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  1. Well, at least I moved forward instead of backward. Assassin's Creed Odyssey has sucked up what time I do manage to get some gaming in. Thankfully I almost have it done and can start making better progress in May.
  2. Seriously, adulting is some bullshit! Another hectic month with little gaming time, but I'm hoping that having a 4 day weekend for Easter will give me a good start to April.
  3. Didn't expect so many games in this entire promotion, and all at once no less. Good on ya Sony
  4. :platinum: 154: Control

    Story-wise it wasn't the greatest but the gameplay and exploration were pretty fun. Just need to mop up a few DLC trophies for 100%.

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    2. MossyOakRcn42



    3. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

    4. Stephanie Dola

      Stephanie Dola

      Well done. :)


      I have the game as well. Though I need to wrapped my head around it lol.

  5. Essentially the same ol', same ol' sale games. It's digital so it's not like they're cutting inventory with these sales. Suppose it's not entirely up to Sony though what goes on sale.
  6. Turned 47 today Starting to feel like an old timer now.

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      Happy birthday! 

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      Happy birthday!

    4. Sofa King

      Sofa King

      Thanks again everyone! Even though we're all,for the most part, just anonymous strangers on the Internet please believe me when I say the birthday wishes are very much appreciated.  

  7. Oh man what a dumper of a month for me. Just didn't have the time or motivation but now that some personal issues have been resolved I'll have more time, and hopefully more focus.
  8. Oh well, already platted it but still a good gesture from Sony. Curious as to what games they'll offer in the coming months.
  9. Resident Evil Revelations 2 (PS4) Have to do all 4 chapters in Countdown and Invisible yet for the . I hate speedruns so this'll likely take me some time.
  10. I thought it would work so that once you got trophies in one version that would locked in as the one that counts. So if I play first on PS4 then play again on PS5, the PS4 trophies would count, not the PS5. Same if going back to PS3 and playing, the PS4 list should count since I played it first and locked it in. Same with regions, whatever you play first should count.
  11. Not to hijack the thread but since @Ragowit replied I have a question. In determining what games/trophies are counted, why would a new version take precedence over previous versions? For example, I have Telltale's The Walking Dead series done other than the last game. On your site those don't count, only the definitive edition does. Seems like it should be the opposite and the latest game shouldn't count. First come, first served.
  12. Plat 153 Drunken Fist

    It looked like a fun, cheesy game and a perfect time waster for this frigid Saturday morning. Unfortunately the controls are complete garbage. I get that your character is drunk and the controls are supposed to simulate that, but it was too much and made it frustrating enough to call it quits after the plat. They can't all be winners I guess.

  13. No need to do 13 days legit, you can change the date in system settings and get the trophy in less than an hour.
  14. I stick to Playstation, but that's by preference not fanboyism. In my younger days though I played on whatever I could get my hands on. I have to admit trophy hunting does play a role as well.
  15. @Aodir is spot on. Been waiting for a 2x XP weekend to get those respective trophies done. The last few characters I have left for 100 kills trophies haven't really been much fun to play as so that grind is a bit of a chore for me.
  16. Been a long time since I've played on the PS3, and it felt a little deflating to be honest. Only thing that's sucking away my motivation is that this is my 2nd PS3. The original fried and due to my procrastination all my saves suffered the same fate, with no backups.:facepalm:

    Killer Is Dead kills me the mission left to AAA rank for the plat:facepalm::facepalm:

    Remember kids, back up those saves!! 

    But I want to stick with it since I have quite a few incomplete games I'd like to finish or at least chip a few trophies off.

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      Yeah I wish I backed up my save on Final Fantasy 13 would have gotten that platinum a few year ago, but my hard drive corrupted and lost a lot of saves from that needless to say it was probably the saltiest I've been since I lost my gamecube saves from memory card corruption. Ended up not playing my PS3 for quite sometime either due to that.
      I do have it currently connected though been playing a few games on that at the moment.

    2. Sofa King

      Sofa King

      I was lucky enough to afford a PS4 shortly after my first PS3 died, so that helped soften the blow somewhat. I've been trying to improve my completion % lately and my PS3 games are a hefty chunk of the incomplete games on my profile. 

  17. Yep, happened to me as well. I believe it popped shortly after the first match I played.
  18. I feel super childish but the plat being "Shaft Master" made me giggle a little.
  19. After 5+ years I finally unlocked the last challenge in Entwined for the last two trophies I needed for 100%!

    I'm so happy to get this game done. I didn't think I ever be able to.

    1. JoesusHCrust


      Nice one! Congratulations! I bet it felt good to be able to delete that from your back catalogue after five years. :)

    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂 Always nice to finish off a backlog brute, right? 😁

  20. Month 1 Update: January 2021 Starting %: 77.7 Current %: 78.08 ------------------- Total Trophies 1/1/21: 10,158 Current 10,319 -------------------------- Started Games: 355 Current: 360 -------------- Completed Games: 204 Current: 212 ------------- Total : 147 Current: 152 -------------- Completed Games Cat Quest 2: First plat of the year! Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle Bioshock 2 Remastered Skater XL: My current most UR Rainbows,Toilets & Unicorns: 150th ! Horizon Chase Turbo Zombies Ruined My Day HiQ Ace Unlimited Entwined: Finally unlocked the last challenge... over 6 years later! So happy with this 100% --------------------- Not a big gain in % for the first month but getting a few games off the incomplete list gave me a confidence boost to get more finished. Really going to try to avoid starting any new games in February and see how many more I can scratch off, or at least whittle down. I have a few that are close to 100% so we'll see how the month goes.
  21. Pretty good month, been waiting to pull the trigger on buying Control and now I don't have to. Concrete Genie looks fun, though I'm not too keen on the 100% requiring VR.
  22. 152: Zombies Ruined My Day Picked this up for a few dollars, looked like it could a fun game. It was actually a little better than expected and more challenging as well. Basically each level has a set number of zombies to kill to complete it. Certain ones drop various weapons that are your standard fare like shotguns, grenades, etc. Most of the game is fairly easy, but the later levels are tougher with dozens of zombies on screen at once. It takes some ammo management and a little planning for those, but nothing terribly hard. It's a short game, 3 levels with 9 stages each, boss fights being the last stage of each. None really posed much challenge though and were the easiest stages of the game. I didn't really expect to enjoy this game as much as I did, but it turned out to be a good time for one I never heard about and bought on a whim.
  23. Yeah I didn't even bother to look at the trophy list after that video. I don't think I'd play this even if it were free.
  24. :platinum: 152: Zombies Ruined My Day

    More challenging than I had anticipated but a fun shooter/puzzle game. Now I just need an X and a Y game to finish getting plats from A-Z, if that's even a thing anymore.

  25. Welcome to the future of gaming! I really hope it's a near impossible plat, otherwise it'll sell and Sony will think this kind of shit is just fine for the PS store.