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  1. The time glitch still works, that's how I finished it. Even with it the game still takes some time to complete but nowhere nearly as long as if you attempt it legitimately.
  2. # 119 Marvel's Spider-Man Not much I can say that hasn't been said already, now onto the DLC!
  3. 0-Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry (2440) 1-AdVenture Capitalist (5181) 2-Hue (5222) 3-Marvel's Spider-Man (8143) 4-NBA 2K18: The Prelude (6584) 5-What Remains of Edith Finch (6075) 6-Batman: The Telltale Series (5146) 7-Refunct (9197) 8-Paraiso Island (8838) 9-Godzilla (3689) Finished the base game for Spider-Man and now the list is complete. Thanks to @eigen-space for another fun event! Looking forward to the next one.
  4. Better off not worrying about these games because it'll never change. "Is this game easy?" threads are the new norm and these games have more stacks than an IHOP special. The weekly trophy sale is here to stay as long as people "enjoy" these games, though without a plat that likely wouldn't be the case.
  5. I use one but solely for testing the waters on games I'm not sure I'll enjoy, usually PS+ offerings and the like. I don't maintain any trophy hunting with it, often deciding whether to start the game on my main account before I pop the first trophy on the alt. It has nothing to do with game difficulty or trophies. I honestly use the alt very rarely, and mostly for self-boosting 9/10 times.
  6. South Park: The Stick of Truth Platinum Trophy
  7. , 118 First started playing this a couple of years, got the majority of the trophies in a few days time. Not the most polished game, the controls are pretty sluggish ( though in all honestly you're playing as a giant kaiju so it feels kind of authentic), the graphics are lackluster but passable, and the gameplay gets repetitive pretty fast. If you're not really a fan of the franchise then this game probably won't do much for you. So the worst part was the grind for "evolving" each playable kaiju. Extremely repetitive and easy to get burned out on. So a few hours here, a couple of days there and slowly I finally finished them all. The grind was tedious but as a Godzilla fan it felt worth it to me, not to mention it's now my rarest plat.
  8. 0-Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry (2440) 1-AdVenture Capitalist (5181) 2-Hue (5222) 3- 4-NBA 2K18: The Prelude (6584) 5-What Remains of Edith Finch (6075) 6-Batman: The Telltale Series (5146) 7-Refunct (9197) 8-Paraiso Island (8838) 9-Godzilla (3689) Godzilla is finally done! Man, the grind for those last two trophies was tedious at times but as a fan of the franchise I'm glad to add it to the trophy cabinet. Just need to decide on what to play for 3. Marvel's Spider-Man is the likely candidate.
  9. One more for Hollow Knight, still need to go back to it but it is a special kind of game and needs to be played. Recently I played Hue and really liked it a lot. It's a fun puzzle/platformer and the color changing mechanic was really cool.
  10. What was it that got you interested in molecular biology?
  11. I've already said I'm all for the ribbon system, my point is that they don't represent anything that's not already visible on your profile so I don't get the backlash over them.
  12. Ribbons aren't going to show you anything more than what looking through someone's profile will, they'd just make it more at a glance.
  13. Very close to finishing Godzilla for my 9, maybe another couple of days and it's done. Only a 3 left after that and I've got a few options to consider, so I'm pretty confident in completing this event.
  14. Might be the only ribbon the "I don't care about trophies but my trophy card is in my signature" crowd would put any effort toward.
  15. I just see a ribbon system like the one proposed as more stats to look at, just another measuring stick for my personal enjoyment. Stats are fun!