Colossus to get the drop rate for these higher. Other javelins have a very small chance of getting a GL or an AC.