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  1. Driveclub. I have the plat but I'm not patient or competent enough for the 100%.
  2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice My reflexes are definitely not what they used to be so it took me longer than most to "git gud" enough to finish it. I just never gave up and got through it with sheer perseverance, a lot of luck, and admittedly a little slice of cheese. In the end it felt gratifying and worth the effort, and it helps that it's an amazing game.
  3. #115 Burnout Paradise Remastered Burnout Paradise Elite Never played this when it first came out on PS3, and while I'm not really into racing games this was a lot of fun. All the over the top stunts, violent crashes, ridiculous speed into oncoming traffic... everything I've ever liked about the Burnout games was here and then some. A few grindy trophies but nothing outrageous. I got lucky and knocked out all the online trophies for the base game in just a couple of sessions with some surprisingly helpful randoms.
  4. Nothing a little system software update won't fix, right Sony?
  5. Plat # 115: Burnout Paradise Remastered. That last license is a bit of a grind but it was a fun game. 

  6. If I'm into the game I try to get the plat/100% before moving on, if it's a game I'm indifferent about then maybe I'll start something else and go back to it later. I tend to finish a game and then go back to multiple incomplete ones for a bit before starting anything new.
  7. Horizon: Zero Dawn is a game that'll likely be at or near the top of my favorite game list forever. Everything about it just hit the right buttons for me from the story to the gameplay. Anyone that hasn't played it is really cheating themselves out of something special.
  8. Hyped for some Contra but that sure is an uninspired trophy set.
  9. I'm good with my PS4 for the foreseeable future. No need to spend hundreds of dollars for some extra bells and whistles just because it's new. I waited a couple of years before getting the PS4, so I've got no problem doing the same for the next next gen console.
  10. Same issue, same game as you @Blackmist_FFXI. Figures this would happen with 3X XP going on Edit: It seems to be working now. Just played a few matches with no problems.
  11. My profile is full of ASS 😤
  12. What was the first video game you ever played?
  13. I looked at an Xbox achievement guide, which gave it a completion time between 30 min. to an hour and a 3/10 difficulty due to the trophy @MidnightDragon mentioned. Looks like an easy, relaxing game that isn't just selling trophies. Might give it a try for the price.
  14. I do like the idea and agree with @Kittet3 on the placement of the ribbons. I assume these would self adjust over time with fluctuating rarities?
  15. Just started playing this again off and on so this works out well for me. Now if I could just get better at the Starfighter modes