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  1. Platinum No. 9 - Driveclub Not the best driving game out there but a very solid game nonetheless. Still got a lot of DLC trophies to get after getting the season pass last year.
  2. Picked this up on Thursday but couldn't play until yesterday. So far I've enjoyed playing, the graphics are brilliant and game-play is also great, I'm not the best player as my K/D is only about 1.1 so far as i'm still getting used to the maps and haven't found a set-up which will allow me to get decent games. Did record my 1st game and have uploaded to YouTube -
  3. Anyone else having trouble getting on PSN?

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    2. ShadowStar83x


      Been a while since PSN has acted up. I guess it was overdue. xD

    3. Condemned09


      I'm sign in on PS4

    4. Kubanga


      My stuff works fine surprisingly.

  4. Nearly a very comical own goal by my opponent here -

  5. Saw this in front of me earlier on F1 2015 -

  6. Platinum No.8 and 1st PS4 Platinum - Rocket League 1st PS4 platinum trophy after owning the console for around 3 months now, the only reason I had to wait this long was the drive 500km trophy which finally popped today a full 2 months after my last non DLC trophy as I cba to boost and enjoyed the game that much that I knew that I would eventually get it.
  7. Platinum No.8 & 1st on PS4 - Rocket League

  8. Title race definitely over after Sunday's result.
  9. My YouTube channel which has around 50 video's up already since I got my PS4 3 months ago -

  10. Played the Beta a bit over the weekend and enjoyed playing it, would be better playing on different maps as it got a bit repetitive playing on the same map over and over again. Only recording 1 game that I completed on the beta which was my first and probably best game.
  11. Platinum no.7 - Don't Bradman Cricket 14

  12. How far into the season do you need to get the e-mail asking about ending the R&D on the current car as this is 1 of the remaining 2 trophies I need to get the platinum?
  13. I reached 1000 bronze trophies the other day while playing FIFA 15
  14. Been lacking trophies these past few weeks but with the release of 2 games that i'll pick up on release day will start to change that and hopefully I can get up to around 1400 trophies before the end of this year

  15. Received a code via e-mail for 500,000 in game credits the other day (only just logged onto my e-mail account now) because I platinum-ed the game.