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  1. No, I did. I haven't changed the network settings, I still have it running through my laptop proxy. And despite this it still tries to install an update every time I start. It's hardly a problem - I cancel it strait away - it's just an observation.
  2. So I followed the instructions, downloaded the patch - and it says it's version 1.26 so it all went smoothly. But as soon as I started the game it began to download a 30GB patch for 1.29. Is anyone else having this issue, or do I just need to watch out for this when I am playing? Because if so I'll just reconnect my PS4 to my router.
  3. I've followed the instructions, but when I go to check updates it starts installing 1.29 again. Where have I gone wrong? EDIT: Turns out I just can't read! The name doesn't change, just the file size. Another question though... can I turn my network settings back to normal after doing this or will it install the real 1.29 if I do? I ask as it really slows down my laptop running my PS4 connection through it. And can I install and play Episode Ardyn, or do I need to wait until I have wrapped up with Comrades? Thank you for this astounding guide and I hope you can answer my question.
  4. I have challenge 4 and 6 left. I come back and try challenge 4 every now and again and I still can't crack it!
  5. This is amazing news - I have the Royal Edition, but am yet to start it as I am waiting for a bit of free time. Overjoyed to hear the code in the box will work. I shall probably do this one evening soon for piece of mind and then play at a later date.
  6. Has anyone been watching the Sky show Curfew starring Sean Bean? None of my friends or family watch it, so I can't really discuss it with anyone. And on a related note, I have been streaming it as I don't actually have Sky (being a research student has meant some major cutbacks in my life) but I can't seem to find Episode 7 anywhere. For those who have also been streaming it, or have been watching it via less than angelic means, have you had any luck?
  7. I've manged; FC2 (very proud of this, lots of work put in) FC3 FC4 and Blood Dragon I need to invest in FC5, Primal, and FC3 Classic Edition (because that's a game I'd love to go through again when I have the time).
  8. Thank goodness for that!
  9. I just screwed up a side quest and failed it whilst on my NG+ clean up run through. Is there a NG++ that will allow me to go and redo this quest, or am I going to have to start again entirely?
  10. Hello all, I am soon to be fly to Washington D.C from London, and I was wondering if anyone has some recommendations of Vita games I could play on my 8 hour flight that are fun, good, relatively long, and have rather easy trophy lists. I don't play my Vita much these days so this will a good time for me to dive into those hidden gems I know are out there. Rehards, happyman778
  11. When you collect an item do you need to reach a checkpoint/save? I used a list and crossed them all off, but no trophy! This is most likely in regards to the prologue/epilogue ones as I kept restarting the checkpoint until I had all 3.
  12. There is? I am on mission 5 and haven't seen one yet. I just get the computer screen with the VO explaining the next objective, and pressing continue starts the mission. Am I doing something wrong? Or is the loadout screen at the beginning of each country, it's been a while since I started so I may have just forgotten.
  13. I was just wondering how you take weapons from the gun racks into missions. I understand that you need to replay the first level to access the shed, but that leads straight into the second. Or am I missing something? Or can you not take them into missions? Kind regards.
  14. Thank you so so much! Sunday evening will be great for me, I'm currently trying to balance exam preparation and a bit of gaming to stop myself going insane. I'll send you a PSN message right away!
  15. Hey. If anyone is still doing a bit of a taxi service to anywhere close to the centre of the galaxy I would be greatly appreciated. I have just started my permadeath run adventure, and so would appreciate any help or advice.