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  1. Yes, very annoying. Tannis insulting you every time you failed didn't help. My sad story: I was playing the DLC and finally finished the last of the crew challenges when I had a power outage that killed my PS4 hard drive. My last backup save was from before I started the DLC so now I have to do the challenges all over again. Ughhhh EDIT: Rushed through everything and did them again. They weren't as bad the second time. Infinity pistol is your friend.
  2. Horizon Zero Dawn Okami and I am seriously not kidding, Far Cry Primal
  3. It might be missable, but I can confirm the tour guide shows up again on another island later to give another tour (which you can tip) in case you miss this the first time.
  4. That was a good read! I just this week came back to this game after giving up on beating Owl 2.0 last year. Trying to get back into fighting shape so I can throw poor Wolf at him again (and again). 😁
  5. CrossCode is missing a header image and trophy card images. Here is the main promotional image from the game: https://store-images.s-microsoft.com/image/apps.2884.13932426078429747.3e93ffd3-45ac-4f46-825c-e742038af698.f1ec73cb-4509-4e8e-a6a9-23b7be762f8c?mode=scale&q=90&h=1080&w=1920
  6. Two things: Getting up the nerve to fight the final boss in Sekiro. I try to at least finish most games if I don't plat them but that final boss is a brick wall. Landing on the sun station in Outer Wilds. Great game, but if you've played it you know how tough this is. Every month or two I'll take another go at it and then give up an hour later.
  7. Mass Effect 3. The 'kill 5000 enemies' trophy was ridiculous.
  8. Really excited about this one! Didn't even know it was coming to PS4.
  9. Having done this the hard way yesterday, I can say that this is still pretty tough after the patch. One thing I noticed is that on the third part, once you pass sections one and two some little blue "updraft" orbs appear that help you skip those sections if you die, which is a small mercy. Also slowing down the speed from the options helped some.
  10. LOL, mine is also Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time. Took me 2 years, nine months. I beat it on Medium initially and couldn't be bothered to do the two more playthroughs for the plat (hard + challenge) until like 2 and a half years later.
  11. The same happened with me. I got a lone BFG kill in a match and it counted. The match did continue on for awhile afterwards. Getting the kill to register just seems flaky.
  12. Ha, I've played around 2 hours and have like 8 kills. My general lameness at MP isn't helping lol.
  13. I used this guide to find the last one I was missing. They definitely only show up on certain levels. Note I had nothing to do with creating this guide. https://www.naguide.com/children-of-morta-souvenirs-list/
  14. I was able to do it last night in the very first dungeon with a levelled up Lucy. I didn't get hit anywhere in the dungeon or while fighting the spider and it popped right after, so it does work if you don't get hit anywhere the entire time.
  15. There is another way to travel around besides the boat. You'll come across it eventually.