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  1. They've added a bunch of new skills over the last year, and you need to get points for those as well before you get mastery points. When I did it recently I had to get to power level 466 before I got a mastery point. I don't know if they added any new skills with the Paris DLC.
  2. The patch came out July 27th, so the timing lines up. Just need to wait around for the next patch and hope they fix it. Luckily this doesn't stop the plat like some of the other bugs.
  3. Trophy list is up on exophase. Looks similar to the first game's list (speedrun, low % run, run where you die only once). There's a trophy for finishing *without* killing any bosses, we'll see how that goes. https://www.exophase.com/game/axiom-verge-2-psn/trophies/ Looks good, really excited for this one.
  4. Have the same issue. I believe it started with the latest patch (Update 1.3). There is a thread over on the Ubisoft forums so they know about it. https://discussions.ubisoft.com/topic/101960/unable-to-complete-trial-of-the-morrigan-in-ulster-post-here/61?lang=en-US
  5. This and Hades in the same week? Too much! 😀
  6. Yes, you need to do everything in Asgard and Jotunheim as well.
  7. I suspect the trophies will be like the current achievement list. Mostly progression and a few collectables. Smooth ride. https://www.trueachievements.com/game/Carrion/achievements
  8. Is. Leave. Possible? Seriously though, this is a nice surprise. Didn't think it was coming to PS.
  9. Nice. I have this on Steam but I would totally get it again for PS4. The sound effects alone make it worth it.
  10. I think the real issue here is that I am rusty as hell. Looks good though. Not too worried about the PVP aspect, it seems like you affect the other team indirectly instead of having to fight them head on.
  11. Interesting, I wonder if the festival quest requirements are randomized. I finished the quest and never had to get foreign supplies.
  12. Abandoned this game like nine years ago. I always considered maybe going back and finishing it up. This thread is not giving me much encouragement. 😁
  13. I can confirm that "Saint Faith" is doable now. First thing I did after downloading the patch this morning was go beat up that nun. The "supplies not dropping from chests" bug is fixed too if anyone had that issue as well.
  14. Sorry to necro this thread but I just wanted to say this game was really fun. The metal soundtrack kills, the art is great, and I never got tired of the headbanging animation your guy does when he gets a new weapon. The final boss was a little cheap but I eventually figured it out. Awesome! 👍
  15. Seriously. I don't even care about DLC or one-handed swords or any of that now.