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  1. Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes Of Orcs and Men (no longer on PSN but there was a physical release in Europe) Rain Pid Bionic Commando Rearmed The Cave (delisted from PSN) I am Alive Shank (part 2 is still available but the original game got delisted) Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse Tales of Monkey Island
  2. Why is there always a "smart" person who's perception of others opinions revolves around "dumb" and "whining" when it's common knowledge at this point that devs themselves told the higher-ups that keeping content locked on disc would be a PR disaster on so many levels. P.S. For those of you who's not into archeology and actively blanking on my comment - sorry folks, thought we were talking SFxT for a moment.
  3. Curious. Every time I died (not literally. not literally EVERY time I mean) I felt that jumping sucks in Cuphead. Its ark, its animation delay, its hurtbox. While what I was doing was completely on point.
  4. I'll pick the DLC up mostly out of hope the game itself in general will get a lot better. Love the series but I was seriously disappointed by IV (by its gameplay design choices for the most part, its story presentation, some of its tone and an obvious lack of content).
  5. An OK list if you're a fan I guess. Don't bother otherwise.
  6. Yeah, whatever, man. Keep your pants on, I wouldn't even ask you to back up your statements.
  7. Not a Limited Run Games release though. Still published by SOEDESCO. It was merely distributed/featured (in part) through their website while given an alternative boxart cover as an incentive. The disc itself is the same as a public release (or re-release/reprint for that matter). Limited Run has nothing to do with its contents.
  8. Just a quick update on the matter (concerning NA/LRG disc version). The Enhanced Edition print of the game contains 1.00 version of the game on disc. So, basically, it's a reprint of the vanilla version with a new art on both disc and game box cover. It updates to 3.10 (as of now) version via Internet once you put the disc into your console.
  9. Nah, man. The game just has more than 15 secrets that you're required to discover for the trophy. Normally you can get it as soon as you reach Stage 7, so not a big deal if you miss some secrets on your way to the end of the game.
  10. No way I'm getting this before the G'nG Resurrection or Great Ace Attorney. Huge fan but no thank you, Cap. Not even huge on trophies all that much, more like supporting the effort kinda guy.
  11. Level 4 has 4 secrets, so apart from those mentioned in the thread, other two are: 1) there are bushes at the top of the screen of the top right building with mine detector. Check inside the bushes and heart will appear at the center of the screen. 2) the last secret is after the jungle labyrinth and prior to entering the barracks. There is a lonely tree in the middle of the screen and question marks were flying around the screen (in my case). Hit the tree and get another heart (not sure if i remember correctly but at least I think it was a heart). Everything else was mentioned I think? I wasn't following the list above and found pretty much everything aside from the 3rd secret in level 9.
  12. @Helix So... you're excluding asian DIGITAL for it it seems. How so? UnEpic for example has been released both physically and digitally in asia (slightly different uncensored version of the game). Isn't it the same case with MetaGal?
  13. Does anyone know where is the third secret in level 9? First one mentioned above and the second one is in the dungeon/basement (botched Zelda reference) and it also blocks you from getting a catacombs trophy. But I couldn't find the last one so I'm just kinda curious on where/what it was.
  14. So far physical version list for UnMetal is the only one there is. Everything else about it past this point is uncertain, sure.
  15. UnMetal