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  1. If I played through the game this weekend, then bought it at a later date, would all the trophies pop?
  2. Doesn’t seem like it annoyingly.
  3. Swap IX and XII round and I’m in the same position as you! I’m dreading the jump rope and 10k kills trophies in IX. I’m halfway to platting World of Final Fantasy too, you should add that to your list seeing as you like turn based combat. I have X-2, XIII-2 and Type-0 too but those will come after the mainline games.
  4. Just picked this up on sale this week and have been playing through the games in order. I’ve got the difficulty set to 1 and I’ve mostly breezed through the games apart from 94/95 Rugal giving me some difficulty. Then I get to 98 and the game is destroying me. By the third team I’m getting my ass kicked like it’s in the highest difficulty. The CPU is reading my every move. I tried on 2 and same, getting killed by the 3rd fight. What’s the deal, is it glitched or just insanely difficult compared to the others? Any tips or ideas? I want the plat but I’ll never be able to beat 98 without continuing at this rate.