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  1. It lost me once I figured that you have to use other weapons to get bonuses out of certain bosses. Yes, I'm THAT guy who enjoys beating Rock/MegaMan bosses with default weapon by developing strategy (and I'm pretty sure I did the same with M#9). But that weapon crap (without guide, mind you) feels unrewarding and boring to me so I put it down and away. Maybe I'll finish it occasionally but for now it's buried under my entire backlog and a whole bunch of other MM and MM-like games.
  2. Pops simultaneously for everyone, if I remember correctly.
  3. I'll do you one better - never played any of the 4! Well, not entirely true - played through some CoM but it was via an emulator (which i generally dislike) and I never finished it. Wait... did I say that out loud?!?
  4. It's one of those games that looks unique and artistic on it's surface but hides some sort of unresolved butthurt/trauma dev happily dumps on you without any regards on your expectations from a commercial product. There are few such games (not sure if anyone here need me to name the names and stuff...) that I know of and Beyond Eyes was easily the worst of whole bunch. And nothing of value was lost. Call me an asshat for SPOILING but I'll spare you the troubles: Wasn't amused a bit. On the positive note, I have a little list that might be worth checking: The Fall - get into the shoes of battle suit A.I. whose pilot is unconscious and about to die without help. Get through Laws of Robotics' restrictions to solve diffferent tasks clearly not meant for our heroine (yep A.I. sounds female) to deal with. Also The Fall Part 2: Unbound Jamestown+ - simply the best bullet hell you'll ever play. Randal's Monday - a quest with unlikeable character done right (hi, Deponia). A Groundhog Day concept pushed to ridiculous extremes. Easter eggs everywhere. Jotun - slay the giants and travel through mythical Jotunheim in this "Legend of Zelda"-esque adventure of proving your worth to enter Halls of Valhalla. Last Day of June - surprisingly touching confrontation with fate. There was a car crash. Your significant other is no longer there. But what if there is a chance to change things that happened that day? ADR1FT - it's a cosmonaut sim #dealwithit. Stranded alone in open space with debris of the semi-functional station all around. Maneuvering requires some getting used to though. Amazing if you get through that "getting used to" part. Airtight experience. Return of the Obra Dinn - if you were into nautical fiction genre ever and don't mind the visual style of the game, it has the best detective work deduction aspect I've seen in videogames. Interesting way of storytelling too. UnMetal - get in NOW! Seriously. Metal Gear was never so funny. It is now. Then get UnEpic. Then Ghost 1.0 I also strongly second The Swords of Ditto, The House in Fata Morgana, Ghost of a Tale mentioned above. All great games worth both your time and money.
  5. There is a tree on the same screen with the second Mike who you need to remove/replace. Destroy it and get a heart. It's the top one (tree).
  6. The (russian) comments under this trailer are ripping it a new one. And not just "one" I'm afraid, lol.
  7. Not really. It "borrows" scenes from the game and that's pretty much it. I like Kaya Scodelario (did great in "Crawl") but NO. Doesn't look good (or "true to the game" as OP puts it).
  8. This game is a blast! If this developers previous releases (UnEpic, Ghost 1.0) went under your radar and you have no idea what a treat you are in for I'll just say GRAB IT NOW! You won't regret it as UnMetal is relatively easy game to platinum while extremely enjoyable all the way through.
  9. Can we have Maui Mallard back instead? Along with the QuackShot or something?
  10. Both Behind the Storm (an awful cashgrab compared to the original LiS) and LiS2 (not including complete game on disc with download required) hurt this franchise badly in my eyes. It's a moderately low priority in my list now no thanks to mismanagement and stuff while I seriously consider the first game one of the brilliants of last gen. Unfortunately. So, yeah, it's a shame. But its pricetag isn't an issue in my book.
  11. Got curious and actually counted every 'COMMON' plat I ever did. The exact number is 31 so far and I got like a dozen of 'UNCOMMON's falling over 40% of rarity. Some of the best Visual Novels are there (wouldn't say Fata Morgana was easy though... via long shareplay sessions while adding improvised VA to it, lol) and a bunch of easy games of undeniable artistic value (like GRIS for an easy example). Also some curious experiments with genres or themes (One Night Stand, Pantsu Hunter... anybody?). Anyway I'm shameless just enough so anything untouched I have in my backlog will eventually find its way into my 'completed' list regardless of rarity of its trophies. I barely check the trophies while shopping anyway.
  12. PS1: Street Fighter Alpha 3 PS2: Okami PS3: Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes PS4: Alien: Isolation PSP: MegaMan: Powered Up Vita: Darkest Dungeon
  13. Different platforms almost entirely different audience, duh. Would you (a certain platform player) vote for the game exclusive to the platform you don't own? It's rhetorical btw.
  14. Nah, disagree away all you like but he definitely got a point and pretty much nailed the issues with this game. Not to mention you can't even get close to the required time until you unlock the dash mechanic.
  15. Unpopular opinion U1>U3>LL>U2=GA=U4 P.S. Had a blast doing the vid but it's barely watched, so...