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  1. and Twitch streamers ive gotten games before release sometimes too
  2. so if one hasnt started, theres no point goin for platinum? are they all online only or could u grind out all the online stuff before shutdown, then do the rest offline after?
  3. i dont know what a Rata game is but thx lol
  4. how hard is this game to platinum? like if your not very good at 2D platformers
  5. ^^
  6. anyone know how to switch weapons during a mission? super frustrating to have shotguns and rifles in a fire fight and not able to use them.
  7. @Kallume i made this with another for XP coming soon. hope it helps. feel free to post links to yours or any other guides.


  8. thx man
  9. RIP this game i guess. is there a thread that lists any/or all upcoming/past server shutdowns?
  10. i went too far in the game and activated the stamina mechanic. but yeah i did grind in the starting area to get these while upgrading my cage asap. the trick is to check on ur game every hour give or take as this game freezes a lot. id let my ps4 run for a cpl extra hours when i went to bed, but had the power saving settings on so it wouldnt go past that. i mean, if it froze ur just wasting power while u sleep. if ur guys r maxed out thos ur stamina doesnt really matter tho. even when their out, they grind thru those early fights pretty easy. i just had 2 parties i would switch between when i noticed they were out of stamina, so my fight time would be a bit faster. hope this helps. any other questions?
  11. i got King of the Beats alrdy and am at 4330 battles so far. hows everyone else fairing with these? any tips for the battle grind?
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^
  13. this game is on sale for the next month for 2,69$ CAD. have they patched out the bugs yet? anyone know?
  14. i need Spicy Boy and Painbow Connection trophies (new dlc raid boss, farm). add me if u can help boost. leave a msg with ur friend request as blank requests will be deleted. thx
  15. i have links to my Twitch and Youtube on my forum profile page here. Not sure if i can put them here, but there's spots for them there, so that's where i put them lol