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  1. Less than I'd spend on cocaine and hookers if I weren't addicted to video games, but probably an amount I'd likely grossly underestimate.
  2. I'm sure plenty of devs have been complaining to Sony about their games being buried under this avalanche of shovelware.
  3. I'm not sure what the trophy requirements could have been, but I played Pong enough that surely I would have met them.
  4. Made it to level 48 so far in this ridiculous game called life. Running out of extra lives and power- ups, and it gets more laggy every day. Any of you younger folks got extra items to trade?
  5. Hey, long time since my last update. Still gaming as much as my chaotic balancing act with work and personal life allows. Managed to complete a few games and bump my percentage up a smidge. Darksiders Genesis: Nothing like the previous trio of games but it was fun. A few tricky puzzles and a bit repetitive after a while. Gives me a plat for each game in the series so I'm happy with that. Bloodstained Ritual of the Night: Very grindy for the last few trophies but a good side scrolling old school RPG. Stray: The hype is worth it in my opinion. Just a great gaming experience all around. Trophy-wise it wasn't bad but even though I got it pretty easily I hate speed run trophies. I like to stop and smell the roses, not rush over and trample them. Got my percentage up to 80.17, still a long way from 85% but I'm still trying. See ya soon!
  6. About time to change that platinum trophy icon to a platinum dollar sign instead.
  7. Stoked to see another skateboarder around, thanks for sharing the video! Fun read all around.
  8. Hey thanks for answering my questions! Good luck with completing that collection. Nice interview, it was a pleasure to read.
  9. Just a quick little update here Worked a little on The Last of Us Remastered and got the Left Behind DLC completed. Probably going to try to finish up the SP trophies in the next few weeks, time allowing as usual. Killing Floor 2 dropped another update and a new trophy so I got that taken care of.This game just never ends! Lastly I played a new game called Kruger. It looked like a fun retro platformer but it was very short and easy. Not what I expected and rather disappointing. Ending on a high note, I reached 80% completion today. Still alot of work to do in order to make my 85% goal, but it feels good to hit that mark. Feels like I've been at 78-79% forever. Until next time, take care everyone! Edit: 80% didn't last long lol. Decided to upgrade my PS+ and found Darksiders Genesis, which I've been wanting to play to finish the series. Definitely different from the other games but so far I'm enjoying it. I'll be back to 80% in no time.
  10. What comics are your favorite? Rarest? Obligatory comic fan question, what super power would you have given the choice and why
  11. Popping in to say hi and see how everyone is coming along. Finally have a few days off from work to look after my cat, Lando. Poor little guy is at the vet being neutered today which was a good enough excuse to get a break. Haven't had much gaming time of late but I'm hoping to get some accomplished over my four day weekend. Still working on Okami but the RNG and boredom of the fishing game are making it a grind. I've also been giving thought to getting back to Hollow Knight, but it's been so long since I last played that I may as well start fresh with it again. That's the plan at least. Good luck and take care to you all!
  12. Whether I'm interesting enough to be interviewed or not is debatable, but sure why not? Sign me up as well, sounds fun!
  13. Well again I must apologize, my work schedule remains at indentured slave levels and looks to be so for the foreseeable future, but I'm still in this thing just not as actively here as I'd rather be. I have managed some game time though, especially now that I've scratched that Elden Ring itch enough for now. Finished the following since I last posted: Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated- Just the break I needed after parting the elderly from their jewelry for a couple of months. I used to watch the show daily with my daughter when she was little so this was a trip down memory lane. Plus it was really fun. My Name Is Mayo 3- Trading a sore thumb for trophies in a nutshell. But I had to finish the trilogy right!? 60 Seconds Reatomized- A game I bought in a recent sale. You're tasked with keeping a family alive in a bomb shelter after a nuclear blast, managing and scavenging for supplies until rescue arrives or the family meets its end from lack of food and water or gangs of savage bandits. Very RNG but addicting. Also a shiny new UR as well. Fairly productive all things considered and I'm flirting with 80% completion now. Still quite a way to hit my goal, but hitting 80% will be motivating. Hope all of you are well and as always best of luck. Hopefully I'll be able to do this again in less than a month and half this time. Take care!
  14. Sorry for the long absence, work has left me with very little free time lately and Elden Ring has consumed most of it. I'm happy to report that I finally got the platinum the other day and closed the book on an absolutely amazing game! It was tough, especially in the beginning, but once I got going I had such a good time playing it. Definitely deserves all the hype. Plan was to go back and finish Okami, but I think after Elden Ring something more light- hearted is needed. And since PS+ offered up Spongebob, I think I'm going to take a trip to Bikini Bottom next then go back to Okami. I need to start focusing more on raising my completion percentage since we're a 1/3 of the way through the year already. Hope you're all doing well and making progress on your goals! 'Til next time.
  15. Assassin's Creed 2 and those feathers is one I'll always remember, being that it was my first plat and the first game I really focused on completing trophy wise. Infamous and the shard collecting is another one from the earlier days of trophy hunting that always comes to mind also. I don't mind collectibles so much, at least in respect to the number of them a game has. But games like the Soulsborne ones that require specific conditions be met or just plain luck aren't exactly my favorite.