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  1. Is there any way to increase the odds of a Lvl 50 chocobo to appear when doing the chocobo rescues? I'm trying to get that lvl 99 trophy but keep being given chocobo between 1 and 40. Regards, happyman778
  2. I have a question about New Light. I am yet to jump into Destiny 2 and have thought about trying it because it's free but in regards to trophies is it the Destiny 2 list? Is it a unique list? I appreciate any and all responses.
  3. I thought I would return to this old thread of mine as I have a 13 hour coach journey tomorrow night and so wondered if the community has any new suggestions for me. I have a MSc thesis to write, but there is no trophy for that so...
  4. Is it only a digital release? I couldn't find it on Amazon.
  5. If this was on the Vita I would be all over it!
  6. I had no idea what this game was but then I saw an advertisement on Twitter and became very interested. All I want to know is what people's thoughts on the game are. Regards, Daniel Underwood
  7. I bought this such a long time ago, and never really got around to collecting the trophies. Hence I ask this knowledgeable community how easy is it to still boost/collect these trophies these days? I'm working on The Last of Us at the moment but after that... Regards, happyman778
  8. I played the full game, beginning to end, and followed PowerPyx's guide whilst doing so.
  9. Hello all! I followed a guide to unlock all 13 shiv doors and yet once I opened the last door no trophy popped. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so do you have a solution. Regards, happyman778
  10. I solved the problem. Because I uninstalled all the data I had to try and make it work I also uninstalled a free DLC that was released a long, long time ago "Troublesome Territories". This is not included in the bundle (I guess they thought nobody would be buying the game at this point) but scrolling through my downloads list all the way back to 2013 I found it, installed it, and Factions was available to me again. Thank goodness, and thank you all for your input and ideas.
  11. Sadly I've done that multiple times. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the updates too. Yet nothing so far.
  12. I went to start playing Factions last night and when I entered the menu I was prompted to download the DLC to proceed, even though I have it installed. Pressing okay gave me the message "Nothing available to purchase at this time" and I can't get past it. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so have they found a work around? Regards, happyman778
  13. I struggle to sleep on planes, so that wasn't an option. My flight was good, as props to the passenger next to me who didn't get up once to use the bathroom. Well done him.
  14. After many, many years I thought it was finally time to head back to The Last of Us and get those PS3 trophies. When I start the game I am prompted to download Patch 1.11 but as I do so my PS3 crashes. Every time. Does anyone have any ideas as to solutions or possible work-arounds? Thanks.
  15. No, I did. I haven't changed the network settings, I still have it running through my laptop proxy. And despite this it still tries to install an update every time I start. It's hardly a problem - I cancel it strait away - it's just an observation.