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  1. 4849. For some Reason my Backlog just keeps growing and growing.
  2. What the hell is wrong with the Industry nowadays!? So many bad Games get Sequel after Sequel and this gets cancelled? This was one of the few Games I was realy hyped for
  3. Actually there are Ranking Sites with a pretty nice Community of Achievement Hunters. They try their best to keep the Rankings clean from Cheaters too.
  4. I love both Console and PC Gaming. Both have their Pros and Cons and I love collecting Achievements / Trophies on all Platforms. People who dismiss a Gaming platform just because they think the one they are gaming on is superior miss out on a lot of great Games. Hunting Steam Achievements can be just as fun as hunting Trophies if you use Sites like Astats. My Astats Profile ->
  5. I always loved completing Games to 100% even way before Trophies were a thing. So when Trophies / Achievements came with the last Generation it became even more addicting to try to complete Games or perform specific things in Games. I am not realy into it for Leaderboard Reasons but for the fun of it.
  6. Hero's Trophy Complete all the Ayrton Senna Tribute events 100.00% without DLC Trophies its Sucker Punched! Enter the world of Sly Cooper! 99.96%
  7. Seeing that they re released X and X-2 2 Times now I realy hope we will get a FF XII HD Edition.
  8. I am realy enjoying it so far but the only thing i am a bit dissapointed in is that there are only 2 Weapons for each Character.
  9. A new Shadow Hearts would be amazing. Its on of the best JRPG Series out there in my Opinion.
  10. #10 True Musou Obtained all trophies.
  11. 4,5GB of RAM is enough RAM if used right. Not a single PC Games uses more then that at the moment. Most PC Games use about 2-3 GB of RAM the reason they need more then that is that the OS like Windows 7 is already using almost 2GB