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  1. These games aren't popular because of their gameplay, nobody talks about the gameplay. It's the quick and easy trophies and multiple stacks that everyone talks about. Most people aren't buying them for the gameplay, they're just buying trophies.
  2. That's all true but, at least as far as what I've seen here from the constant threads on this forum for these games, it's all about the trophies you can quickly amass with multiple stacks and not about how the games themselves play. At least if you don't count the "Is this game easy?" threads. That's about as close to mentioning anything about gameplay most of these games get. And that's from both sides of the fence. It doesn't bother me if people play these games or not, if they want to chase UR plats or just want to pad their leaderboard stats with easy plats, or whatever they do with gaming that they enjoy. I'm just tired of seeing it everywhere on this site week after week.
  3. Everything I read about these ports from this dev is about the fast plat times and multiple stacks, but very little about the actual games themselves. They're basically just selling trophies and disguising it as porting games. I've bought and played a few of the games at the beginning, but seeing how they blatantly exploit trophy addiction for profit I won't support them with my wallet anymore.
  4. It's easy to ignore these games if you stop putting so much stock in where you're positioned on some leaderboard. Dozens of "Is this game easy?" or "How many stacks?" threads for every one that releases on the other hand, that is annoying and makes PSNP look like some bastardized version of Twittter.
  5. Went ahead and made the switch and can happily report no ill effects so far. I'm sure once everything is set here I'll be good to go.
  6. I just worry about what games I'm playing and give no shits if someone wants to stack a dozen versions of the same game and fill their profile with simple games. I'm happy with what I accomplish trophy-wise for myself and not some inflated sense of internet glory because of having X amount of whatever the hot stat of the week is. Trophies are fine just the way they are in my opinion.
  7. Great job on the badges, love the way they look! Thanks again to everybody involved and congrats to all the participants.
  8. As EA Sports would say.. It's in the game!
  9. Depends on how much I like the game and what the game offers beyond 100% of the trophies. If there's something that adds to a story that I'm interested in I'll push on, but if it's for a concept photo of some area that never made it into the game? Nah, probably not.
  10. I'll be finishing with 9/10, the camera I borrowed for the peripheral category was a bust and didn't work. Either way I got a few games off my backlog thanks to this event so I'm satisfied with what I got accomplished.
  11. It's harder at the moment but that's what I was expecting, knowing the pace of combat would be much faster than the Soulsborne games. My timing with parries is atrocious now but every time I play it gets better, so I'm confident it'll all click eventually.
  12. I'd be happy to get any value back for digital purchases I no longer need, it's better than the nothing we get right now.
  13. I don't have a problem starting a new game if it's one that I really want to play or have been looking forward to, all other factors be damned.. Just any random game though and I end up with a mental pros and cons list before I decide to start it. With work and family I feel like I need to try to make my game time worth it for the most part.
  14. Looks like I'll be able to finish this event properly after all, found a camera I'll be able to borrow. Hopefully I'll be able to get The Playroom done this weekend and close this thing out with 10 out of 10.
  15. I like the beginning of a game, everything is unknown and the fun is just starting. I have mixed feelings about late/post game, on one hand it's a rush knowing the end is near but I find that with games I've really enjoyed it's a little bittersweet knowing I've milked it for all its worth. Sure I can replay it, but it'll never be the same as that first time.