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  1. They do not. The devs confirmed in some patch notes that the player stats would be "temporarily" removed. My understanding is that this is more related to the PC version cause of mods? Since they overhauled so many things they're making it compatible with mods? I don't really get why they were able to change everything else, but couldn't have a spot for player stats anywhere, but that's roughly what I read. I really wish I could see how much time I had left, too. The PS5 itself does have stats for total time playing a game, but that's not going to translate 1 to 1 with the playtime required for the trophy. But if you're not even at 24 hours on those stats, then you know you're not close to the trophy yet.
  2. Cyberpsycho sightings are most likely not going to unlock the trophy since they're not a required part of the trophy (they're side jobs, not gigs). Completing them doesn't unlock new gigs either. Shouldn't need that much story progression to complete that district since I got it before doing any of the three main missions (Automatic Love, Down on the Street, etc). I would just double check your shards and read every unread one in case one opens up a Reported Crime mission. That's the only thing I can think of.
  3. Apparently there's a set difficulty on the ascended tower, so it doesn't matter what difficulty you pick. And like I mention in the post, the enemies seem to get significantly more health in higher floors, so if the lower floors give you trouble, you'll need to put some time in to upgrade your build.
  4. First off, you can only level up your skill level to the same level as your attritube level i.e. 10 attribute points in Body means you can level up Atheltics/Street Brawler/Annihilation to level 10. Second, the information in this thread is pretty light. For Athletics, yes, running around and using stamina in general levels it up very slightly. You only get 20xp or so at a time doing that, and maxing it out takes 10s or even 100s of thousands of xp to max out. What you really want to do is get the best Berserk OS you can equip from a ripperdoc with any cooldown reductions or berserk duration mods you have. Activate that and swing any melee weapon you have. I have one that lasts 60 seconds and I get 8,600xp each time. Crafting - Crafting/dismantling/upgrading gives you xp, yeah. If you want to exploit a method, you can while it still works. If you have a stack of several hundred consumables, every time you dismantle one, you get the XP for dismantling the whole stack even though you just did one. Engineering - Opening doors requiring technical ability, disarming mines, using grenades, etc. The biggest thing is using Tech weapons to shoot through walls. That'll give you the biggest XP gains. Cold Blood - You only get Cold Blood XP if you have the Cold Blood perk. I only have minimum attribute points in this, so I don't have much info on these skills. The other skills are pretty self explanatory
  5. Yes, you need the Holy Cow and the Kintaro-Bear. They're unique to those stages.
  6. This is just informational for anyone who's going for 100% and had confusion about how to get either of these items. For the most part, the guides and help that is out there was enough to find everything I needed, but the info on these two weren't helpful enough for me to figure out how to get them. Iron Cover - Everything I read said this was on the Corona Borealis level in N Pigeon St. No matter what, I couldn't find that. Instead, I went to Eternal 2. Build up to 60cm or so, then the iron cover is covering the gutter next to the Local Police Sign where the picnic table and two staircases are. Not sure how I managed to get the police sign, but not the cover, but yeah. Crane Scaffolding - There's at least two items called Crane Scaffolding. One is red and it's attached to the little cranes near the very big crane on MAS9 and MTM/Eternal 3. The other one, which is the one I couldn't figure out, is the base of the very big yellow crane. Just need to be about 35m to get it and you can pull the base out from under the big crane without having to pick up the crane itself. The description I saw just said it was "near" the big crane which was misleading to me.
  7. First of all, check out mvpeast's guide for the tower if you haven't already, cause I definitely learned a lot there. I just want to add onto that with my alternative method and extra info about the ascended tower I didn't know before playing it. This isn't going to be helpful for everyone. Some people have no troubles with the tower and don't need this, some people might have troubles, so any extra info/ideas to help them out won't hurt. If you don't care about this next bit and just want to see what the general info is, that's at the bottom. I was attempting to follow that guide, but I never ever in all my time got the Surety augment. I never got a good, consistent way to open up weakpoints like that. Also, that time bubble hammer's been nerfed as you probably know. What I found instead was a hammer that became the basis of the method I ran with. I ended up doing this in 2 1/2 hours. First off, here was my whole loadout: Silvermane valorplate - I know, I didn't go with Hinterclaw, I'll explain later Drazkul's Legacy - blessings of luck and infusionMaul of the Obsidian Pack - Overhealth on weapon technique kill, no overhealth drain. The Vasara hammer has the same effect without the blessing of infusion effectMark of the Duelist - health on crit. Totally understandable to go with Amulet of the Betrayer which prevents a death with a 10 minute cooldown.Lion Talisman - weapon technique charge on critIncarnate Soul Ring - ignite chance with southern techniqueDawn Lord's Signet - takedown bleed chanceArchon's Tear - crit chanceMesa's Banderole - crit chanceFocus - overhealth for critsResilience - overhealth for soulshatteringParadise - weapon technique speed for critTwilight Bloom - huge weapon technique damage boostEvisceration - blessing of power on critNightshade - blind enemies when overhealth is loweredDivine Conduit - huge boost to archon fury charge rate when hitRift - boosted damage for enemies with ailmentsKarmic Soul - free lifestone when placing banner. Honestly probably could've used something else, but didn't have any clear winners for this blue slot. Evervation maybe. Focused on crit chance, weapon technique damage, crit damage, air resistance, and all resistance. Ultimately had 30% crit, 300% crit damage, and like 200+ weapon technique damage. For skills, I mostly followed mvpeast's skill tree, but I took 4 from Archon Fury and put them into Takedown and took one from Resistance and put it into Weapon Timing. The weapon timing is because the longsword southern technique's timing attack can knock down enemies for an extended period including most shielded enemies. So that's a free easy way to kill shielded enemies for a while. The 5th tier takedown skill is because I'm mainly focused on killing with weapon techniques, so might as well get the free takedowns from it. Not only that, but it's a huge time saver to teleport across the map to the next enemy. That teleport goes much further than it seems, even if the button prompt isn't there. The final reason for all the takedowns is the 50% chance of bleed I had on that ring, so that's going to boost damage if anyone happens to bleed from it. So here is the main thing I was doing the entire time: weapon technique kills with the hammer, almost always southern technique. If I killed with it, that was about 330 overhealth, and if they were soulshattered, it was closer to 480 overhealth, plus if it happened to crit, now we're talking over 500 overhealth for one kill. And it won't deplete. If someone does happen to hit you, they get blinded which 9/10 times opens their weakpoint, which is usually a free kill, so you get some overhealth back and the cooldown for the blind is only 20 seconds. So because of the overhealth, I usually had 7,000 hp. In every game ever, I always go for crit builds like anyone else, so I was sure I'd go for Hinterclaw, but here's why I went with Silvermane. First thing, he gets two more augment slots. I already had to make some tough cuts, I couldn't make more. More importantly, it's possible for Silvermane to have 100% crit chance, but it's not possible for anyone else to have 300% weapon technique charge speed. Plus 30% damage boost for each enemy killed with no cap? If you're up against a boss and you happen to be able to use your lifestone plus the banner, that's +55-65% crit chance and +200% crit damage. Even if you can't use the lifestone cause you have too much overhealth, you're still easily able to spam that southern technique like 7+ times. Even if you just cough weird, your weapon technique gauge instantly gets maxed out and you just keep spamming. I would also frequently use Archon Fury (no banner) against a 4 key time trial and obliterate people to max out the overhealth again, too. So that's why I picked Silvermane, all the additional, mega powerful technique uses. Here are some general bits of tips/info that I think is useful for getting through the 50 floors: - As of version 2.1.17, the game still hitches and can be unstable, so I suggest closing the game fully before beginning your run so it's less likely to crash. - Always go for green doors, if possible. They're usually going to have the weakest enemies, but occasionally there's still a boss in there unexpectedly. - As of version 2.1.17, the game still hitches (for me, at least) when picking up loot. Because of that, I advise opening as few chests as possible, especially on higher floors. You don't want to have your game crash on floor 40 cause of some pointless free chest with a green item. I was skipping every chest at a certain point. - ONE EXCEPTION to the chest thing is that the chests that drop health/archon fury orbs are fine. I would get those for some free archon fury charge. - Unlike the normal tower of trials, boons are pretty rare in the ascended tower. - If you ever see the Stash door, go for it. It's one of the only ways to get boons after a while. If you're skipping chests like I was, you'll always have enough keys for the boons. I once got 3 boons from one door, which cost 25 keys. You could also get 0 boons. - Enemies don't seem to stop powering up just at trial 5 or level 60 or whatever. I definitely noticed some drastically increased health on higher floors. Specifically, I noticed a boost around trial 25 and again at trial 40. If you're struggling to kill enemies before 25, it won't get better. No joke, some of the bosses later on had to have like over 500k hp. Close to 1 million maybe. You're going to need to get some op boons or have some other op DPS method. Or just be really really good at staying alive for a long time. - Every piece of equipment, when enchanted/upgraded fully, gets an extra trait (which you can sorta choose) and this includes augments. Most of my augments gave me weapon technique damage as an option. This was significant, because I more than doubled my base technique damage because of that.
  8. Even though I overall like the game, I do wish it would be patched to a point where it doesn't crash for me almost every single day I play it. Like if I play for more than a couple hours at once, it will stutter and crash at some point. It's the only game I have to intentionally quit out of when I'm done playing cause it'll crash anyway if I don't. For the platinum, it's worse than the list looks. That trial 50 trophy is no joke and is secretly the thing you will spend the most time on. All of the other "grindy" trophies can easily be accomplished in service of that damn trophy. You're gonna want to get to level 50, do all 18 dreamstones for skill points, farm decent equipment, and grind for LOTS of electrum in order to upgrade all that good equipment. THEN you can look forward to spending 3-4 hours in a tower that you can still easily die in. The part I'm worried about is the game will absolutely just crash on me, I know it, and there's no checkpoints, you just start back from trial 1. Every other trophy in the game is a cakewalk.
  9. I know that's what it is now, but I just wonder if someone messed up and it was supposed to be something else. Like I don't know what reasonable person would ask that of someone if it's really that hard. None of the other trophies are like this.
  10. Patch notes also say "respawn counter no longer resets after each trial" so maybe at first you'd get 3 deaths per trial instead of 3 deaths total. That would've been fair enough. I wonder if the thing they patched is the cheese method I saw somewhere, not sure. I wonder if the developers intended for the trophy to actually be "complete 50 trials total" like a cumulative thing. And a separate trophy just for reaching 10. Both would be reasonable and match the overall difficulty of the rest of the list. Maybe someone messed up. Maybe they'll change it. Who knows.
  11. This issue was in the original as well (and it happened to me in the original and in this one again), but as far as I know, it only affects the Plains of Erathell. Doesn't affect the dungeons, I think, and once you go to a different region, it's fine. So it's an annoyance if you still have lots to do there, but once you're done with it, it won't be a problem anymore. Lame answer, I know, but if they didn't fix it then, I don't expect them fixing it now.
  12. Ok, well, then I was right to be upset. It does seem like a weird mistake. I don't really get it. Definitely wish I had just gone with Clavat, but wow, so boring you know, picking the vanilla human character in a fantasy RPG. It's just a weird slap in the face to take the strongest race and make it the weakest. Hopefully it was just some mistake, but I don't know if they'll fix it.
  13. So the main question I have is why, if the Lilty is supposed to be the attack-based class, does it have the ultimate weapon with the weakest attack? I think Lilties only have a minor base attack boost compared to other races, but while the Lilty ultimate weapon has 40 strength, just like its base game maximum, other races get 50+, even Yukes. Doesn't that give Lilties the lowest max strength in the game? (FYI, my maxed out Lilty is 105 strength, but I don't know what it is for other races.) Is there something about the ultimate weapons that sort of justify having a lower attack, like maybe higher focus attack strength that isn't immediately clear? It was the last thing I got for my 100%, so I didn't spend much time checking it out. I just don't see how it's balanced or makes any sense. I feel like I should've totally picked a Clavat instead, but I was just going off what I did when the game first came out. But yeah, just wanted to see if anyone had any insight on why they did that to the Lilties. Kind of a bummer.
  14. You pretty much need to have 100% full arm motion in every direction, plus a little extra for if you're leaning or crouching. If you don't, you're going to be smashing your controller into something. Also, if you don't have enough distance, you're going to be moving your arm outside of the camera's view and the game is essentially unplayable like that. I used to be in that situation where I was trying to do VR in my room, and there were just certain games I couldn't feasibly do.
  15. Yeah, I just found this out the hard way earlier. Had to reload a save to get my money back after realizing this wasn't a thing anymore. I have no idea how the game expects you to actually make lots of money in this game. In the arena, at best, you can make 14,850 for each Rank 50 win (once you max the multiplier). It's probably better to do an arena battle with enemies that drop high value items (like Luxury Meat or Unknown Materials) and have 3x item drop rate and Lucky Charms.