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  1. This
  2. Tales of Xilla 2
  3. can't go wrong with a 3DS
  4. I don't think words can even describe on how remarkably stupid that person is.
  5. RE : Remaster. Trophies : 42/45 Trophy Name : Every Hook & Cranny, I have to play the game again then pick up every item. I've played this game too many times to the point of I'm sick of playing it. Starsenal : Pick up every weapon. Like I stated above; sick of this game.
  6. F\SN UBW
  7. god the frigging mouth movements bug me so much
  8. the new batman game
  9. no Gankutsuou
  10. yes
  11. Tokyo Ghoul Root A Just finished it. As far as I'm concerned with this anime; Tokyo Ghoul anime never existed....
  12. The last of us Dangan Ronpa 1 & 2 walking dead persona 4 tales of xilla 2 dis made meh cri :c
  13. One Punch Man
  14. You are Izumi Shinichi-kun right? You are Izumi Shinichi-kun right? You are Izumi Shinichi-kun right? So, this anime is finally over. These two last episodes were really lack-luster and felt incredibly rushed. I really like this anime, however I hate how the anime\manga never explains why the parasites exist. That was just lazy writing, I liked the characters, although some situations could've easily been avoided and a especially THAT person could've lived... I just hate how they're is to many plot holes. And the ending... Sigh, the whole situation could've easily been avoided, but the plot wouldn't allow it... I give it a 7/10.