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  1. i found these notes online in another language. helped me so i thought id post here. i thought there were 7 factions not 8, DOH! NOTES - When they ask for taxes, they can be produced or bought from the merchant. - The factions come out randomly, so the stage must be repeated until the missing one comes out. Bandits - Easy Build 1 tavern. 80% tavern happiness. Remove workers from the castle. Remove guards. 750 gold Tribute of 8 weapons and 8 armor 1500 gold Tribute of 10 sausages and 10 loaves. Blue Blood (Noble) - Hard Build crypt Build horseman statue Build vineyard and winery Build goldsmith Produce 16 wort Produce 12 jewels Build jousting field For my people (simple people) - Intermediate Build farm Build bakery Build infirmary 1300 gold 20 loaves tribute Build fairground 20 meat tribute 100% happiness Iron Alliance (Merchants) - Hard Build or improve market Build trade guild Build 5 market stalls Sell 20 concoctions and 20 garments Sell for the value of 2500 gold The Flower Friends - Easy Destroy farm and butcher shop Build 4 flower decorations Build 4 stone benches Build 2 wells 95% satisfaction in housing Build 2 hunter cabins Firm (Military Faction) - Easy Build hut Build 3 officer stores (decoration) Have 6 soldiers in towers Produce 12 sausages Have 10 soldiers on towers Build tournament venue Don't despair (religious) - Easy Destroy tavern Build Hop Dryer Build or improve church Build or upgrade monastery Build 2 crypts and 4 graves Build 6 cemetery walls Produce 18 concoctions At your service (servants) - Difficult Build fire turrets Tribute 20 garments Build juggling field Tribute 15 fabrics 15 leather tribute Withdraw the tax collector Collect 600 gold Donate 1000 gold Build 1 warehouse
  2. UPDATE: the patch is live and your all good to go, but you'll have to settle for another platinum cuz the worlds 1st belongs to the D! happy hunting
  3. what r the 4 disasters? also is there only 4? avalanche, fire, plague, lighting strike? i did the avalanche mission and kept playin after it was done and got the other 3 but no trophy. can u even get an avalanche to appear on an endless zone map? if so which 1? thx
  4. this was the last i heard as well. still waiting
  5. just sent them a follow up email. will post here when i hear back from them. also mentioned the mission the curse as well.
  6. anyone know how to do this? u can only do 3 during the mission. also i did them all by loadin a save and it didnt pop either. are there a certain 3 that u have to do? on the last one i did i was only offered 2 in-sted of 3 to choose from. theories?
  7. i sent them an email on thursday feb 27, but havent heard anything as of writing this scratch that, just checked my email --- Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the trouble! We are investigating that matter already. The problem is probably that you have a certain chance each time you send out your spies but you can only send out 4 times and if you are unlucky you won’t find the camp with those 4 tries. So we have either to increase the amount of tries or give a 100% chance on the 4th try. Not sure when we will have a patch ready for that. Also we won’t probably be able to fix it if you are already stuck. Perhaps you still have a savegame before you sent out your spies? If not you would have to restart the whole map or just move on to the next one. Thank you for your understanding!" --- so it looks like what i suspected was right. they didnt put the last mission at 100% or its bugged. hope they patch it soon
  8. i saw that which is why im thinkin it may be bugged. givin the flow of the rest of the campaign, it doesnt make sense that it would just leave u hangin like that with no direction at all. let me know tho if u get anything to happen
  9. Has anyone been able to finish this last mission of the tutorial campaign? when i sent out troops to find the camp in all 4 directions, they found nothing. then the game just goes on forever with no more story missions to do. could this be a bug? post any info u have below or any videos (pc or otherwise) that have this mission played out in full as i couldn't find any myself. thx
  10. ive had no issues so far. will let u all know if i do
  11. and Twitch streamers ive gotten games before release sometimes too
  12. so if one hasnt started, theres no point goin for platinum? are they all online only or could u grind out all the online stuff before shutdown, then do the rest offline after?
  13. i dont know what a Rata game is but thx lol
  14. how hard is this game to platinum? like if your not very good at 2D platformers
  15. ^^