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  1. Tales of Xilla 2
  2. can't go wrong with a 3DS
  3. I don't think words can even describe on how remarkably stupid that person is.
  4. RE : Remaster. Trophies : 42/45 Trophy Name : Every Hook & Cranny, I have to play the game again then pick up every item. I've played this game too many times to the point of I'm sick of playing it. Starsenal : Pick up every weapon. Like I stated above; sick of this game.
  5. F\SN UBW
  6. god the frigging mouth movements bug me so much
  7. the new batman game
  8. no Gankutsuou
  9. Tokyo Ghoul Root A Just finished it. As far as I'm concerned with this anime; Tokyo Ghoul anime never existed....
  10. The last of us Dangan Ronpa 1 & 2 walking dead persona 4 tales of xilla 2 dis made meh cri :c
  11. One Punch Man
  12. You are Izumi Shinichi-kun right? You are Izumi Shinichi-kun right? You are Izumi Shinichi-kun right? So, this anime is finally over. These two last episodes were really lack-luster and felt incredibly rushed. I really like this anime, however I hate how the anime\manga never explains why the parasites exist. That was just lazy writing, I liked the characters, although some situations could've easily been avoided and a especially THAT person could've lived... I just hate how they're is to many plot holes. And the ending... Sigh, the whole situation could've easily been avoided, but the plot wouldn't allow it... I give it a 7/10.