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  1. That was true. Final Rounds did not count for the 20 first place wins trophy.
  2. For me, This was not an easy task at all since the X-treme Party mode was extremely RNG. I kept getting "Hoverboard Heroes" when I was on the current streak. I would say "Big Fans X" and "Hoverboard Heroes" being the most difficult maps in this mode. Infallible in that new mode was extremely difficult because of the two maps.
  3. What did you guys think about it?
  4. Anyone excited about the Persona games going to PS4 & PS5? I bet I am! P3P may take 2 playthroughs for a platinum when Persona 4 Golden can be identical to the PS Vita trophy list.
  5. I easily done most songs like Good 4 U and Boss Witch, on Megastar, using the phone controller. Songs I did got a Megastar as my first try are Mr. Blue Sky, Chacarron, and Smalltown Boy. The hardest songs to get a Megastar are Jopping, Run the World (Girls), Pop/Stars, and Buttons. For Rock Your Body, it's the gold moves that are impossible to score. I did it correctly and it won't register. 10/10 troll from Ubisoft. 🤣 Most songs I keep getting GOOD and OK ratings. And I would not give up!