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  1. Missing a few trophies still and I am fairly certain I am doing everything right, Primetime should be a simple trophy to get and yet no matter what I do it just doesn't pop. I've done it in different modes, different settings, ran in both directions and in circles, vs cpu, vs 2nd player, closed app, deleted and reinstalled both game and save. Does anyone have any other ideas?
  2. That sucks, I was worried I would have to replay it multiple times. I wanted to double check, I've been doing chapter select to see if I could get anything to pop and sure enough I was able to pop the SAS only after I killed 50 even though it said I had already done it.
  3. So i beat the game on easy and was just playing to enjoy the game, well the trophy for beating the game, and collecting treasures are not popping I have 24 and neither trophy for 15 or 20 popped, has anyone else had this issue? Or does anyone know if they will auto pop if i start a new game?
  4. Back then I didn't have PS plus so it was my way of backing up my saves since I had a fat ps3 with limited space, I actually forgot I had it until I was going through an old bin of memory cards and controllers.
  5. Glad to hear its just a visual thing, I have not played FF13 since 2013 and my save was from a usb since I ran out of room on my ps3 so I guess thats why it popped up.
  6. I had just finished mission 32 as I was working my way towards the Xezat's Chalice and dorgann's trophy when the Kelger's Cup trophy popped. It didn't change dates or anything as I had already achived it years ago, it was just random. Has this happened to anyone else?
  7. royal convoy at (561,865) for anyone who needs it as of this post 9 hours left, social chest at (495,674) 4hours left
  8. some one made a discord here is the link: its for all the ps3 version for all the assassin's creed games multiplayer, i got on every now and then so if someone needs help just jump in the discord or message me on psn saying you need help.