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  1. In online, you can loot them off bodies when you clear a hideout, although it's pretty rare. You also get one at the post office for every 5 ranks you earn.
  2. Update 1.04 dropped this morning and I got most of the missions to start now without a problem when I tried some.
  3. This is definitely a bug, as I have it too. Mission giver talks for awhile, and then no checkpoints or anything appear on the map once the talking is done.
  4. Yeah, I found it almost right away after I posted this.
  5. Hey, don't keep us waiting. What was your strat? 😁
  6. Anyone have any thoughts on the big Finisher update they released about a month ago? They said they rebalanced some things, sped up loading times, etc. I was curious how this new update affected the game, as I haven't started it yet.
  7. I forgot Outland, whoops!
  8. Iconoclasts. Challenge mode alone justifies a plat. Also Child of Light.
  9. Dragging my feet on getting Zero Escape finally pays off!
  10. Took me 87 hours total. I farmed the last dungeon a few times to get enough endgame materials to create all the outfits. Did all the sidequests except the stinky shoes one. Didn't see one pair of stinky shoes my entire time playing! My party was around level 84 at the end.
  11. NM
  12. LOL yeah. I got up to the back and he stuck his left arm out like he sometimes does so I went for the spot there. Ran out of stamina while climbing back up the arm, fell off, got lucky, and landed on the torso platform. Jumped on the right arm again and then up to the head. I'm just glad I'm done and don't have to do it again!
  13. I have tried and failed so many times on #3 HTA I'm getting close to giving up. I've definitely spent more time on this one than all of the others combined. The only other one I haven't been able to do yet is #12, which for some reason is giving me issues. I keep trying to jump on its belly and missing when it gets up on the platforms. I might just need to put it down for awhile and come back later. EDIT: So naturally, as soon as I come on here and vent, I go back and knock both of them out. I finally did #3 in 5:48. Broke the wrist guard, did it in the order arm -> torso -> head. Not the order I would honestly recommend but it worked for me this time!
  14. You aren't kidding about the collectables: Had one's Quill Collect all 1,010 Quills !!!
  15. Soul Harvest is the best mode for this since the demon rune is always active, but I had decent luck on Warpath as well since people tend to concentrate more on the moving zone than the demon rune so you can grab it easier when it arrives, and they also bunch up around the moving zone which make multikills easier.