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  1. Reminds me of the No Man's Sky platinum. But seems perfectly achievable, and the game looks pretty interesting so I am on board (when I have time and money haha).
  2. I can't say I have had any crashes on start-up. Sometimes I freezes for a second or two when finding a server but that's about it. As for single player, there are basically short 4 campaigns from my understanding - 2x Plant, 2x Zombie.
  3. I went with no. I much prefer the large, unique splash screens per game, and I would imagine themes would negate this.
  4. This was a great read, especially as I just picked this up for £3!
  5. I was dreading there would be more faction relationship trophies, I am still grinding for the Raiders and the Foundation. Luckily that is not the case, I may have had a breakdown.
  6. Hi all, Hopefully someone can answer this for me. I'm on the Queen, the final level, and have used the yellow key to open up the purple river. But I can't get through to the other side, the middle of the passage is completely black and when I try to run through it I'm placed in the room above (the one with the buttons to open the side doors). Has anyone else has this issue? And did you solve it?
  7. Has anyone had this trophy bug? My partner and I have been playing across 2 characters on the same account and last night I unlocked the challenge for picking 75 locks, But do I have this trophy? No! I've picked more locks since then and yet I still have nothing. If it is gliched is there anything I can do to save myself?
  8. Having not played the game and therefore not knowing how hard it is, from the face of it it does seem the easiest Housemarque platinum yet.
  9. This has certainly been insightful. For myself I have snagged a couple of bigger ticket items on the Vita like Ys and Tales. Nothing on the PS3 yet, but like most of you above I know I will be back there before it is gone forever.
  10. Since the announcement of the Vita and PS3 stores closing I was wondering if people had been going back and spending money on them before it is too late. I know I certainly have!
  11. Honestly, I don't really want theme support as I like the individual games having their own full-page screen. But each to their own, it would be nice to have the option for those who want it.
  12. I empathise. I have managed to scrape my way through, but level 39 is killing me.
  13. And old forum, but I need to air my grievances. I am on Chapter 7 on Elite and I can't even get past the space section with Massar. I've lost 2 of my 3 lives here not because I died, but because she did!
  14. Hello all, Strap in for somewhat of a weird request. For a while now I have been hosting a tiny podcast in my spare time, where monthly I go through the trade paperback I am currently reading (working my way through Fraction's Hawkeye right now) and lay out the story, give my opinions on the plot, the art etc. When I started I wanted it to be more often than monthly, but I am a PhD student and my commitments to that meant that one trade a month was all I can manage (reading lots of scientific papers really dulls one's want to read anything). However... I'm in my second year of my PhD right now and things are pretty busy. The podcast goes live on the 19th of every month and I haven't even touched what I wanted to read for this episode. Additionally, I have been struggling with keeping up the momentum when it is just me talking for 30 minutes. And so the request... I write this asking whether anyone in this community has an interest in reading comics, and would want to come on board as a co-host with me. I realise that it might sound like I hate doing it from what I have written above, but it is the opposite and I don't want to see it die just because I can't find the time. I have attached a link to the podcast below, if anyone wants to actually hear it. If this sounds like it could be someone's cup of tea do let yourself be known and hopefully we can discuss something and see what happens. https://play.acast.com/s/phd-student-reads And thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this.
  15. Is anyone else having issuss buying stuff from the app? I tried to add JC4 from PS+ to my cart and it continuously failed. So I tried a normal purchase, JC3, and that failed to add too. Is it just me?