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  1. English - No idea if you still play this game, i do.... stumbled opon your question and might have found an answer... Sheep rank is basically Rank 5. You get there when you hit 35000 points, this equals 120 onlign wins (Not taking losses into account) French - Je sais pas si tu joue encore a ce jeu, moi si. Tombé sur ta question, je pense avoir trouvé une réponse... En gros Classement mouton cest nv. 5 en mode classé... ca équivaudrait a 35000 points, soit 120 parties gagnées (sans compter de parties perdu....) https://www.trueachievements.com/a220685/bleating-ranker-achievement
  2. Hi everyone, i have a lv 57 necromancer and was wondering if anyone could help me powerlevel to 72... psn is Terror-eye-sed