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  1. Mayo doesn't really bother me as much to be honest, LAOTP was just a horrible and regrettable experience all around, and the others are more not liking how they do business more than anything being wrong with the games themselves. A couple of them, like the Midnight ones, at least took some degree of effort. And I agree with you on small fast games being worth a try, it's just my opinion that there are some better ones out there than what they have to offer.
  2. Little Adventure on the Prairie, maybe Mayo but when I got that one I was new to the PS4 and just looking to take in everything I could ( the $.99 price didn't hurt either), and any of the ones I got from you know who and their ports.
  3. Plat #123 and 100% #180: Agatha Knife... not PETA approved.

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  4. # 123 Agatha Knife A simple point-and-click game that tasks you with helping young Agatha Knife form a religion to aid her Mum's failing butcher shop, as well as helping solve a personal dilemma of her own. Agatha loves animals, but she loves butchering and eating their meat just as much and hates that the animals are afraid of her (and her butcher's knives). Throughout the game you find different aspects of forming your new religion, meeting strange characters along the way and solving some simple puzzles. There's some dark, morbid humor as well as various pop culture references scattered in the various places you'll explore along the way. It's a cute game with some twisted humor and a relatively painless plat. If you're looking for something fun and effortless and like point-and-click games I'd recommend taking a look at this one.
  5. The game looks like fun and the trophies look fairly straight forward, but I don't know if it'd be worth the price. Maybe if/when it goes on sale, but $30 is a little steep for this.
  6. Looking forward to this new DLC, looks to be something actually new instead of what the Jopo update offered. Any excuse to go back to this hilarious game is a good one to me.
  7. Platinum #122: Assassin's Creed Origins... now to get the sand out of my boots.

  8. # 122 Assassin's Creed: Origins Haven't really gotten into this series very much aside from a couple of games, but this compared to the older entries I've played was much more enjoyable. Very little of the Abstergo/Animus plot and more than enough to keep me busy. The climbing feels much easier and more intuitive to me and the combat was more fluid. The only thing that was a drawback for me was the map size, especially when going for the Old Habits trophy. That seemed like it would never end. And snakes.... so many snakes hiding in the dark. I HATE snakes so the first time I unwittingly stepped on a cobra made me jump a bit. All said I really had a blast with this game. Glad I did the DLC before the Old Habits trophy because after all that I've had my fill of Egypt.
  9. But...but LIL' WAYNE is in the commercial, how can it possibly be bad!?
  10. @Beyondthegrave07 Looking at the amount of members who have some very impressive totals and obviously put a ton of effort into this, I'd like to respectfully be omitted from the PSN card giveaway for participating. They deserve at least a better statistical chance
  11. A whopping 6 from me, all from Assassin's Creed Origins. I plan to be better prepared, and hopefully migraine free, next year.
  12. Been dealing with a migraine most of the day so my efforts have been less than I was hoping, but a handful are better than none I guess. Seen some pretty impressive totals here, nice job all!
  13. Until the day kids stop stealing their parents' credit card and adults with more money than sense stop making these practices lucrative to these publishers, then there's not much that'll change. Otherwise every time they choose to include lootboxes in games they'd better nut up and expect some pushback.
  14. Managed to get a few in Assassin's Creed Origins so far, hopefully I'll have time throughout the day for a few more. Won't be anywhere near 100 but every trophy helps the cause.
  15. Maybe I was just unlucky, but the few times I gave MP a try on PS3 I just met a bunch of overly competitive players with jock mentalities about being #1. That's just not fun to me. Sucks for those who had fun with it, though. But with so many games to play I'm not looking for longevity, just a good game.