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  1. Jumping in a little late but I hope that's OK. Here's my card so far: Boxes so far: One Word Title - Rollerdrome - Roller skating and guns, also a one word title With an Isometric View - TOEM - Some posters above decided this was mostly isometric so I'll going to go with it With Mystery or Detective Themes - Norco - Point and click mystery adventure in the future South. There is even a private investigator Sci-Fi or Fantasy Themes - Moonscars - 2D Soulslike dark fantasy
  2. Nice job on the RDR2 plat. When I did it I made it my 200th because I knew it was special. That game was an amazing ride.
  3. Just finished this. A few tricks for people having trouble: Don't forget to shoot rockets and mines as they are worth 300 points each. Shooting down just one volley of 5 rockets from the warhead guys is worth 1500 points! Also, the riot shield guys always drop two mines when they die which is another easy 600 points. If you are using assists you may not be dodging anything (because you don't have to) but don't forget perfect dodges get you 350 points and breaking lock on gets you 100 points. It adds up with all the rest you are doing.
  4. I think the the real issue with this screenshot is that Captain Boomerang is holding a gun instead of a sweet tricked-out boomerang. You had one job!
  5. They didn't add a trophy with the 2018 NG+ mode but who knows this time.
  6. YESSS! I have been wanting to play this for ages. Nice surprise to have it on PS.
  7. Sad news. He really was Batman to me and lots of other people.
  8. Loved the first one, I'm there!
  9. It's 120+ GB on my system with all DLCs
  10. Hey, thanks! You've got some impressive stuff on your profile too. I'm a sucker for a good indie game that tries something a little new or different. Also I will pretty much play any Metroidvania thrown my way. 😁
  11. The reason I am still sitting at 99% for this game, lol. What a terrible trophy.
  12. Having just done this, I can tell you that the only way to beat this mode is to break it a little. The advice above is good, but if you only have the vanilla deck you can still win by picking a regular mantis at the beginning from the trader and buffing it at the campfires to 3+ power. This should be enough to one hit kill the regular battles. Get rid of the other one cost cards in your deck so you are guaranteed to draw the mantis in the first hand every time. You'll need a plan for the prospector because he'll kill your mantis when the second phase starts but you'll figure something out. 😁
  13. I really had fun with this one. I would say it is "roguelike" adjacent but it is pretty forgiving and there are many skills etc you can upgrade to help you in later runs. One thing to watch out for is the souvenirs trophy, as I think some of their locations may have changed with later patches.
  14. I just finished this today and I have to say, what a game! I am really glad I went into this one blind. Now I'm not sure what to play next because I don't know what to follow this with it was so good.
  15. In the new DLC area there is a spot maybe half way through the area with enemies that has an elite skull and several small skulls which fire at you. The elite skull shoots three bullets at a time which with the little skulls should be enough. This is where I got it.