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  1. I don't think game reviews that are paid off are very reliable anyway. IGN is basically just one big advertisement for whatever flavor of the day ponies up the most cash.
  2. Nothing that I've really avoided due to difficulty, though the recent trend of battle royale games is a bandwagon I won't be jumping on.
  3. I think maybe some of these games wouldn't be so bad, trophy-wise, if you had to actually finish the game to earn them all. It's more the trophy requirements at fault than it is the game being "bad" in some instances. Except for Little Adventure on the Prairie... there's nothing excusable at all about that mess.
  4. I've played some of them, I don't go out of my way to play them. Usually it's when the PSN wallet is low and I see one on the cheap. It does kinda devalue the whole point of plats when you can stack a dozen regions on multiple systems and have a mess of them from these type of games in a hour or two, but it's whatever.
  5. Nothing that won't be half that price next week or PS+ next month.
  6. Here's my updated list. My daughter found a friend in school who may have a camera I can borrow for the last category I need.
  7. One of the problems for people playing MP for trophies is that, unless you're part of a boosting session or playing with friends, most of the other players don't care about trophies. Sometimes that's not a problem, but more often it just makes it a hassle and sucks the fun out of even trying.
  8. Yeah, wish I still had my PS2 so I could play it again. Like you said, it's not really deserving but for strictly selfish reasons I'd be happy to see it. Bodycount... forgot about that one. Played the demo for a few minutes and nope, not for me.
  9. Been a long time so I don't remember a ton about it, but every time I think about older games this one pops in my head. Whether it's deserving of a remake/remaster is debatable, but I'd personally be excited for a chance to play it again with newer tech.
  10. MP is probably the top of my list. It's usually too competitive for my taste, and often unnecessarily tacked on to SP games that don't need it.
  11. If you could travel to any point in time, past or future, when would it be and why?
  12. Glitches, cheat codes, boosting... all of that kind of "cheating" is within the realm of what can be done within the game. Nothing worthy of a flag or a ban. i don't know specifically what the OP did but I'd reckon it wasn't anything like those examples. Banning from the leaderboards is the right call, but I do think the OP should still be able to utilize the site for tracking trophies or whatever.
  13. There should be a sub- forum for all the "another easy one" threads by now should'nt there?
  14. There's still plenty of time left, no need to worry about updates. Your health is more important. Get well soon!
  15. Don't really have an opinion on the PS3/Vita games other than MGS4 is a pretty good sendoff for Plus. Hitman is the game that catches my eye the most. Probably add the cross-buy games to the library as well. I don't really know enough about For Honor to feel any way about it, but it'll likely get added to the library too. Don't think I'd ever need all that storage, but it's nice to know it's there.