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  1. I just have the handful of UR plars I've achieved, though I have been meaning to switch it up. Just haven't gotten around to doing it.
  2. @Squirlruler Looks ok to me, close enough anyway. Thanks for being the numbers cruncher again.
  3. Since we're in this for the long haul I'm going stick with doing a personal update once a month. I will say I'm off to a slow start so far so hopefully looking for some increase before February 1st.
  4. Maybe if they had adhered to that "commitment to quality" in the first place they wouldn't be in this position today.
  5. I would have to say God of War, especially the first game but the series as a whole would apply. I love the Greek mythology and ancient settings and it's always sucked me in more than most games with modern/futuristic settings. The gameplay itself just gives you a bit of everything from combat to platforming and puzzles. I like games that offer that kind of variety.
  6. Mostly MP trophies where coordination and cooperation are vital to their achievement. I'm ok with stuff like deathmatch, but if I've got to mic up my nerves just get to me and I usually blow it for the team. The Payday games are a prime example.
  7. Finally got the Protector Trials done in Bioshock 2 Remastered. That's 100% completion for the remastered collection. :yay:

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      Congrats ;) 

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      Congratz! 🎂

  8. 148 - Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle The Ultimate Slasher Superstar So this was my inebriated first purchase of the new year that thankfully didn't turn out to be a regrettable one. If you've every played Slayaway Camp it's basically that game with Mr. Vorhees himself as the star slasher. If not it's, as the title suggests, a puzzle game with murder being the goal. But you can't go hackin' at campers all willy-nilly, you need to set up kills in the correct order to reach the final kill of each level. Most are pretty simple but there's a rewind feature and Momma Vorhees is there (well her head anyway) with hints and emotional support. She'll even show you how to solve each level, making it a game of memory if you choose the quick and easy way. The game has two other modes, Daily Challenge is one level that changes each day but no help from Mom on these. Not too bad and with some date manipulation in system settings the trophy for a 13 day streak can be done in a half-hour or less. Then there's Murder Marathon where you have to time hitting on a bar to get as many kills in a row as you can. The sweet spot changes in size and location randomly and can be a challenge to get to the max kills trophies up to 30, still not too hard. There's plenty of content here, over a hundred levels and different weapons and skins for Jason. All of that is cosmetic though but still fun to mess around with. My only real complaint is that all of the kill animations, especially in Murder Marathon, get pretty repetitive for the amount of grinding a few trophies require. Otherwise it's a fun game, pretty easy but a bit of grind. If you like puzzles and murderous hockey goalies named Jason this may be worth a look for you. Difficultly: 2/10 Fun:8/10
  9. Oh yeah, I played the PS4 version. Derp! Sorry about that.
  10. The Vs. Mode trophies are online but pretty quick and easy, especially if you have a friend with the game. Couldn't say how much luck you'll have finding random players. If you're going for the plat be prepared for a loooong grind. Good luck!
  11. :platinum: 148- Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

    Lots of fun, not too difficult, and Jason in one game. Worked for me. I'll post more in the Most Recent Plat thread later.

  12. I know World War II has been done to death and beyond but I could see the Assassins working as spies against the Nazis. Plus the bonus of a chance to take out Hitler and his cronies AC style.
  13. Wanted a stress free plat to start a hopefully less stressful new year. I'd give it a 2/10 difficultly but 10/10 for fun.
  14. First plat of 2021 and #147: Cat Quest 2

    Just as good as the first game. I really had fun with it and glad to make it the new year's first.

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      Nice work! Such a pawesome game!

  15. 147- Cat Quest II Wanted to start the new year off with something fun,relaxing, and light-hearted so I went with this. Turned out to be a good choice. I really liked the first game and this is more of the same. If it ain't broke don't fix it. That said, it did take a few minutes to adjust to the ability to switch between two characters, a cat and a dog, but nothing bad. The story seemed shorter this time, but that's probably because there wasn't much getting used to anything jarringly different from the first. Not a long or challenging game but a lot of fun without feeling like a grind. There's a lot of collectibles and locations to find and the map certainly helps. In all this fit the bill for what I was looking to play as the first plat of 2021. If you liked the first game or just want to play a Zelda-type game with cats (and dogs) I highly recommend it.