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  1. Rayman Legends would be perfect actually.
  2. I voted for on-screen notifications when friends come online, it's actually annoying not knowing when your friends come on. Although I want the ability to pause downloads, I find that that isn't listed makes me wonder if they are even thinking about doing it. Another neat little feature could be to see which friends are currently live streaming, so you know you don't constantly send party chat invites or what not.
  3. The ability to pause downloads should be on that list, unless they are already implementing the feature, other than that being able to change your username is nice.
  4. They did something like this last year, in MW3
  5. I would love to see Dark Souls II getting a remastered HD version for PS4... I never picked up the mass effect trilogy on ps3 so I more than likely will pick them up if it comes to PS4.
  6. Play Uncharted 3.
  7. The Infamous series springs to mind when anyone says an impeccable third person action adventure game.
  8. Dayum. I actually didn't believe it when I first saw it on IGN, I hope whoever takes over is just as cool.
  9. Arkane studio's makes dishonored, all Bethesda does is OK it or not.
  10. I loved the stealth mechanics of Hitman: Absolution, I actually can't wait till MGS 5 Phantom Pain.
  11. Dark souls was my favorite game from the Playstation 3 era. I won't be picking up dark souls 2 on release, and I won't be until they release it on the playstation 4. Any way I would recommend dark souls to anyone that is a fan of gaming.
  12. You should look at the prices in Eb Games in Australia then...
  13. I really hard one in my opinion would be to reach level 55 in multiplayer. Mainly because I don't like multiplayer trophies.
  14. I bought the blue controller, but yeah more options for the colour would be awesome.
  15. Legit, it seriously needs one. When I don't want to delete the download, but it's affecting my gameplay. Seriously Sony this needs to be integrated in the next update.