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  1. Plat #133: Gauntlet

    What a grindfest of a game! I really had fun playing at first but the trophies were a chore. Thankfullly I got lucky and a few randoms basically carried me through the last dozen flloors for the Endless mode trophy. Good game, a bunch of UR trophies with the plat being my new rarest. Happy for the plat but I'm glad it's over.

  2. I bought SotC a while back, still need to go back and finish it up. Not too sure about Sonic though.
  3. Probably the plat for Godzilla. That is not a grind I'd be willing to suffer again.
  4. Got my 3rd game/category in the bag... Make More Money - Quest of Dungeons: Gold Collector ( Pick 500k gold )
  5. I played a few Rata games
  6. There's quite a few games on my profile that were from before I cared about trophies and completions, most if not all that I'll likely never revisit. Any of the Guitar Hero or Rock Band games would be my choice since there's 0% chance I'll play any of them ever again.
  7. Got my 2nd game of the event today... Go To The Gym: Dusty Raging Fist Pretty much every character is jacked.
  8. Plat #130: Dusty Raging Fist ... Got it on sale recently because I liked the art style. Not a bad beat 'em up, I had fun playing it. Trophies are rather easy other than a couple of out of the way collectibles, though on the downside the controls could've used a bit more polish. Some parts wrere trickier than they should have been due to slow responses to the stick movement.

    Overall an average but decent game .

  9. Plat # 128: MechaNika & # 129: Halloween Forever

    Both relatively short, easy plats but enjoyable games nonetheless. 

  10. Do Better In School: MechaNika The first part of the game takes place at school. Fun game but much shorter than I expected. Like it's predecessor, Agatha Knife, it was loaded with pop culture references and humor. Easy, quick plat but worth a play.
  11. Even though I was hoping for a more traditional Darksiders game to play as the final horseman Strife, this still looks fun and I'll eventually pick it up.
  12. The Last of Us Remastered... missed the plat on PS3 so I'm going for it this time. Still a long way to go though.
  13. Didn't make mnch progress percentage wise, but at least I finished a good amount of games over the year.
  14. Plat 127 & 100% #184 Darksiders 3: Last one of the year and what a glitchy, game crashing, pain it was. Such a step backward from the previous games. 

    Happy New Year PSNP!

  15. Really enjoyed the last two events you put on @eigen-space so I'm in of course. No ideas game-wise yet, but surely I can come up at least five in the given timeframe.