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  1. My biggest screw up was with Alpha Protocol. I bought the game at launch and did a blind first playthrough. Come to find out my decisions ended up making a 2 playthrough plat into a 4-5 one. I still haven't finished it to this day.
  2. GTA IV - 1.57% On a side note, I noticed my top 3 rarest plats are all R* games. GTA V - 2.10% Midnight Club: LA - 2.38%
  3. I agree with about 95% of the above comments. The game I'd add that I haven't seen yet would be Borderlands. Trophies aren't too hard, encourage co-op play as well as trying out all the characters. Plus it's just fun. Honorable Mentions for me would be Prototype 1 + 2,
  4. I picked it up for 9.99 before it went FTP just to get the bonuses for when it changed over. I'm having fun playing it and the only issue I have seen is random server timeouts, and that's only interrupted actual gameplay once. But that's been an issue since the beginning apparently. Got my son into it when it turned FTP and we've been having a blast.
  5. I picked up Injustice for Vita. My son got it for Xmas from my parents so now I may be able to boost those online trophies.
  6. Welcome!
  7. 272 Trophies in May 2010.
  8. Also Sonic Unleashed here. Made a decent run at it but constantly running into the brickwall known as "Hard Boiled" made me put the game back on the shelf indefinitely.
  9. I'm having a better time playing Defiance than I thought I would....

  10. UP - 4 hours 51 minutes. A friend bet me that I couldn't get the platinum faster than him.
  11. Uncharted - November 29, 2008
  12. Got mine with GTA IV when it launched. April 2008
  13. Welcome!
  14. 938 since May of 2008. It was kind of cool to go back and look at all that stuff.
  15. I picked up both versions of Urban Freestyle. Already had most the sale already from PS+ and still have the originals of the classics. Decent sale if you missed out on any of these games.