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  1. That's funny. "money - money - money - money - money - money"
  2. This reminds me of Wolfenstein II's insane platinum, which I also thought would be impossible, and someone got that in like 2 weeks. So I'm sure someone will have it some time next week - not me though
  3. I can confirm that this is still the case as of May 10th 2020. Once you do the Graveyard fest (1 star event) the game stops autosaving, meaning any progress after that point will be lost. So as suggested above, only do this event to get the trophy.
  4. I don't think combining Akumu and the speedrun trophy is a good idea =P
  5. I think "Akumu" is the highest difficulty.
  6. This guy is working on a complete guide. http://greenzsaber.blogspot.be/
  7. I would be very surprised if we didn't see a release on playstation platforms. I'm pretty sure Yacht Club Games have said that they want to release the game on as many platforms as possible, but as long time Nintendo fans they decided to start with those versions. Personally I'm really hoping for a vita version, the game looks amazing.
  8. Feel free to add me. I for one can't seem to unlock the "I'm ahead" trophy, apparently Ubisoft is having som sort of server issue/glitch with this version, Friend Ghost times are not loading for me, hopefully they'll fix it soon.
  9. As Parker said, it tracks people who earned trophies in the game recently. The main reason the number is relatively low is because it only tracks people on psnprofiles.com, so in reality the number of people playing(and earning trophies) is alot higher.
  10. Gravity Rush 2 was announced at TGS last year =)
  11. I really liked it. It was great to see a more playful side of Ellie, and some fantastic voice acting by both Ashley and Yaani. I did find it a bit short for the price, but quality over quantity I guess. I loved the Halloween store and all the awesome puns =D
  12. I'm super excited for Resogun, so I've watched most presentations and previews for the game, and Housemarque have said a few times that it would have a platinum trophy. I think they talk about it in the 1-hour preview on IGN. It does look like it could be a difficult platinum, beating the game in one go and beating it on veteran is probably going to be challenging, but hopefully alot of fun.