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  1. I didn't care too much for the social stuff on the PS4, but I really miss the What's New feed as well. I really liked seeing what the people I followed were up to and what games they were playing and earning trophies in.
  2. Of course the audio was bad, look at the mouth it was coming out of!
  3. In the patch notes for the most recent patch they mention changing the unlock requirements for the 9HP trophy, so this must be what you are seeing.
  4. You just made my day, thanks! EDIT: Got it after a few tries.
  5. I was going to make a joke about this but I looked it up and I think you're right. 😁
  6. There is a dedicated 'meow' button. I am easily amused and this is enough for me.
  7. I think what the OP is asking is why is suddenly everyone playing this *right now* as it is suddenly in the top three spots on the popular games list. I was wondering the same thing but I guess the F2P update just made everyone want to chase that plat one more time. 😁
  8. This is the way
  9. I was really bummed when Almost Human got cancelled after one season. That show was just getting started! Also, and this is ridiculous and I think I might be the only person who feels this way, but I am still salty about My Name Is Earl getting cancelled on an absurd cliffhanger ages ago.
  10. Did you get the second floor of the hut and decorate up there too?
  11. I think you need to find the first hat on a random bugsnax without help, and then the map will show up on the ranch showing you where the next one is.
  12. FYI, when a trophy didn't pop for me, I had better luck restarting the game and choosing 'Load Game' from the menu to get the trophies to pop. Choosing 'Continue' wasn't working for me.
  13. Man, I go away for a few days and this happens
  14. Yes! I saw someone's card with Valfaris once and got the game because I thought it looked cool. And it was! Got the plat too.
  15. Mowing down the competition No, wait... Mulch ado about nothing