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  1. The good news is, now they’re not available at all!
  2. So I’ve got through every part of the tutorial except the pace bowling speed control and spin bowling effort ball. For some reason no matter how much I try or vary the delivery, it never ticks past 0/3 on either. The pace noticeably slows down or speeds up appropriately, but it just doesn’t seem to register with the game. This one has got me stumped. I’ve tried with 3 different remotes, no luck. I’m currently uninstalling and reinstalling (I’ll give updates with how that goes). I can’t seem to find anything online, because whenever I Google it, it just comes up with literal tutorials. Obviously there isn’t much discussion about the game unfortunately. edit: uninstalling worked! Super weird.
  3. Gonna have to nope out of getting the platinum for this one. Playing this game after 20 hours feels like the mental equivalent of running a marathon, legs full of lactic acid, and realising you’re only 1/4 done! I have 300k and the guide said you need something like 1.6 million, for my own sake I think I’ll move on from this one, I can’t imagine playing this for 2 months
  4. Miles Morales, Rift Apart, Returnal, AC Valhalla (was only $38 AUD), Planet Coaster; so 5 in total, rest are all PS+ games. Considered Villiage, but never been a big RE guy, so I’ll wait until it’s cheap!
  5. Very easy way to get to Warrior; use Lucky Chloe, every single fight just spam the same move. Hold the down and left arrow at the same time, and just spam circle. I went 58-0 doing this. Lost one round in a special fight, that’s it; still won though. Took me an hour. Ez
  6. So the other day I got to "Very challenging" Trophy, but it didn't ping. I've heard of glitches before in this game, so I wouldn't mind some suggestions.
  7. Dw, solved it. Took some effort, but I reset my save file config and it worked. Was annoying as fuck though, I recommend to anyone in the future to save before a trophy you can't do again
  8. Guys, give me your honest opinion. I have both 2k12 and 2k11, and I've seen everywhere people debating whats better. So be honest with me, what's better? Personally, I think 2k12 is better.
  9. I 100% agree with the servers, terrible stuff
  10. When I got this, thought it was the best thing in the world... but the lag was terrible, as soon as I beat the dlcs i went right back to my original copy
  11. Nope