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  1. Update: plated Super Neptunia RPG, I'm a ultra fan again. Also plated Re;Birth 1 plus.
  2. I'll wait until it has some titles that I want.
  3. Update: got all but, Re;Birth 1+ and Brave Neptunia.
  4. Seems the lack of VIIR plat didn't ranked me down, I'm still an Ultrafan. Anyway, I got VIIR plat now, so I stay an Ultrafan. 😀
  5. I'm gonna wait for a gameplay video before deciding whether I buy it or not, but so far it's looking good. Like some other people in this thread I'd like to see a new game and not just remasters.
  6. This game was looking awesome and then they do this: half the roster dlc. Really? Akysys was supposed to be our hero.
  7. Ah that sucks 😞 . At least it's good to know some fans are translating it. Yes, definitely this.
  8. Hopefully I can use my party at the level I ended the game on PS3. I'll Keep my eye on it, but I really want Sen no Kiseki 3 right now. Also I wonder if Xseed will ever localize Ao and Zero. My Vita is Waiting.
  9. I'm not in this PP anymore, not sure why xD. I'd like to join again. I have 5 plats: RE HD (PS3) RE 0 HD (PS4) RE 6 (PS3) RE Revelations (PS3) RE Revelations 2 (PS3)
  10. Great news. Now they just need to remake VC3 and bring it to the west.
  11. Update: Got the Cyberdimension plat. I'm a Ultrafan again.
  12. I have yet to play P4 dancing all night. I should give it a try soon, I like games like project diva and it's persona! Anything P3 related have my attention too.
  13. More plot and more hometown are always welcomed.
  14. Platted Danganronpa Reload. Double checked everything and this time I have all plats.
  15. 0.0 How did I miss that? Man, I've been away from the forum for a long time. 1 more to go then.