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  1. Missed a reading it's coming with expansion pack II actually
  2. Hi what is new update about ??? Looks like nothing of those things are not fixed !!! I still not getting any points for grimoire progress like 5-7 in a row I haven't been awarded and also for purchasing legendary armor I still need commendation,Xur is not exchanging strange coins for motes of light and lot of things they could been improved they actually aren't WTF !!!
  3. Still don't have any ... just helmet legendary the other gear is rare...also I have legendary auto rifle and warlock bond.Wanted just get The Life Exotic trophy...
  4. Just have question about ... If I want to purchase some armor or weapon from Xur have I to own it already ??? Looks like because if I want to purchase MIDA MULTI-TOOL what is Scout Rifle required items are MIDA MULTI-TOOL 0/1 Exotic Shard 1/1 and Glimmer 17787/7459 ... so what the hell it does mean ??? If I want to buy it I have to already have it like exchange ??? WTF is that point ??? Also the other items are like as well ... Thanks creators for impossible "shoping"... Making everything so difficult to purchase those legendary and exotic staff...Taking ages to earn some vanguard marks and nearly impossible to gain some crucible... Anyway great game and great story but those things are F***ed up !!!
  5. yes I know but one you have to take a picture and share with friends,what I can't without be connected to server...anyway I'm signed to PSN network just in GT 5 always displaying some error...but it works again !!! I just quit a game and get in again maybe like somebody reply it was just some maintenance in ...
  6. Do anybody know why it's server on the GT5 not working anymore ??? Maybe because of GT6 ... like FIFA come in and on the older one server down and no chance to get online trophies I wanted to get some trophies like "proud owner" or "data analyst" but can't cause of server error !!!
  7. Do somebody know where is the entrance to the cave with relic on the map X:523.6, Y:730.6 ? I'm walking like a stupid around... there are on the map two caves one small just with some money in and one on opposite side with lost letter...and there is no way from those to the relic...Also relics around the big hole with a lake on the bottom X:496.6, Y:791.4 how to get there ???
  8. Maybe on 2nd playthrough...hope so ... anyway I've got all saves from beginning...and in online store as well
  9. I know but topic is about trophy which doesn't pop ... and it's normally unmissable ...
  10. I just playing the game and after quit,I synch the trophies ... Higher Learning unlocked but Blood in the Streets doesn't !!! It's still hidden !!! and it's for completing Emporia what's a level before completing Comstock House... WTF !!! can not update my profile at this site now about I didn't get this trophy ... because of undergoing maintenance ...
  11. Ok Thank you guys Yes I've seen after I killed someone I've got some perks for...just need some better gladiators with more slots for ...
  12. What's going on in this game ??? I didn't equip some perks and now I can't purchase them again,because this fights are not anymore... Even I tried to delete my save and start it again thought I can start again and purchase those perks...but all my progress have been loaded again...FROM WHERE ??? but one thing I have to done again...TUTORIAL WTF!!!
  13. FINALLY !!!
  14. I tried...still the same...on my profile is updated,but this one bellow don't want to