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  1. Sorry for the long absence, work has left me with very little free time lately and Elden Ring has consumed most of it. I'm happy to report that I finally got the platinum the other day and closed the book on an absolutely amazing game! It was tough, especially in the beginning, but once I got going I had such a good time playing it. Definitely deserves all the hype. Plan was to go back and finish Okami, but I think after Elden Ring something more light- hearted is needed. And since PS+ offered up Spongebob, I think I'm going to take a trip to Bikini Bottom next then go back to Okami. I need to start focusing more on raising my completion percentage since we're a 1/3 of the way through the year already. Hope you're all doing well and making progress on your goals! 'Til next time.
  2. Assassin's Creed 2 and those feathers is one I'll always remember, being that it was my first plat and the first game I really focused on completing trophy wise. Infamous and the shard collecting is another one from the earlier days of trophy hunting that always comes to mind also. I don't mind collectibles so much, at least in respect to the number of them a game has. But games like the Soulsborne ones that require specific conditions be met or just plain luck aren't exactly my favorite.
  3. So I blew off Okami because I couldn't hold off on playing Elden Ring, and now it has consumed me. It's an amazing game so far but it's also kicking my ass. I'm getting more into it now that I've level up a bit, but man at first it was like trying to break through a brick wall with a cotton ball! Okami is mostly finishing collectibles and endgame stuff, so I am going to try splitting time between these two games until I finish one or the other. Likely Okami. Otherwise nothing of note to report this time. Take care everyone!
  4. You've just painted a target on your time.. enjoy that throne while it lasts!
  5. Been working alot of hours lately so I haven't had much time to check in here or for much gaming. Really focusing on Okami and getting it finished and I've made pretty good progress so far, though I did miss one collectible so I'll have to play NG+ to get it. I'm hopeful that the game will be done in the coming week. Elden Ring will likely be next, though I may hold off and try to chop down my backlog more before that. Hope everyone is well and making progress!
  6. I was kind of hyped until I read "cinematic universe", then I realized it's likely to be just a cash cow banking off of Bioshock. I hope I'm wrong and someone with a true love and familiarity for the games and the story will be in charge.
  7. Not much going on as far as any percentage changes, just grinding away at Okami at the moment. Had to start from scratch since I last played on PS3 and those saves are long lost. Taking it slow so I don't miss anything, so it's going to be a good while before I finish it. The only other game I've been playing is Don't Die Mr. Robot, and I have to get platinum on 15/ 50 more levels to finish that game. I'm close on a handful but the requirements are tough.
  8. I've finished One Eyed Kutkh to fill in the letter "O". Have a few more games in mind to get closer to a completed list.
  9. Well strap on your dancing shoes because that plat just went ping! Thanks again for the nudge I needed to finally stick with this and get it done. Edit: Just finished One Eyed Kutkh for the A-Z Non-Platinum Club Two monthly challenges completed today Earned a UR trophy (SWBFII ) Finished a game for another forum event (One Eyed Kutkh)
  10. Figured I'd summarize my month of January and take a little trip down memory lane Starting %: 78.91 Total Trophies: 240 Monthly Challenges Completed:9 Current %: 79.57 (+0.66%) Total : 8 Games Played Mortal Shell Earned 1 trophy in the DLC and haven't been back. I will eventually but for now it'll sit until the urge hits me. Find Me Earned ,fun puzzle/platformer that was pretty enjoyable overall. Teslagrad Earned finally. I just wanted it done and off my backlog. Corridor Z 100% complete, endless runner with zombies. This one was alot of fun. Bucket Knight Earned , Holiday Sale purchase that was ok but nothing memorable. Shady Part of Me Earned , Loved the art style and another enjoyable puzzle/platformer. Spartan Earned 3 trophies. Kind of a tough game. Platforming and moon physics are not a good mix. Chipping away at it slowly. Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series Earned , standard TT fare with a pretty good story line. Burnout Paradise Remastered Earned 2 trophies and finished a DLC. Another slow chipper for when I'm in a racing game mood. Deadlight Director's Cut Earned 1 trophy for the survival time challege. Still have one to complete along with Nightmare mode, which is aptly named. Shiny Earned , another off the Holiday Sale, decent platformer for the price. 9 Monkeys of Shaolin Earned , kung fu beat 'em up and another Holiday Sale purchase. Not bad but my hard playthrough was a button mashing fest Don't Die Mr. Robot Earned 11 trophies, fun time killer. 2 trophies to finish but they're going to be tough. I'll finish it sooner or later. Star Wars Battlefront II Earned 2 trophies that I never thought I'd have the patience for. One more for the plat, which will be very soon. The Pig D Earned , let's just forget this one, Piggy ain't no Mayo So that's a wrap on January '22! It'll likely be my best of the year only due to two weeks of the 'rona giving me alot of gaming time. Still though, I'm pleased with the progress I've made thus far in this event and am really enjoying being a part of it. Good job everyone and best of luck achieving your goals in the next 11 months!
  11. No worries, the PSN id works just as well. Thank you for asking though
  12. Well, what a fun little game of tit for tat! It's like seeing a game of Monopoly come to life with a bunch of developer's names on the board.
  13. While I was working today, for no reason in particular, I started thinking about that "game" I played yesterday. Then I realized that making it my fastest platinum also gave me a PSNP milestone and another challege completed this month. It made me chuckle a bit at how random a thought it seemed at the time.
  14. So I did some good gaming and some bad gaming today... On the good side I got the 500 hero kills trophy in SWBF 2 and got to level 45, so by next weekend the plat will be mine! Now the not so good...ahem I'm doing the Level Up! 2022 event and I've been stuck trying to figure out a game with a common plat to play. Nothing in my PS4 library so with an extra $2 in my PSN wallet I got The Pig D. Whatever, a My Name Is Mayo knockoff I thought. It was but at least Mayo tried to add a little humor. Piggy just asks you to hold R1 for a few minutes and boom, platinum achieved. All I got from that experience were some trophies and knowledge that my R1 button is fully functional. Just bad and I feel bad. It is my new fastest platinum, there to likely forever haunt my milestones. The Big D indeed! Did bump up my complettion % up a little chunk though.
  15. Updated my list with The Pig D plat to close out the common level and the gold trophy quest. I was desperate to move on from common so I put on my most slutty trophy whore outfit and sat holding the R1 button for two minutes of a "game". I feel dirty now, time for a shameful shower. Once I can look myself in the mirror again I'll get an uncommon list together.