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  1. It gets repetitive pretty quickly but at least make me finish the game to earn the plat. I feel like I bought trophies instead of a game.
  2. Both franchises are too multiplayer-centric for my taste so I don't pay much attention to them.
  3. Been wanting to play Shadow of the Colossus so I had to pick it up, otherwise not much that interests me. The sale is for 10 days so maybe more will be added for NA before it's over.
  4. I don't see where Sony is at fault for this. Yeah, the site is a turd but if you knew about the rewards program maybe you should've check it out to see if anything needed to be done on your part to get the points. Besides that I think you only need click the challenge once, then it rolls over automatically each time you complete it. A little time and research could've saved you some grief.
  5. Looks like there's no danger of my backlog growing this month. Not going to complain, just nothing that interests me this time.
  6. My trophy thoughts? Where are they? That's the only thought I have after seeing that piss poor list.
  7. 100% profiles just seem like too much work and I don't like to mix business with pleasure.
  8. Never got a chance to play this on PS3 so I'm super excited to finally play it. I even pre-ordered, which is something I very rarely do.
  9. I'm not even close to level 50 so there's still a faint glimmer of hope it'll be fixed by the time I reach it. Not so sure EA is giving up just yet since the Han Solo movie tie-in content is coming soon, the end of this week I believe. After that who knows, as a Star Wars fan I just try to have fun with the game for what it is and stress about the trophies later.
  10. Horizon: Zero Dawn because I spent a lot of time standing on the side of a mountain looking over that horizon.
  11. Ever since I bought a PS4 it's more about wanting to experience as many games as my busy life will afford me. I still go for plats/100% when feeling up to the task, but I don't let it dictate how or what I play so much. It really boils down to the game and if it feels worth it for me, considering the time it'll take and how into the game I am.
  12. Maybe Mayo, but at .99 I can't feel too bad about it.
  13. Got First Light just to add it to pile of games I haven't played yet.
  14. Glad to see it's not just me struggling with that level. The rest of the game has been easy peasy up to now. Feels like I'm fighting the controls instead of bullies.
  15. I got the free PSN code message about a year ago, just deleted it and blocked whoever sent it. Haven't seen another one since then.