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  1. Haven't received points for PS store purchases in over a month, and the new pass system still isn't up and running. It's to the point I'm just going to forget it exists and move on. Seems like Sony already has.
  2. Didn't finish it, got the trophies and I was out. Not ashamed of it, sometimes it's nice after playing a game for awhile to have a quicky. I'm a dirty trophy whore.
  3. I noticed quite a few games on your wishlist that you noted you weren't a fan of. Focus on the ones you like, it'll make the experience more enjoyable that slogging through games you're not stoked on playing. Good luck to you, I don't think I could start fresh like that.
  4. MP only and battle royale games. To me they're just unimaginative and too competitive for my taste.
  5. State of Anarchy:Master of Mayhem, a fun twin stick shooter with a hand drawn art style. Got the platinum just yesterday and other than a few grindy trophies I really enjoyed it. It came out in August and as of today has 108 owners.
  6. I'm just glad that I don't possess the kind of competitive nature that would have me call fellow trophy hunters "opponents" .
  7. Personally I like both series about the same, but would give God of War the edge because I'm fascinated by ancient mythology. Hopefully this doesn't turn into another opinion bashing thread like similar ones lately.
  8. This just sounds like the OP wanting to pad the rankings in their favor. Inactive players won't increase their rank, but you will if you put in the effort. Don't ask PSNP to do the work for you.
  9. If you're going after the plat I'd say the sooner the better since there are a few MP trophies, and some involving community maps if I recall. Never know how long the servers will be up, especially this being an older game. I had fun playing it. Some of the collectibles were a bit of a chore and some challenging parts, nothing a little perseverance won't get you through. Never really dipped my toes in the DLC, probably never will.
  10. Censorship in any form is a slippery slope, though I just don't understand how a lack of boobies and buttcrack is detrimental to games. I guess since I'm not into the types of games in question it doesn't bother me, but it could open the door for other aspects to come under scrutiny. Regardless of my opinion, people should be able to voice their own either way without the keyboard badasses going off on them.
  11. Same here. I'll delete it when the devs say that's it. Pretty impressed that they keep these events coming after this long, especially for free.
  12. Maybe it's that I'm getting older (45 in a few months) and probably lazier, but I personally enjoy games like TLOU that focus on narrative more than gameplay. It's not like these games are a new thing. Remember Metal Gear Solid 4? That said I do think and hope TLOU2 will even those elements out. Games with the opposite focus just as well. Frantic, sweaty palm-inducing,call your controller racial slurs... it just depends on what I'm down for at the time. There's more than enough room for both in my opinion .
  13. Depends on if you like an open world or a more linear SP story. Never got far into MP on either of the original games but I enjoyed both fairly equally. Haven't played RDR2 yet and I'd imagine TLOU2 won't stray far from the first in most aspects. Can't judge two games I've not played so all I can say is play both when the time comes and decide for yourself .
  14. Doesn't surprise me. Seems like most times I play there's that one guy running around as a Jedi shortly after the match starts, too soon to have the BP to use them.
  15. Forgot I signed up for this, bump me up to Lord of Cinder please . Just have Dark Souls left to complete the list. Does the remaster count for that?