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  1. I've just started playing it again, and I am surprised by how fun it is. I knew I liked it at the time, but now it seems so much better. The perfect game for my current situation I think.
  2. Mad Max, before the servers go offline at the end of next month. Before I found that out I was playing through Nioh for the first time.
  3. I only have one thought... WHY IS ALL OF THE TEXT CAPITALISED?
  4. Agreed.
  5. Vanquish.... God damn Vanquish and those challenge missions. One day you shall be mine!
  6. Perhaps I am in the minority here, at least on this website, but I truly loved the story. Watching Ellie slowly become a worse and worse human being and then playing as Abby and seeing her do the opposite - become a better person - was truly enthralling to me. When the game jumped a few months and gave me an Ellie and Dina happy ending I was somewhat disappointed as I thought that Ellie didn't deserve that ended. So I was pleasantly surprised that the game continued, and that the ending we got finally showed Ellie realising she had become an awful human being (and the cutscene showing that Ellie wanted to begin to forgive Joel the night before he died made me somewhat emotional). I did have some issues; I agree that Jessie ended up being a bit of a waste of a character, and found some of the gameplay to be a bit obtuse and I struggled to figure out where to go or what to do (especially the rope in the aquarium, I spent ages trying to throw the rope into the other skylight before realising I was supposed to throw it out the window), but in the end I still wholeheartedly believe this is a great game. Moreover, I enjoy adult discourse like on this thread with different people having different opinions rather than the childish (and more often than not offensive) conversation that can be found on Twitter.
  7. So I booted up this game today to pass some time before The Last of Us Part 2 and I was wondering if this community could give me some tips about how to not be utter garbage (and some trophy tips too). 1) Tips for loadouts? I have been basing my loadout on the Hutt contracts I need to unlock guns for the trophies - is that a good way to play? 2) Any advice for living longer than 10 seconds, and tips on getting the trait up to level 3? 3) What characters to pick for Hero Hunt? I have only ever come third or worse when I actually find a game and I think it is the only left that I need for a win. 4) How in gods name are you supposed to kill a Y-Wing? I tried with a Tie and with the Ion cannon and in both instances they fly off before I even have a chance to lock on. 5) How easy is this game to 100% without boosting. I only ask as I imagine getting enough people together to boost the trophies for the larger modes to be an impossible task. Are there better times to play? Especially for the DLC maps and modes. Kind regards, happyman778
  8. It has been a while... 25?
  9. Has anyone got any tips for these wretched sprint pack trophies. I have managed to get the first one, but Big Sur is really putting up a fight. I am about 4 seconds off at the best of times.
  10. I've played through this a couple of times and I have noticed every time I meet someone climbing the mountain at the end that they never climb to the summit! Ergo I haven't got that trophy yet... Is it just me this keeps happening too?
  11. Thank goodness. I just send this game to my brother who lives in the USA.
  12. I am being torn apart in this game! I'm playing on the Vita and was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to proceed, or perhaps even access to a guide in regards to soldier placement and whatnot. Clearly my mind doesn't work in this right way for this type of game. Kind regards.
  13. What he/she/they said.
  14. I was making reasonable progress but have ground to a halt on Mission 18. I need to lose 4 seconds and I do not have the skill.
  15. Is there any way to increase the odds of a Lvl 50 chocobo to appear when doing the chocobo rescues? I'm trying to get that lvl 99 trophy but keep being given chocobo between 1 and 40. Regards, happyman778