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  1. Has anyone got any tips for these wretched sprint pack trophies. I have managed to get the first one, but Big Sur is really putting up a fight. I am about 4 seconds off at the best of times.
  2. I've played through this a couple of times and I have noticed every time I meet someone climbing the mountain at the end that they never climb to the summit! Ergo I haven't got that trophy yet... Is it just me this keeps happening too?
  3. Thank goodness. I just send this game to my brother who lives in the USA.
  4. I am being torn apart in this game! I'm playing on the Vita and was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to proceed, or perhaps even access to a guide in regards to soldier placement and whatnot. Clearly my mind doesn't work in this right way for this type of game. Kind regards.
  5. What he/she/they said.
  6. I was making reasonable progress but have ground to a halt on Mission 18. I need to lose 4 seconds and I do not have the skill.
  7. Is there any way to increase the odds of a Lvl 50 chocobo to appear when doing the chocobo rescues? I'm trying to get that lvl 99 trophy but keep being given chocobo between 1 and 40. Regards, happyman778
  8. I have a question about New Light. I am yet to jump into Destiny 2 and have thought about trying it because it's free but in regards to trophies is it the Destiny 2 list? Is it a unique list? I appreciate any and all responses.
  9. I thought I would return to this old thread of mine as I have a 13 hour coach journey tomorrow night and so wondered if the community has any new suggestions for me. I have a MSc thesis to write, but there is no trophy for that so...
  10. Is it only a digital release? I couldn't find it on Amazon.
  11. If this was on the Vita I would be all over it!
  12. I had no idea what this game was but then I saw an advertisement on Twitter and became very interested. All I want to know is what people's thoughts on the game are. Regards, Daniel Underwood
  13. I bought this such a long time ago, and never really got around to collecting the trophies. Hence I ask this knowledgeable community how easy is it to still boost/collect these trophies these days? I'm working on The Last of Us at the moment but after that... Regards, happyman778
  14. I played the full game, beginning to end, and followed PowerPyx's guide whilst doing so.
  15. Hello all! I followed a guide to unlock all 13 shiv doors and yet once I opened the last door no trophy popped. Has anyone else had this issue, and if so do you have a solution. Regards, happyman778