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  1. Hi guys just want to share the method I used to get this trophy. Start adventure mode on normal, select act 3, waypoint “the bridge of korsikk”. lap the map in a circle. Kill all 3 ballistas, usually 1-3 packs of blue 1-2 yellows as well as 3 different unique enemies will have a small chance to spawn, goblins count too. As for skills devour with aura rune, Skeles with frenzy rune, blood rush with metabolism. Using the “steuart’s greaves” for the 10 second increased movement speed after using a blood rush will make running a lap under a minute. Quit reload repeat.
  2. Hi dude I have all breach stones/fragments apart from nul. And few spare c orbs maybe an xalt, but don’t quote me on that. Though I have yet to do the blight update I’ll trade them to you when I can, if your interested. Since I never played on standard and don’t know the prices, I would recommend knowing you can clear the last breach before starting it.
  3. You can get ability points from hidden locations. Quite certain the Mold removal missions don’t give a point.
  4. Posting this to help anyone struggling to find the right map to spawn beyond bosses. Tier 8 pit with double beyond mod is definitely the best, you can get up to 5 to spawn just in the boss room alone. Plus being a low tier you can buy for 1-2c in trade market, also “highlight” search for the beyond mod. Rolling with alteration is a waste, you can spend 200 without getting the mod I know from experience. Doing the pit map it took me maybe 12-15~ maps to get him to spawn. Good luck.
  5. After struggling with this map I respec’d an old witch build I had this league. Elemental 3x golem for immune to burn freeze and shock. Used 6 link scorch Ray. Holy flame totem to remove curses and the lure melee as well as too decoy ranged and casters. Temporal chains to slow. Easiest way to explain how I did it, is to drop totems while just out of range of the wave starter inch forward till it starts drop temporal flame dash/dash back and melt with the ray rinse repeat. Pop the totems to remove any curse and re summon golems if need be. Only masters i had deaths to was the “the grand hamster” and the one guy with the insane ice crash? Idk the spell name. Spider queen was easy melt. Hope this helps anyone having troubles with this map.
  6. No problem at. Also pro tip if you see this icon around a map I had a Zana mission in it which might have a map you haven’t done yet.
  7. Hey dude I’m about finished my red and yellows. I can drop you ones you need, even have some low unique maps if you haven’t done them either. Shoot me a friend request. I’m in Australia so our times might be wack but I’m online most nights.
  8. Have you bought everything? I personally had to buy all guns and etc then die and reload check Point for them to pop for me.
  9. idk what difficulty your playing on but in normal mode just hold breathe with L3 and aim the little circle over the AI's head and it will go red (Boom headshot). I'm sure its different for higher difficulty as with SGW2 I'm on easy because I'm a lazy srub/.
  10. I must say i have been lazy af after i got to 100 plats i've just lost interest. Plus with working on with my antisocialness it leave little time for gaming now.
  11. Cool, but right now i'm on a mission to find a oddish in my town, i can find 700cp+ randoms but still no oddish life is cruel.
  12. Have you tried it out yet?
  13. Thanks, but it was merely a rush to get 100 before the end of june.
  14. Hey dudes if anyone here liked bound by flame, you should really check out the technomancer fun game with a pretty easy plat as well.
  15. Thanks dude, i guess go for 200 now?