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  1. First update, just finished Until Dawn last night, and it's still one of my favorite horror games ever! I played it when it first came to the monthly PS plus games back in 2017, and I had forgotten some of the story until now. It's under Tan for now until I figure out if I need to move it to another color. It's got me in the mood to now play The Quarry for my next game. I have it under Brown as a placeholder, but I'll probably move it to another color if I need to. I also did Pinball Heroes a while back for Black, but I will probably use something else eventually. I put 428: Shibuya Scramble as color contrast for now and will get to it eventually.
  2. Invasion is online once again Boss: Predator Time Remaining: 23 hours
  3. I would like to join. Just started a new account also as I wasn't fond of my old one anymore. 😁