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  1. My trophy thoughts? Where are they? That's the only thought I have after seeing that piss poor list.
  2. 100% profiles just seem like too much work and I don't like to mix business with pleasure.
  3. Never got a chance to play this on PS3 so I'm super excited to finally play it. I even pre-ordered, which is something I very rarely do.
  4. I'm not even close to level 50 so there's still a faint glimmer of hope it'll be fixed by the time I reach it. Not so sure EA is giving up just yet since the Han Solo movie tie-in content is coming soon, the end of this week I believe. After that who knows, as a Star Wars fan I just try to have fun with the game for what it is and stress about the trophies later.
  5. Horizon: Zero Dawn because I spent a lot of time standing on the side of a mountain looking over that horizon.
  6. Ever since I bought a PS4 it's more about wanting to experience as many games as my busy life will afford me. I still go for plats/100% when feeling up to the task, but I don't let it dictate how or what I play so much. It really boils down to the game and if it feels worth it for me, considering the time it'll take and how into the game I am.
  7. Maybe Mayo, but at .99 I can't feel too bad about it.
  8. Got First Light just to add it to pile of games I haven't played yet.
  9. Glad to see it's not just me struggling with that level. The rest of the game has been easy peasy up to now. Feels like I'm fighting the controls instead of bullies.
  10. I got the free PSN code message about a year ago, just deleted it and blocked whoever sent it. Haven't seen another one since then.
  11. Nintendo really likes to straddle the line between innovation and gimmick. Suppose time will tell which category the Switch falls under.
  12. 100% #110 Well that was... something. Not sure what this "game" is other than a few easy trophies and in my opinion a waste of a couple of hours. If you like walking REALLY slow and feeling dumb because you can't use a crowbar properly then Datura is for you. Only saving grace here was that it was a PS+ game so at least time was the only thing I had to spend.
  13. Got two plats today, first time I've ever had a multi-plat day! Deadpool and Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion XL

    1. Fidel


      Nice work! 

  14. # 63 Okay, you can sell the game now Deadpool (PS3) I thought this was a pretty good game. Aside from a pretty meh story and severe lack of enemy variety they did the Merc with the mouth justice with the humor and fourth wall breakage. Combat was fun, mixing melee and gunplay with upgradeable weapons from swords to laser rifles. Not too difficult, but there were a few parts toward the end where the difficulty spike was a bit brutal. Worth playing for Deadpool fans. This was also my second plat of the day, which is the first time I've ever done that
  15. # 62 Punchtime Explosion Pro Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion XL Similar to PlayStation All-stars Battle Royale but I had more fun with this. Really easy plat aside from a couple of tedious trophies. The biggest disappointment was the cutscenes and the lack of voiceovers. That just seemed lazy on the developer's part. On the plus side it was only 99 cents so the few negatives weren't a big issue.